Tomb Raider Studio Layoffs Hit Non-Tomb Raider Team

Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind Tomb Raider and its upcoming sequel, has laid off a small team of staff, Kotaku has learned. These staff were not working on a Tomb Raider game, but a new IP.

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CalamityCB1775d ago

Either way good luck to those who were unfortunately lay off and may good roles come their way.

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S-T-F-U1775d ago

The new Tomb Raider was a really good game as well. Such a shame :(

kratos_TheGoat1775d ago

love the game but still fuck square lol

NarooN1775d ago

What the hell is wrong with Square these days, seriously? The game sells tons, yet they declare it a failure? The dumbass higher-ups making these idiotic decisions are the ones who should be getting laid off, not these poor developers.

rdgneoz31775d ago

Ever think of reading the article before commenting? It says the people working on the sequel are not being laid off. Some of the people who are working on a new IP are getting laid off.

NarooN1775d ago

That's not what I was talking about. I was talking about Square-Enix and any of the devs who get published by them, just like how they also claimed Hitman: Absolution was a failure even though it also sold really well.

Nowhere in my comment did I specifically mention Tomb Raider.

jc485731775d ago

How much you want to bet Square Enix canceled the project?

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