The Xbox One controller will work on your PC -- eventually

Microsoft tells GamesBeat the Xbox One controller will be compatible with your PC, but it's going to take some time.

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Sadie21001585d ago

That's not *terrible* news, I guess. If you are already a fan of using these controllers on your PC, you're probably already using a 360 controller. It's not like you really need to upgrade that badly for your PC.

barefootgamer1585d ago

I use a 360 controller on my PC, but it's a third-party controller I had to spend extra cash on. It'll be nice to have an official compatible controller in the future.

XB1_PS41585d ago

The Official licensed wired 360 controller works on pc.

DragonPs41585d ago

official ms xbox 360 controller for windows

Tony-A1585d ago

Seeing as the 360 controller had this ability, I'm not very surprised at all to hear this news.

Good news, anyways.

barefootgamer1585d ago

I was talking about the official wireless controller, which requires a separate receiver to work on a PC. Now, with the Xbox One, you just need a micro USB cable.

sinjonezp1585d ago

Honestly guys I use ps3 controllers with the motionjoy emulator. It makes the PC believes the ps3 are xbox360 controllers. Even work with Bluetooth wireless. Its a great solution.

ZeroX98761585d ago

I only have one problem with game controllers on PC. whenever your 360 wireless controller goes off or USB wired model gets disconnected, in most cases the controller stops working until you restart the game and you make sure your controller is fully functional before opening the game again.

not 360 controller specific here, all usb controllers keeps doing this. If there was a universal solution to this, please reply and send me a link, because this is the main reason why I don't like playing multiple players on the same PC.

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JsonHenry1585d ago

Disclaimer- Only will work with Windows 8.1.

nukeitall1585d ago

The article never said that. Why are you spreading FUD?

Oh, it's you!

JsonHenry1585d ago

False information? I was joking... but I guess you don't know about all the Win8 exclusive features that could easily work on Vista/7 so you wouldn't get the joke.

YNWA961585d ago

Mwehhhh, not innovation... Sony already doing this for PS5... Sony are innovators!!! Greatness assured!!! Wooohhoooo... I love this stuff....

Ragthorn1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I love the Xbox 360 controller, the D-Pad sucks but everything else was excellent imo. Looking forward to using this for my PC, and hopefully the if they improved the D-Pad.

llMurcielagoll1584d ago

I went the extra mile and got me a chrome series xbox 360 wireless controller and a separate USB receiver for PC so I can connect to it.

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deantak1585d ago

You would think they could plan a little better.

My_Outer_Heaven1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I very much doubt its lack of planning for a PC compatible version of the new shiny controller.

Its more than likely a strategy thats been planned in order to sell more Xbox One's.

Look at it this way... the only way to experience the new Xbox One controller is to buy an Xbox One for now.

I'm content with my 360 controller on my PC for now, sure I'll buy a XBONE controller for my PC when it eventually arrives but I'm in not rush as long as my 360 controller does it's job.

I'm pissed off though that wireless 360 controllers don't work so well on PC. Many of my friends and family that play games on PC with a controller usually opt for the wired 360 controller because its more reliable. The wireless 360 controller has a tendency to not work on a PC which is really annoying!

CRAIG6671585d ago

The latest drivers for wireless 360 controller on PC are solid dude.

sorane1585d ago

I've had 4x wireless 360 pads for my pc since the receivers release and have never once had a problem with them not working.

Moragami1585d ago

I can confirm that I use the wireless 360 with Windows 7 and never have a problem.

JackBNimble1584d ago

The only problem I ever had was my dongle suddenly stopped working.

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No_Limit1585d ago

What is wrong with the current X360 controllers on PC? It will come eventually, patience my friends.

NYC_Gamer1585d ago

The d-pad on 360 controllers are garbage

FragMnTagM1585d ago

as long as you are not playing a fighting game, they are just fine.

gaelic_laoch1585d ago

M$ have far bigger problems right now then getting their AA powered controller to work on a PC! Need to get that Xbone out of the stables first!

theWB271585d ago

Has the release date come and gone? As I remember that Major Nelson unboxing was one of the first 20 final spec, store release ready X1's off of the assembly line.

It's August and it releases in November. I think it's getting out of the stables just fine.

stage881585d ago

The 360 controller is pretty much the same thing so i don't think PC owners will be that bothered.

Anyway, I would most probably go for the PS4 controller. It's got a touchpad which means not having to use the mouse on the PC.

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