20 Old School Things WWE 2K14 Needs

GotGame: The period of the 1980’s WWF/WCW has almost completely been forgotten and erased from the current WWE universe. There are several great storylines and wrestlers who can be implemented in the 80’s era to create a phenomenal game experience. In order to make us happy, we need to see these 20 wrestlers or storylines in the game.

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sephiroth4201718d ago

you mean 20 wrestlers wwe 2k14 needs, i hope they bring back fun backstage places to wrestle and some crazy stage climbing like smackdown 4, i reakon it'll have a lot of the wrestlers mentioned in this article.

Ramon3MR1718d ago

Not just wrestlers, there's mention of a Road to Elizabeth mode and a storyline for the 4 Horseman.

sephiroth4201718d ago

oh yeah true say, but mainly wrestlers, id like to them to include that created wrestler storyline thing they had going on in the first two smackdowns, and then when you beat them you unlocked all the stuff they had and some extra.

DeadlyFire1718d ago

I say a stamina system like SVR 2006 is needed for online play. 3v1 shouldn't be attack, attack, attack, and never get up. :P

Ramon3MR1718d ago

I wanna see some love for Dino Bravo, Bad News Brown and blue steel cage matches!

Cherchez La Ghost1718d ago

Wow!! Someone went waaay back! LoL! Dino with the black or blonde hair?!

Ramon3MR1718d ago

Naw, can't do the black hair Rhythm n' Blues style...gotta be the blonde hair version, when he was beefing with Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine. :)

MxRBrobaFett1718d ago

Universe mode that allows you to pick a wrestler and have actual cutscenes and incidents that involve mostly him or the tag team he is on

Cherchez La Ghost1718d ago

-The Dungeon of Doom
-The Freebirds
-Don Muraco
-The Killer Bees
-The Cam-Am Connection
-The Rock-N-Roll Express
-Machines (Super, Giant & Big)
-Midnight Riders (Dusty & Magnum TA)
-Butch Reed (w/ Slick)
-Dr. Death Steve Williams
-Red Rooster
-Ronnie Garvin
-Barry Horowitz

Ramon3MR1718d ago

Butch Reed FTW! Good call on The Rock Don Muraco, Red Rooster and Killer Bees LOL

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