AMD’s Next Generation Hawaii GPU To Cost Below $600 US – Should NVIDIA Be Worried?

Fudzilla has their sources reporting that AMD’s next generation Hawaii GPU might end up with a cost below $600 US. The price could either be set at $599 or $549 US, in both cases the price ends up $50 – $100 cheaper than the GeForce GTX 780. The main question is, what kind of performance would it boast? From a leaked benchmark, it was shown that the Hawaii GPU might end up faster than the GeForce GTX Titan in 3DMark 11. Ofcourse, these synthetic benchmarks do not represent actual gaming performance so that remains to be seen.

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NYC_Gamer1717d ago

AMD is late with these cards in my opinion and Nvidia will soon launch the 8Xx series early next year

2pacalypsenow1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Yeah but with a huge price ..

Im an Nvidia fan but AMD is getting more aggressive with prices and game advertising with amd , its good for competition i hope nvidia drops prices

ProjectVulcan1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Nvidia have better margins on many of their higher end existing cards though, for example the GTX670, 680, 760 and 770 have a die size of just 294mm squared, versus 352mm squared for 7970/7950 variants which aren't really any faster. 3.5 billion Nvidia transistors doing roughly what AMD needing 4.3bn to do.

This means that the Nvidia chip is almost certainly a bit easier and cheaper to manufacture, makes it easier for Nvidia to respond to any AMD price cuts.

Nvidia's smaller architecture shows that AMD can certainly improve their design to get a better performance for their die size.

Nvidia have been slower to market the past few generations, but generally came up with competitive products with decent pricing that makes them better money. Then they have added uber chips and they just price them as they please, because there is no AMD equivalent i.e GTX780/Titan. Classic Nvidia strategy.

AMD's business model of getting out there first and having aggressive pricing structure is helping them though. Sooner they get to market with their revised cards the better.

It would be great to see another step up in performance before the new consoles even arrive. 5 Teraflops on a single Radeon GPU is easily within reach.

awi59511717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )


There cards only run better because of payoffs to developers that has always been nvidias game. With amd now paying developers to develop for their stuff and the console with amd cards you will see their performance advantage go away. Nvidias cards were never better they just bribe developers with millions of dollars for early access to games so they can work on drivers first or pay them to develop it on their hardware. You see the nividia splash screens everywhere thats not free and developers arent doing it because they think its cool, it was paid for by nividia.

Kurylo3d1717d ago

nvidia has beter software and driver developers. Thats why we see 50% increase in performance to a game 6 months down the road.. its incredable. I really dont see ati doing that. And before you say its because someones paid off, realize they do it for games that dont have the nvidia splash screen as well.

Somebody1716d ago


So it's bad for nvidia to "bribe" those game companies for early access to their games thus leaving AMD lagging behind in optimization.

What about when next gen console comes around and AMD gets early access to ALL PC ports thus leaving nvidia lagging behind in optimization?

Should we happy about that too?

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LAWSON721717d ago

They really have no need for new cards at the moment though the sooner the better as long as these new gpus are ready, so I do not see how they are late. They still compete fairly well against Nvidia with almost two year old gpus and manage to usually have a lower price tag.

ABizzel11717d ago

@NYC_Gamer I doubt we'll see a 800 series that soon maybe late Summer 2014.

IMO NVIDIA should be worried, but not because of these new GPU's (a simple price cut will even things out).

However, they should be worried, because AMD has all but taken over the entire gaming scene for this generation. With all consoles using an AMD GPU, and the PS4 and XB1 using multi-core CPU's from AMD developers are going to make sure their games are always optimized for AMD hardware, while NVIDIA will have to match that performance through raw horsepower if devs. don't optimize for NVIDIA.

On a side note Tegra 4 isn't taking off like NVIDIA hoped, and Snapdragon is taking over mobile. NVIDIA played coy as if not having a console in it's pockets didn't hurt them, but I guarantee they're going to feel the pain these next 5 years, and I promise you they won't let it happen again next-gen.

Lesson learned. You can downplay that console money all you want, but in the end you let your competitor take over everything without even trying.

Kurylo3d1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Well according to their financials that they just release nvidia saw some major profits the last few quarters and espeacially the most recent one.. Not to mention that on pc nvidia owns about 50 percent computers with a gpu while amd has around 30 percent. And tegra 4 was released last month. Devices with tegra 4 supposedly come out the end of this month. So your really pulling stuff out of your butt. What do u have against nvidia? The only thing nvidia is disappointed about is supporting microsofts tablets which,even though they are fantastic products, have flopped. Thats what microsoft gets for making things expensive.

ABizzel11716d ago


That's because they're still making money from the GTX 600 series GPU's which were the GPU's to buy for this go round.

The 700 series is out and they're great, but AMD is rumored to be outperforming them when they launch the 9000 series later this year.

Give them 1 - 2 years, and I bet you those numbers are going to go down.

Project Shield is going to cost them money, having no consoles is going to cost them money, and AMD outperforming them is going to cost them money.

LPH241717d ago

I want solid reports of specs, all I've seen are rumors. But if the performance of these new GPU's are fantastic, and it's all under $600, then Nvidia better hope they have some tricks up their sleeves.

kewlkat0071717d ago

Damn I love competition..could you imagine the prices if AMD was not around and only Intel and Nvidia

starchild1717d ago

I know. We definitely don't want that. Competition is a very good thing for the consumer.

cesuf1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

then it would just be another company. its illegal to have monopolies in the u.s. hard to believe they would be better than amd, but certainly the law would require another, even if it meant NVidia subsidizing it for a while.

hiredhelp1717d ago

Well I was planning on end of the year buying 7990 to replace my 7970 with the price dropping However that may change need to see more but AMD understands the competition they not just gonna throw out cards that doesn't make much of a change from the 7000 series I'm sure.
Nvidia has been dishing out new video cards of the 600 series to the 700 series over the past 13 months now alot more than amd. Nvidia will always try to out do AMD it's been like this for years it's all good end of the day AMD understands price is important while maintainin performance.

ninjahunter1716d ago

Eh, not really. The power strugle is always flopping back and forth and prices are always adjusted to be competitive. It happens every single year.

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