IBM Chip is Fastest on Earth - '5-Billion-Instructions-per Second'

IBM Corp. began shipping high-end computers Tuesday built around the fastest chip on Earth, a microprocessor that can carry out up to 5 billion instructions per second, surpassing the speediest competing processors built by rivals like Intel or Sun Microsystems.

The new IBM processor, called the Power6, was designed to run big-ticket, water-cooled machines that drive corporations or tackle scientific problems, but slower versions of this same family of chips are already being used in inexpensive, consumer devices like the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation.

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sonarus3900d ago

Yea its fast but i'd like to see them [email protected] lol

TriggerHappy3900d ago

No wonder IBM still remains one of the TOP chip makers..Amazing.

thehitman3900d ago

Assuming the cell is a copy cat version of this 1 but a little more dumbed down... That is really impressive. Cant imagine what the ps4 will be like with IBM making crzy chips like these.

ArmrdChaos3900d ago

This is a traditional multicore design...

The cell is a number cruncher...this is a full fledged multi core processor.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3900d ago

Yeah but can it run Crysis???

FAT MAN GO BOOM3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

It was Sarcasm... as in... ha ha ...

You killed my

JasonPC360PS3Wii3900d ago

Like I said in a post a couple weeks ago, "It's IBM's turn to shine and and they are king of the chip, and Intel needs to take a seat in the back of the bus" What was funny is I had PS3 fans jump on me saying "I was just saying that because I'm 360 fanboy" (duh) when IBM makes the chips in all the consoles. Intel will come back, it's just not your turn.

hahahabutt3900d ago

I'm getting a PS3 this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!! (still a 360 fan at heart tho)

sonarus3900d ago

What changed your mind and how does this article relate to that?

hahahabutt3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

I changed my mind because my whole family has a PS3, 2. the online is free and Im getting tired of the 50 a year crap, 3. Im getting GTA4 to play with all my cousins, 4. I just want one. and I know it has nothin to do with the IBM article (which I feel IBM is loaded due to them making chips for every console out there)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3900d ago

After reading your past comments it's clear you don't, and never had a 360. Your not the first to try this.

Agree with sonarus. Whats that got to do with IBM, chips, 360, PS3, Wii or speed of chips?

At least stay on topic.

hahahabutt3900d ago

I do have a 360... my live account name is bowtourlord. gosh. and i stay on topic, I just had to get it out that I'm getting a ps3 :]

Warbletot3900d ago Show
mesh13900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

@haahahahahaha ahow sad are u to make up a story like that haha from ur past comments you dont own a 360 and have never been a fan u need to try harder .

edit: and also right i believe u cause u have a psn tag do u think we are morons or something any can get a 360 gamer tag by talking a friends or making 1 up also sure u just want to say ur getting a ps3 like in every single post on ur history suggest haha lame

sonarus3900d ago

lol don't worry hahahabutt i believe you. I really don't see why you guys are attacking him not like he says he hates the 360 or he is selling it, he just wants a ps3 as well. As gamers wouldn't you want all consoles (except the wii offcourse lol)

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