Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has sold over 1.2 million copies in just 9 months

455,000+ copies sold in USA

23,333 concurrent users at peak

To celebrate this milestone, Torn Banner studios has added character customization to Chivalry by way of a new update

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papashango1681d ago

extremely fun game. one of the best melee combat systems conceived.

caseh1681d ago

Couldn't get into it myself, found it more fun to watch than play.

Constantly getting hit with arrows or attacked from behind. Hitting someone of the same class 3 times only to be hit by them once (not in the head) and die. Frustrating at best.

Snookies121681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I really like how the devs keep giving us free updates with cool new content. They certainly deserve every penny. Glad to have given them my money.

NegativeCreepWA1681d ago

Fun game, I hope it makes a console appearance.

Xristo1681d ago

I haven't laughed so much while playing a game in a long time. I love it!

spimuch1680d ago


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