GameSpy: Wii Fit In-Depth Preview - You've really let yourself go. Lucky for you, Nintendo's got the cure

GameSpy writes: "Wii Fit poses an interesting challenge to games critics: how do we approach a product that's being released for one of the most popular game platforms available, yet whose primary function isn't necessarily to entertain its audience? Attempts to treat it as entertainment software by attempting to simply "follow the fun" would probably end up missing its point entirely. On the other hand, to ask game critics to take it squarely at face value would be akin to asking a film critic to review a Tae Bo video.

That said, Wii Fit is built around notions that we often associate with playing games -- things like progression, feedback and achievement. But to due its capacity to allow you to take it seriously (as well as its practical value as a tool through which you could theoretically improve your lifestyle), you won't be experiencing these feelings as a result of "play." Rather, Wii Fit lavishes praise upon you when you earnestly display your commitment to its program. In other words, it seems to be all about work. By the same token, if the Japanese version is any indication, the fussy personalities built into the software are quick with the consternation if they feel you're not holding up your end of the bargain. Fragile egos beware."

-Useful and quite possibly motivating for those on the fitness quest

-Messaging might be too harsh for Western audience

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