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Why “Killzone: Shadow Fall” is the Most Important PS4 Launch Title

It hasn’t been the smoothest of sailing for Killzone since its debut on the PS2 back in 2004. It was brought into the world kicking and screaming as Sony’s doomed-to-fail “Halo Killer” that never really stood a chance to begin with. Gamers weren’t convinced that it could out-do Microsoft’s flagship series and it didn’t take long for those the beliefs to be substantiated as Killzone launched to a lukewarm reception and decent yet painfully disappointing sales.

It’s perhaps just as important for this game to deliver for the future of the franchise as it is to deliver for Sony’s next console. If there’s ever a time for Killzone to break out and become one of the Sony’s premier franchises on the level of God of War, Gran Turismo, and Uncharted, it’s now! There are no other first party games overshadowing it and for many people it’s going to be their first experience with the franchise and the PS4. A great first impression would do wonders. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

dedicatedtogamers  +   753d ago
I'm excited for KZ:SF. I'm not even that big of a KZ fan. KZ was ok. I loved KZ2. I got bored with KZ3 and stopped playing it 2/3rds through the game.

And yet, KZ Mercenary and KZ SF both look like really, really awesome shooters. You could erase the KZ branding and I'd still want to buy them.
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darthv72  +   753d ago
im really looking forward to it. After the cliffhanger that was KZ3 i am really excited to see where this next chapter goes.

@dedicated...that would be a really good idea. It would be somewhat reminiscent of in halo 2 how you could play as the covenant.

although a dedicated helgast game would be much more deep and involving than a few chapters here and there. I know what you mean about the initial story. most just look at the surface and decide if its worth their time or not.

Me, i really like the story of KZ and halo for that matter. Many just dont get the gist of the story and how important it is to really understand why the game is the way it is...where its going unless they take a step back to explore the under tones.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   753d ago
Oh man. The story.

I'm always so torn on the story. If you just play the games, the story (especially the characters) are really terrible, IMO.

And yet, if you dig into the lore and the backstory, it's incredibly interesting to me. I wish to death that Guerrilla would give us a fully-fledged Helghast campaign that allows players to explore the struggles of the Higs, because


It's pretty clear that the Helghast aren't necessarily the "bad guys".
pyramidshead  +   753d ago
I always wondered why the Helghast were British lol..
Was there ever a reason stating why?
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JunioRS101  +   753d ago
I know, I beat KZ2 and KZ3, and I'm sure this isn't going to be a true direct sequel, because they'll reserve that for a full fledged KZ4, but I'm still excited to see where this universe takes us in Shadow Fall.
cannon8800  +   753d ago
Killzone games are awesome. Oh and by the way I have some really good news. Killzone official page in facebook confirmed that secondary fire is back for killzone shadow fall! Check it out. https://www.facebook.com/ph...
clearelite  +   753d ago
More good news.
AzureskyZ  +   753d ago
Granted i think KZ is gonna be an important and awesome launch title-- but we havent seen the entire lineup yet and sony could be sneaking couple of darkhorses announced at either tgs or gamescom-- i think its too soon to say this is THE most important title.
iamnsuperman  +   753d ago
I am expecting more "launch window" titles at Gamecom especially from the European developers with TGS showcasing the Japanese stuff.

Killzone is important and it might put more people onto Killzone being a launch title. I like the Killzone franchise which means it is a must buy for me but I can see why other people don't. I does look good and I am very interested to see the setting they have done. From the general setting you can see it is drawing strong parallels to the Troubles in Northern Ireland and I hope they take cues from that
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guitarded77  +   753d ago
I'm a Killzone whore... so any other launch announcements is just icing on the cake. Having Killzone and Battlefield at launch is all the shooter I need though. I want some more action games announced. Planetside 2 is my other big shooter, but it won't be there at launch... but I'm okay with that considering KZ and BF will keep me busy.

I kinda wish they just announce an Uncharted or God of War, even if it's two years off. I just want a HUGE announcement so haters can GTFO with their "where's the Uncharted or GoW".

If Sony announces any new games at GamesCom, I think there may be a WipeOut announcement, or possibly a Media Molecule announcement since the conference is Euro-centric. WipeOut is said to be in development for PS4. The MM announcement may be less likely since they want everyone focused on Tearaway.
MizTv  +   753d ago
Need me some killzone!!!!!!!
Sadist3  +   753d ago
It's the most pre-ordered launch title because there is literally nothing else worth playing. And don't say that stupid game Knack, or boring Ass Creed
Heisenburger  +   753d ago
Wait so if I am looking forward to *Black Flag and Watch_Dogs then I'm wrong?

Who do you think you are?

*typographical error
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r21  +   753d ago
Well arent ya the lil crying angry fanboy? :C
Mr-SellJack  +   753d ago
Don't u mean Knack?
Kz SF is a generic FPS nuff said and I love Killzone
kratos_TheGoat  +   753d ago
what kz sf is generic did you play it troll? me can't wait for kz sf to come out I'm hype
Mr-SellJack  +   753d ago
Y is it not generic,care to explain?What is new that I haven't seen before?Owl,the slow-mo are damn cool and that sheild thing but those aren't massive to be considered as changes and to be an exception from the bunch.Open vast missions?Crysis has done that already.Look I adore Killzone especially its interesting backstory and background and crazy fun missions and look forward to Kz SF but till now the previews are pretty stale,I do like the changes its visuals most notably and I embrace that change but where the hell are the machines and awesome enemies?The franchise should take notes from Resistance which stomps Killzone especially with the story.

Knack is most important imo:
1-Its suitable for all ages
2-Its basic,doesn't have a steep learning curve and looks fun
3-Its a new Ip in the Platform genre!what others are still alive besides LBP and Rayman?none!even R&C faded,recent Sly didn't do much they're cheaper now because they're afraid of taking risks and have disappointing sales and that will continue to every platformer especially if Knack fails
Basically the author is a mor0n and doesn't have a clue about gaming
Ju  +   753d ago
KZ is as generic as any other shooter. What's the point?
HeavenlySnipes  +   753d ago
lol @ Knack

Probably the last game I'd get for my PS4 out of all the first and third party games that have been announced. I'd only play it if it came with Plus
Mr-SellJack  +   753d ago
That's pretty harsh I would prefer it to Just Dance,Eternal Crusade: Warhammer 40,000,Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare,Peggle 2 and a few others
Found this: http://www.ps4playstation4....
cool right?
MizTv  +   753d ago
That's that I was thinking
It's like how long till its on plus?
Eyeco  +   753d ago

The point is there are 2 more generic shooters it's going up against Battlefield 4 and COD- Ghosts, 2 generic shooters that are FAR more popular releasing around the same time, do you honestly think people are going to buy Killzone Shadow Fall over those games ?

Sony doesn't need the Killzone franchise anymore, there are far too many shooters on the market now compared to 2004, far too many more popular shooters especially, even Halo has a hard time keeping up, this franchise has had 3 games to prove it's weight for Sony but it's failed in that, these games don't shift systems in the way Sony hoped, I mean Killzone 2 costed 40 million dollars, did it really sell like a 40 million dollar game ?

Sony should go back to what defined them in the PS1 era, RPG'S, Fighters, Platformers, Action Adventure, these are genre's that pushed the Playstation brand not shooters.
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   753d ago
It depends to me killzone 2 was my favorite and one of the best innovating shooters of this gen, then where as killzone 3 kind of just fell off what made killzone good so far.
Ju  +   753d ago
I loved the 3rd. I understand why people think they screwed up. But it played better (smoother - yea, yea, the weighty controls...nah) and it looked much better. MP was better in KZ2 - they should have kept it with the KZ3 visuals. Guerilla also listened to much to the feedback in KZ2 and changed everything for KZ3 which interestingly backfired. What does that tell you? Don't listen too much. Make your game.
MizTv  +   753d ago
I agree
Kz2 was my fav fps this gen
The mp in kz3 was nothing I wanted it to be
It has some cool maps but the classes sucked
And 24 instead of 32
That being said I hope KZShadowfall is like 40+ player
Bring back spawn nads
Actually balance the classes
Then ill be a happy dude
Mr-SellJack  +   753d ago
I might have sad news.I saw 8 players in vekta mall in the interface trailer way back in e3 it might be a private match or they have specific amount of players for the maps and modes maybe.Hopefully mp footage is revealed at GamesCom
dedicatedtogamers  +   753d ago
Something important is that KZ Shadow Fall is the only exclusive FPS coming out this Holiday (if we don't also count Planetside 2 on PS4).

Meaning, both consoles will be getting the usual CoD and Battlefield, but PS4 will be the only console with an alternate FPS.

It'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Sony definitely seems to be aggressively targeting the shooter crowd with the PS4 this time around.
Ju  +   753d ago
Blacklight Retribution?
MizTv  +   753d ago
Arnt they on pc?
Ju  +   753d ago
Yes, so? Will be on PS4 first day. BF is on PCs, too?
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   753d ago
PositiveEmotions  +   753d ago
Kzsf is important for fsp but i think most of us can agree that watch dogs is far more importent than kz:sf
Pillsbury1  +   753d ago
Killzone is one of the important titles, but there is so much more. The power of the ps4 and social integration will push further the immersive experience that only the playstation brand can bring.
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KILLNSFUN  +   753d ago
I really liked KZ 2 and 3. Much better than COD in my opinion. That being said, Battlefield 4 will be the first PS4 launch title in my collection. Everything is better with vehicles.
Sa925   753d ago | Spam
bub16  +   753d ago
killzone 2 was hard to play but kz3 was actually great!!

after seeing shadow fall footage it can only get better?
BABY-JEDI  +   753d ago
Killzone 2 was great to play. Killzone 3 was noobie-fied to CoD standards : (
MizTv  +   753d ago
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   753d ago
Yeah it was.

Perks that were carbon copy of cod perks
Less bullet variations lead to easy kills
C4 spam
Unbalanced maps
Unbalanced classes
Worse clan system than kz2
No in game music upon launch
No custom games on launch
Fully camo sniper with radar scramble + AR (lmao)

Shall I keep going?

The sp was better than kz2 but Jesus don't listen to casuals ever again GG they ruined kz3.

But for those who didnt know.

Eric boltjes the lead mp dev from kz2 is back and working as lead mp director in Shadowfall
BABY-JEDI  +   753d ago
I'm just hopping that Shadowfall's MP goes back to the greatness of KZ2
twdll  +   753d ago
Only title I purchased.... So far.
weirdo  +   753d ago
i'm pumped for this game. looks beautiful, and swiping the touchpad to zip slide is genius/fun
pwnsause_returns  +   753d ago
this game in the series is suppose to be a franchise reboot in the sense that, its still in the same universe, and takes place 20/30 years after the events of KZ3,

if they want this game to be popular, then they have a chance right here!

your game being a launch title as to impress, just the same way people were impressed by Mario 64 on the n64 and Halo on the original xbox.

these games sold systems. if guerilla really wants this, then they have to push the way they tell a damn story and make the gameplay great this time. they already have the visuals jot down. and of course a memorible multiplayer.
Saddam_hussein  +   753d ago
Because its the only launch game?

I kid I kid. Calm down
Ju  +   753d ago
For me this was always one of the top PS titles and it will be yet again be a top title. One reason for me to get a PS4, tbh.
Gamer666  +   753d ago
Funny thing about this...

Sony is known for its diversity of games, but yet, a shooter becomes its most important launch title...

Xbox is known as the "shooter box". Yet, it does not have a single exclusive shooter for launch in the holidays...

That said, I think Killzone is a great game, and it will probably be one of my first PS4 titles.
GABRIEL1030  +   753d ago
In the only thing that Killzone is much better than Halo is: K2's multiplayer. For the rest, Halo is much better game.

The characters and story of Killzone's series are bad, the principal element and image of the game ( The Helghast) are the bad guys and were exterminated (including innocents), at the end of K3 ISA is the bad and now a lot of people hate the game. In consecuence Killzone 3 was a disaster in sales, for finish the disgrace, the multiplayer is boring because the user cant choose server and side and there are a lot empty games.

This is the final oportunity for GG to make the great game, the promised "Halo Killer", with a dual campaign ( Helghast campaign), well elaborated characters, great story, new enemies, factions and a revamped MP.

GG has great talents, but its personality isn't strong like other big studios like Naughty Dog ( Last of Us) or Santa Monica Studios ( GOW) that they made of dark characters like Kratos or Joel a revolution.
brewskiebob  +   753d ago
Never got into killzone series......bf4 was only reason i preordered on launch
Father Murder X  +   753d ago
Killzone has always and will continue to be a c-level franchise. I may get several disagrees buts its the truth.
Hicken  +   753d ago
Truth? Based on what? Your opinion?

You're as bad as this article talking about Killzone being a Halo-killer. Nobody at Sony ever said that; it was the media and probably a few fans that made that up. It even says "decent yet painfully disappointing sales," likely based entirely on the assumption that it was, indeed, supposed to be Sony's Halo, rather than Sony's Killzone.

Seems to be a difficult concept for some to grasp, but Killzone is a successful franchise. Well enough that it's on its fourth console installment, and about to get its second handheld entry. "C-level, doomed-to-fail" franchises don't survive that long.

But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.
r21  +   753d ago
Seeing as InFamous SS wont be available till next year and how I love the KZ series, for me, it is one of the important launch titles :D
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buynit  +   753d ago
Im not knocking the game at all but if it was going to wow everyone im sure it would have won tons of e3 awards like that other shooter with robots..

Im looking forward to infamous
Potato2  +   753d ago
Its not killzone's fault that Titan fall is highly over rated.
buynit  +   753d ago
Yea i know damn near every game thats not a ps exclusive with high scores are always over rated /s
titletownrelo  +   753d ago
because it looks so puuurrrttyyyyy(drools) ...
ufo8mycat  +   753d ago

Sorry folks, I am going to LOVE the PS4 but unless Sony turn up the gameplay innovation in KZ:SF (see Bioshock Infinite/Far Cry 3 for great examples of awesome FPS) and not make it another generic style FPS gameplay formula like KZ2/3 were, I ain't even going to bother.

I do not care how pretty it is.
Thatmattkid  +   753d ago
Oooo you just got me thinking about a next gen Far Cry...so much potential.

...Sorry, drifted off there, where was I? Oh yeah, Killzone. For me the franchise has always had potential but after the third instalment I fell out of love with it a little. There was nothing particularly wrong with it, and for the life of me I can't explain what it is, but something was missing.

From what I've seen so far SF looks lovely, and they've definitely shaken things up a little (30 years in the future/open maps/ OWL) but still, unlike the Killzone's before it, I think I'll rent it first to see if it's worthy of the £40 price tag. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing it's multiplayer though!
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Nocando  +   753d ago
Gt5 would be a great launch title too.
Sevir  +   753d ago
I'm excited for this! Coming off Killzone 3, I felt the multiplayer portion of the game was weaker than Killzone 2. The story for 3 was great but the pacing in 2 was perfcet and pretty straight forward. KZ2 was definately the best of the console franchise! I'm excited for Shadow Fall and Mercenaries!

It looks like GG knows what they are doing, its gonna be awesome and I cant wait, KZ:Shadow Fall is the Only FPS i'm buying at launch!

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