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NYC_Gamer1587d ago

I'm excited to see how R* is expanding sandbox multiplayer

Alexious1587d ago

Same. I still hope the PC version isn't far off as well, would be a shame for the game to be only for PS360 for some time.

Double_Oh_Snap1587d ago

It's own logo... really? Okay Hype!

maximus19851587d ago

I know right? Is it a seperate game? Can't wait for answers on Thursday.

Snookies121587d ago

Watch it be like an MMO-type version of GTA. Where they have huge servers where hundreds of people can play at one time lol. That would be... Scary... All that mayhem going on.

Double_Oh_Snap1587d ago

Wouldn't that decrease the amazing production values, and turn the fps to unplayable though?

Maybe but I doubt it... One thing I do know is I'm hyped and I don't want MMO GTA personally.

Snookies121587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I'm not quite sure, I'd expect some frame rate dipping to occur though if there were indeed a ton of people playing at once.

The only reason I'm thinking along those lines, is because it's called GTA Online.

NarooN1587d ago

The framerate would be catastrophically annihilated with ~100 players at once, lol. All those people doing backflip stunt jumps in their Infernuses and a bunch of people shooting rockets everywhere for no reason, lol. Just imagine the firefights!

Shit would be fun as hell though, not gonna lie.

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The story is too old to be commented.