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Animal Crossing No Life: Obligation as an Experience

SheAttack: "Is Animal Crossing just insanely replayable, or is it something else? I’ve replayed plenty of games before — I’ve probably spent more than 178 hours between different versions of Pokemon — but this is different. I revisit other games because I want to, because I love them dearly; with Animal Crossing, it’s because I… have to. I feel like I should say hi to Brewster and Sable every day for fear of making their cute little animal faces sad. I’m compelled to hunt beetles obsessively until I have too many Bells to know what to do with. I’m terrified of my pink roses wilting. I come back every day because I have to, not because I can’t put it down." (3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Casual games)

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It is a series of chores - but it's a series of chores in a world where everyone means relatively well. You're in debt, but you never accrue interest or get a collector after you. No one else in town is trying to be the mayor. You have a small town, but the most well-known musician in that world still comes to play, because he likes it, not to maximize profits. Give a guy an orange, and he's so happy that you get a sofa. 400,000 bells owed to Tom Nook? That's only a few trips to the island to catch some unassuming and predictable bugs. Sure, you do a lot of work, but you also don't ever throw out your back digging all of those fossils out of the ground.

It's you building and maintaining a utopia, in the sense that the utopian state existed before you got there. It rewards you for building a perfect world within a system that only lets you build a perfect world, no matter how crazy it looks. Worst thing that could happen is some online visitor runs through your flowers. The illusion is the hard work it takes to build the town. Individuality's what keeps people playing - just all the surface-level stuff that makes your town *yours*.

Also, this: http://www.usgamer.net/arti...
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