Console Monster: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Map Pack Review

Console Monster writes: "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been a massive hit since its release and Activision thought it was about time that some new maps were released. Modern, Hardened and Veteran are just some of the names Activision could have called their recent map pack, but they decided to put a lot of thought into their new map pack and here's the best they could come up with… the 'Variety Map Pack'. Ok, maybe it's not the best name ever, however, when you get around to playing the maps, the 'Variety Map Pack' name makes sense.

There are four different maps available; Broadcast, Creek, Chinatown and Killhouse. So let's go through each map, giving you some Monster Tips and a Monster Score."

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criticalzero3900d ago

Hey does anyone know if these maps could be used for Offline-Split screen too..???? Online is awesome, but it's also very fun to have like 4 players at home playing.....

dvx uk3900d ago

yeh once youve downloaded them you can play them both online and offline.

Killhouse is a good map for offline, ;)

mdefalco253900d ago

Why do PS3 users have to wait longer then 360. I am tired of waiting on the sidelines like we had to w/ the absence of the beta while 360 users were in their glory. Sad!

BeaArthur3899d ago

I actually have it on the 360 but I completely agree with you. It's one thing if it's a delayed release but if it's not then PS3 players should get to partake in the fun as well. The only thing I can guess is that the when the 360 is the lead platform that the Beta's go through that system.

Jon Cage3899d ago

For having a badly timed upgrade to the PSN

S1nnerman3899d ago

I've become a COD4 enthusiast in the same way I still play CS Source. Mighty good fun. Wish the stats would report a bit more though - the way CS Source does. Much fun to be had when you're a stat whore :)

dvx uk3899d ago

I quite like the stats on cod 4 ;)

The new maps ar egood though :)

CNIVEK3899d ago

...with COD4. I played it for 4 months solid, since it released, but the horrible patch...and now the rip-off map pack...have forced me to move on. I STILL can't just play a map that I WANT to play, unless I'm doing a private match, and the randomized lobby and matchmaking is far worse than COD2 ever was. As for the "new" maps.... I played the hell out of Chinatown back in 2005...when it was called Carentan; thanks, IW, for charging me AGAIN, for a mod of an old map. And Killhouse? That's not even a's like something a 7 y.o. would make with a simple map editor tool. I'll take the FAR SUPERIOR version in R6V over that crap, ANY day. Besides, R6V2 is simply a far superior FPS, for online matches. Better customization options, better lobby, better matchmaking, better cover system (by FAR), and a much better weapon set.

Jon Cage3899d ago

Me thinks you take this stuff way too serious. You knew going in that it was going to cost you $10 for 4 maps. 1 map = $2.50 = worth it to you or not worth it. From the sounds of it you were having way too much fun with r6v to even bother d/l this pack. So why all the angst?

CNIVEK3899d ago

...I don't; but it felt good to get that off my chest. :)

BTW, I play a TON of games, and like to mix it up...even my shooters. Fact is, I actually prefer COD2 online, over COD4; at least there are more than a few decent maps to choose from. It's really pathetic that IW made us wait nearly 6 months for new maps...and we really only get TWO worth playing.

dvx uk3899d ago

I personally think vegas online isnt that good. You cant even play ranked matches with your friends!! I mean wtf!

kwicksandz3899d ago

ranked matches with friends = stats boosting

Jon Cage3899d ago

I think he was talking about being in a party with your friends and playing ranked matches, not playing against your friends and boosting.

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