Naughty Dog Developers Dish on Crafting The Last of Us' Multiplayer

Naughty Dog's Robert Ryan and David Ballard, the multiplayer designer and multiplayer environmental artist respectively, revealed certain processes used when creating The Last of Us' genre-shattering multiplayer. They also hint at the multiplayer's player base as well as talk about the pitfalls of repeatedly testing a game with the same group of people.

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ABeastNamedTariq1744d ago

I haven't even gotten to the MP yet. I keep replaying the SP over and over lol. When I beat it on Survivor I'll get around to playing the MP. Still, really fantastic game.

bunnyformulax1744d ago

I've logged more minutes in the multiplayer than the single-player. It's not as fast paced as other multiplayers, but the tension makes it really enjoyable.

TheGrimOfDeath1744d ago

That feeling of smoking an enemy then smashing his head in with an upgraded melee weapon, best feeling I have ever felt in an MP game.

The week system and survivors you need to take care of make me go back to the game for more. Damn I still have so many games to play.

die_fiend1744d ago

MP is incredible, played for so many hours. Can't believe this was thrown in on top of the SP

JackBNimble1744d ago

Come on now, ND could have done much better with their multiplayer then this... 4vs4? It's not bad just average at best, why not have a co-op mode aswell, or 8vs8?

The multiplayer game play isn't bad but it could be so much better.

die_fiend1744d ago

4v4 is perfect for this game you fool. It's not like they couldn't have more, but the maps are small scale and 4v4 is absolutely fine. The suggestion of 8v8 sounds like it comes from some1 who gets owned

Khajiit861744d ago

Get on it. You have been missing out man.

Thatguy-3101744d ago

bring in new modes and maps. Enjoy how they moved away from the fast pace multiplayer in Uncharted 3. Hopefully they learn a thing or two and apply it in Uncharted 4. The thing I love the most is that you can't blindfire.

itBourne1744d ago

Well this is the same team that made Uncharted 2, which was 10x better then the UC3 multiplayer lol.

The mp is a blast, it direly needs more game modes though, and a few more maps. Thats it tho. And this is the basis into the meta system used, I cant wait to see how much they advance it the next time around.

Aces171744d ago

The multiplayer is great and a nice change of pace. Is extremely intense in trying to find the right time to go for kills without the entire other team coming after you wasting your ammo on one person.

Mr-SellJack1744d ago

They need to add more points everyone is using the same perks,and weapon,only few use boosters

Master-H1744d ago

Pleeeaaase fix the lag ND, i beg of thee, every time i play online all kinda crazy crap happens , downed enemies sliding in front of me, after i down someone somehow they manage to down me too along with them after a second or two , sometimes i hear the match going on and everybody else besides me is a corpse that doesn't move lol sometimes i get stuck like i was paralyzed and the match keeps going, sometimes i randomly get shot through walls when no enemy is even remotely near lol sometimes when i'm shooting someone they bodies get stuck on my screen and i keep wasting ammo on them without them dying un till they magically disappear and pop up somewhere else in the map and kill me lol most of the time my team mates cant even revive me because of the lag and i end up cursing them in the messages thinking they didn't want to revive me lOl

die_fiend1744d ago

That's your connection. It's extremely rare to get any lag. I'm level 48 and if I've only ever seen one person lagging around. Was it u?

Master-H1744d ago

Might be bro lol i mean i do have a shi**y connection yes, but i never experienced lag this extreme with any other game online , i played CoD, Dark Souls, a lil bit of assassin's creed , some BF, modnation etc all work fine even if there is lag it isnt this extreme it would be just a lil delay that you can play through, but with TLOU it is down right unplayable most of the times , i don't know if it needs higher speed than the other games or what, the problem isn't Ping related though because my ping is fine with all the other games like i said . it could be a matchmaking problem.

Also i'm not the only one i looked around online a bit i found some people complaining about lag too, some even say the same kind of lag was present with Uncharted 3 mp , even 2 friends of mine have TLOU and they have the same issues (although these two use the same crappy connection as i do)

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