How Halo Changed Music in the Game Industry

OnlySP: The recent editorial regarding the most memorable Halo songs alluded to the notion that the soundtrack to the series has, indeed, changed music in the game industry. Yet in what way has it done so? And how? Back in 2001 the quintessential instalment to the soundtrack series was released; ‘Halo Original Soundtrack’ broke all boundaries in terms of what can be achieved by a video game soundtrack

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CalamityCB1526d ago

The first time I heard the Halo soundtrack I was instantly hooked, it made me hear music I expected I would never here in video games;and look at what we've got now, a master piece of a video game library from tons of games that would make Mozart cry in happiness).
Whether you hate Halo or not you cannot deny that Marty O'Donnel, Michael Salvatori and the modern Halo musicians Kazuma Jinnouchi (Metal Gear Solid 4+ Meltal Gear solid Peacewalker) and Neil Davidge have created some of the most iconic themes in video game history.
Games such as Halo also shows us they are not just pushing video games in new exciting directions such as grand adventures,gameplay and deep storylines spanning over millions of years (seriously if your new to Halo or even see it as just "another" FPS that's milked, you are seriously over your head, the amount of fiction is jaw dropping and would make a sci-fi nut jizz their pants), games like Halo who have the musical talent behind them are pushing musical soundtracks to the point where in many terms they are better then modern films and songs in general.

3-4-51526d ago

None of the Halo music stands out though or is memorable.

It's good in terms of skill and quality, but it's generic at best.

DKC2 had way more of an impact on video game music than Halo ever did.

SIRHC131526d ago

I don't even know what DKC2 is or sounds like for one. Obviously not significant enough to 'change' the industry.

I also don't know how you can't realize that Halo ushered in film-level orchestral scores to high profile video games.

3-4-51526d ago

So because you don't know or never have heard of it, it can't be good ?

Obviously everybody knows the One Halo theme. It's a solid song.

DKC2 & DKC1 still have more memorable music.

1526d ago
ZeroX98761526d ago

Each track in halo is so well picked for every situation and theme. hell ,even Steve Vai played in one of them if I'm not wrong!

Wni01526d ago

no? using angelic voice synths and ripping off LOTR and Star Wars isnt exactly anything new. if anything Starcraft had 3 of the more innovative themes that each spanned 10+ minutes.

CalamityCB1526d ago

Angelic voice synths? Do your research dude, Marty O'Donnel was actually singing with the choir (well 4 people really lol) in the original Halo.
Halo ripping off LOTR and Star wars... lol.
What ever you are smoking it's definitely got you flying above the stars.

Wni01526d ago

yes, they are singing. but they are synthesized and overdubbed so its nothing special. (meaning you put the voices into the computer and alter it. its completely generic.

the pixies did this in 1991. go to 1:30 and was actually cool.

HammadTheBeast1526d ago

Halo has good music, but I believe that Final Fantasy games were released earlier.

tigertron1526d ago

I LOVE Halo 4, but I really miss the Marty O'Donnell score.

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The story is too old to be commented.