7 Greatest Video Game Urban Legends has a cool story on Urban Legends in Video Games. My Favorite has to be Lara Croft in the nude. That Government one scared me a bit...

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HighDefinition3897d ago

The Myth that is Alan Wake..... I seriously don`t even think it exists.

It`s the 50ft shark of gaming.

Breakfast3897d ago

It may not exist...but its still my most anticipated game.

I might even have to become a developer to make it come out. :)

Ri0tSquad3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

IMO, that was the best one.

Lol, it was so good.

mrjuandrful3897d ago

What was the Urban Legend there?

yesah3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

i heard the government, put chips into some aircraft fighting games, and people with really high scores would be recruited to fly unmaned planes..dunno might have some truth to it

JadeTyrant3897d ago

yea i remember trying to jump over that pole! i really believed it could be done! but my buddy knew a buddy that knew somebodies brother who actually did it. it happened to be on a stormy night. scary stuff right there

astrobrights3897d ago

yeah my friends and I wasted an entire day trying to jump over the pole.

mrjuandrful3897d ago

the guy who did that was my brother, lol. Are you Kevin Diley?

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The story is too old to be commented.