Warhawk Operation: Broken Mirror Hands-on and Videos from IGN

With the next booster pack for Warhawk on the horizon, Warhawk fans are getting eager to try out the newest content that Incognito Entertainment has been working on. Operation: Broken Mirror will introduce, among other things, a new stage and a new vehicle for your enjoyment. IGN hopped online and spent some quality time with the upcoming add-on, dispensing (and receiving) serious destruction along the way.

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btkadams3903d ago

looks pretty cool, im buying it for sure cuz ive been really getting into warhawk again lately. i hope this map feels and plays as fresh as it looks. the APC looks pretty cool too. PS: the guy in the ign vids really sucked.

ForTheFallen3903d ago

Awesome improvement over the omega disaster.
You get it? I said "disaster" instead of "dawn"!!!!

Me so clever.

cLiCK_sLiCK93903d ago

Back on Warhawk as soon as this comes out. First Day purchase.
P.S. Does anyone know when the Pixel Junk Monsters:Expansion comes out? And the new COD4 maps on the PS3?

SIX3902d ago

You guys should have never left. Don't you know it's the best on line combat game out :P