Persona 4 The Animation (Vol. 1) Worth Watching?

Eskimo Press: "The Persona series is a video game franchise developed by Atlus. It has a huge cult following and is likewise very popular in Japan. The fourth, and most recent entry in the franchise, Persona 4 has received an animated TV series that retells the whole story without player involvement. Does Persona 4 The Animation translate well into this less involved format or should you just stick to playing the game?"

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Snookies121716d ago

I really enjoyed watching it. I liked the little details that were perfectly transferred from the game. (Like the boss music playing when Yosuke's shadow pops out.) Although I feel like the final episode was rushed a bit. It just felt like it needed to be longer. Either that, or a two parter.

metaltales491716d ago

worth watching that show awesome also watch dangan ronpa because that show awesome too

1716d ago
dcj05241716d ago

Watched before I played the game lol. Its very good. Nothing feels too rushed or over simplified.

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