GameTap: Battlefield: Bad Company Preview - Note to self: Don't get in the helicopter

GameTap writes: "A funny thing happened while playing in the Ascension map in Battlefield: Bad Company, the latest incarnation of the first-person shooter series that originally started on the PC. Our squad, which topped out at around five or six members, had managed to blow up two sets of gold crates in two separate enemy bases, opening up the third and final area where the last two crates were hidden.

Unfortunately, getting to these crates would prove to be difficult for a variety of reasons. The first is that there's only one major entry point into the castle-like structure where these two crates are hidden. The second is that when you're on the offensive and have beaten the defenders back to their final staging area, they have the benefit of spawning directly inside the structure after being killed, allowing them to set up position near the main entry point as well as at side points that can only be accessed by blowing a hole through them. Third, when you're on the attack and happen to be killed, you'll more than likely spawn outside the structure and have to fight through the defensive positions all over again despite the fact that you can either select to spawn at your base or with the squad."

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