Final Fantasy XV: The Title That Is But Isn’t Versus XIII

Let’s start back in 2006. At E3 gamers were put into drawn into footage about a certain game. That game was Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Many revered it as an interesting concept. While it shared the same title as the flagship title Final Fantasy XIII it was simply not related in any way shape or form.

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PirateKing1716d ago

I'm saying it now. This game has the potential to be just as great as FFVII or better. So hyped after 7-8 years of development.

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FlameHawk1716d ago

It's not like it's been in developement for 7-8 years, probably 3 years, I'm sure they switched projects many times and went back and forth between FFXV and others.

Edito1716d ago

Action Oriented is a no go for the old school FF fan like me... i think it's a FF for the nexgen of gamers...

No Turnbased - Bad
No Nobuo Uematsu - Bad
No Sakaguchi - Bad

The only good thing about the game is Nomura.

Tiqila1716d ago

Im also a huge FF fan, lately playing through my favorite FF game (VI) again and I really enjoy the RTB fighting system.

When Im done with FF VI I will start a playthrough of FF XII which I like though it has a more action based fighting system.

The only FF game I really despise is FF13. P*SS OF LIGHTNING. Stop whining, stop slamming me your womans weakness in my face in each and all of the cgi sequences. I hate you. Please Square dont ever choose a female lead again.

So, since FFXV has a male lead character I'm not worried. The fighting system can still be good if action based, and hopefully the story will kick ass again. That was missing in FF13 aswell.

Elda1716d ago

FF is no longer old school & I consider myself old school,FF is always been about reinventing & it's not the 90's or early 2000 gameplay anymore,FFXV is looking amazing so far,either you're on board the fast new train called change or you're still on the old slow train from decades ago.

Capt-FuzzyPants1715d ago

Just because Uematsu isn't doing the soundtrack doesn't mean it won't be good. Shimomura has proven heraself many times that she can make a soundtrack just as good as Uematsu's or Haumazu's.

levian1715d ago

Honestly, this game looks amazing. I've been a fan since around 1998 when my friend showed me FFVII. All of those games are great, but I think this is a great evolution for Final Fantasy. Turn based combat is phasing out, and while it can totally be fun still (I replay XII, and all the older ones and still have a blast), I think that turn based combat was only in those games because of a technical limitation when the series was created, and they just stuck with it.

After the success of the Kingdom Hearts series, and realizing that fans of Final Fantasy really enjoyed the combat, it makes perfect sense to combine them. It looks like the best of both worlds. An action style combat with RPG elements, where the enemies don't lose limbs and shoot gore everywhere like in a God of War game, but instead still shows the damage in numbers on screen.

Gorgeous game, and if it turns out to be good, I know I'll personally buy two copies.

3-4-51715d ago

This game will end up being the 3rd or 4th best FF ever made.

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Run_bare1716d ago

I want this on my PS4 by/before Christmas 2014

colonel1791716d ago

"In May many investors asked president Yoichi Wada about a possible XBOX 360 port. The internet exploded because many took Wada’s answer as a yes. He later clarified that his answer was neither a yes or a no. He added that a port is only made after a game has been developed."

Square Enix are a bunch of liars. They promised, even swore time and time again that the title would be exclusive to PlayStation. If they were to release an Xbox version it would be AFTER, but now it is pretty clear that they have been developing at the same time. So what Wada said at the above quote was pretty much BS. Just like everything they have done since last generation started.

If they hadn't bought Eidos, they would be pretty much non existent right now.

I just don't see how they won't mess up Final Fantasy XV. They have already modified the UI and HUD to look simplier and boring, while before, at the 2011 event, they showed it with the faces animated in real time showing damage and stuff. Also, they already confirmed to be sequels, so that only means that they are already cutting stuff.

The only game they have left is Kingdom Heart, and although I don't have much faith in it, it is a franchise that I love and it was made by Squaresoft, and that's the only reason I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. However, don't expect much anymore.

Square Enix needs to be on the verge of bankruptcy to understand not to play with fans, and if they announce something exclusive, they should leave it like that. Also, to stop having so much secrecy about their games and only showing them to the press. Guess what Square Enix? fans are the people that buy your games, not the press.

KonsoruMasuta1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

It doesn't matter if the games is exclusive or not. I'm going to get the game on PS4, no matter what system it comes out on.

"Square Enix needs to be on the verge of bankruptcy to understand not to play with fans, and if they announce something exclusive, they should leave it like that. "

But you do realize that their fan base expands past Sony systems, right?

worldwidegaming1716d ago

This is bs. We all just forgot that this game was for the ps3?
I have my reservation for the ps4 but still...
Instead of getting a made for ps4 product we are getting a made for ps3
Product being ported over. I mean no one had dev kits that far ahead of development
Except maybe sony and microsoft...
Well i gues its buy ps4 or stick with lightning.

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Elda1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

@WWG...The game has been in development for a while & is being developed on pc that is compatible with the next gen hardware,not dev kits.

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