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New Video from Watch_Dogs Incoming

A new video from Watch_Dogs will be arriving tomorrow, according to their Twitter account. Here’s the tweet. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Credit url: ludumlocus.com
ZBlacktt  +   465d ago
I have been over on the Facebook page for the last week asking " where is any new game play footage on this game? ".

I said this game was front page news there for a while. Then lately nothing... But I have enjoyed all the AC4 BF news/videos.

cootdog123  +   464d ago
This looks like it will be a descent game.
kromy1994  +   464d ago
are they challenging gta v because there will be also gta v video tomorrow
LucasEVille  +   464d ago
Poor timing IMO should have done it the day before or after, if the rumours are anywhere near right about a GTA mmo like multiplayer then it will be forgotten.
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thetruthx1  +   464d ago
Omg I just saw the Hacking is your weapon trailer and this game is even more gorgeous than I thought... Definitely a must buy

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