Is the new 'GTA: Online' not GTA V but a complete new game?

PSX-Sense writes: "Everyone is all hyped up about the news that the multiplayer of GTA: Online will be unveiled this Thursday. There is one thing though which is pretty strange. On Rockstar's website they have never mentioned that the multiplayer will be for GTA V, they didn't even make an image with GTA V: Online, but just 'GTA Online'. Does this mean Rockstar has a GTA: Online stand-alone for us, or will the video just be the GTA V multiplayer? We will know it this Thursday."

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Get_crazy1748d ago

« Is the new 'GTA: Online' not GTA V but a complete new game? »


SpideySpeakz1748d ago

I've heard that the GTA5 online will be MMO style.
I don't know exactly what that means, or what we will be see. But I really want to find out.

bub161748d ago

rockstar sure have made it difficult to understand

SlapHappyJesus1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Being that it was teased within a GTA V trailer and they have given no indication that it would be its own thing . . .

bub161748d ago

Well when they give it its own logo and doesn't say one word about GTA V it does make you wonder

maximus19851748d ago

Your half right I think. In the collectors addition your given a car for online use which makes me think online is more than just multiplayer while still being available on gta 5.

Fishy Fingers1748d ago

Seems to me you've tried to use some reasoning behind that....


SlapHappyJesus1748d ago

Damn it! Discovered again.

Guess I have to duck back underground for another century or so.

BattleReach1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Maybe they'll put in another city for free roam multiplayer, like Liberty City, Las Venturas or Vice City.

maximus19851748d ago

Collectors edition in 35 days!!!))):)

HolyDuck1748d ago


That super expensive one?

I'm getting that one too, the pre order bonus is also super cool, who doesn't want a fucking blimp in GTA V

inmusicutrust1747d ago

I want a blimp in gta v.

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