Prodigy Song Featured on Grand Theft Auto IV Game and Soundtrack

"Dirty New Yorker" one of the songs from the H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 sessions will be featured on the Grand Theft Auto IV game and soundtrack. Prodigy removed the song, featuring Mobb Deep member Havoc, from the H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 album so "Dirty New Yorker" could be placed on the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The video for "Dirty New Yorker" has been added to H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 as a bonus feature on the album.

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Rick Astley3903d ago

Oh god I thought they were talking about the other Prodigy. You know, the Prodigy that's actually worth listening to. Not this rap garbage. Tch!

MorganX3903d ago

Hardcore Rap isn't my thing either, but I'm not sure, if you play GTA, how you could be shocked that it has this type of music in it???

Omegasyde3903d ago, damn you.

Speaking of which will this game have custom soundtracks on the ps3 version?

(Yes, i know the 360 won't it..)

Forget this wanna be urban underground crap. We all know K-fed is a way better rapper! ;)

InYourMom3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I thought the same thing that it was THE Prodigy instead of Prodigy. I'm surprised The Prodigy hasn't sued this lamer.

We be a rappin and that's a lot of crappin! Amen for custom soundtracks on the 360!

misterssippi3903d ago

Actually, Prodigy assumed the name before The Prodigy. Being that prodigy is a common english word no person can copyright it and therefore no one can sue anyone over it. Now if they were both going by Prod-A-G or something one could claim it was there intellectual property and therefore copyright it. That's why Marshall Mathers is Eminem and not M&M.

mesh13903d ago

shut ur mouth this prodigy is better than the ire starte prodigy MOOB DEEP FTW BLACK PPL FTW RACIST

Ghoul3903d ago


ban this user please

Official General3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

With a guy like you who is into Rick Astley, it does not surprise me that you probably have a VERY weak taste in music. Rap music is not garbage. Rap is only garbage to those who dont listen to it or understand it, well thats what I personally think anyway. I'm from the UK and I know The Prodigy you are talking about and they were very good, but correct me if I'm wrong since the 1990s are'nt they pretty much dead now? Nobody hears of them anymore that much from what I can see.

Prodigy is one half of Mobb Deep, a very talented rap duo and they make a really gritty, dark and cold sounding style of rap music with tales of New York City ghetto/gangster street life talking about shootings, killings, drugs, hustling and crime - which clearly suits GTA 4 and what the game is about. They do these things for a reason, it's just that you need to understand them and because you dont know anything about rap that's why you are so dismissive of this subject.

@ Everyone - Yes I do listen to mostly alot of rap music as you've guessed, but I'm not like this Rick guy, I really appreciate many other music genres too.

EDIT: I dont remember anyone complaining about that Russian RAP song that was used in the 3rd GTA 4 trailer called "Move up Ladies". Kinda funny dont you think?

VirusE3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

LOL i was thinking the same thing and then this garbage came on.

"Actually, Prodigy assumed the name before The Prodigy."

LOL god you don’t know crap about music do you. Then again most people who listen to rap don't. They live in a tiny little "i only listen to rap" bubble most of the time. Prodigy took up his name in 92. The prodigy took up there name in 90. The prodigy is one of the most influential electronic music acts in history and prodigy is well, a member of mobb deep a copy cat rap band with no innovation credit what so ever. The prodigy are pioneers and offered a truly original sound unlike this crap. I have yet to hear anyone copy the exact sound of the prodigy. Only The prodigy sounds like The prodigy. Mobb deep sounds like 30 other “groups”. Groups LOL at least they are honest about things and realize a band is for people who make music rather than sample it.

"Rap music is not garbage. Rap is only garbage to those who dont listen to it or understand it, well thats what I personally think anyway."

98% of rap is simply a single 4 bar loop of sampled garbage and presets (usual presets labeled "dre bass" or “snoop lead”) PLAYED OVER AND OVER with some kid whose iq is lower than the size of the speakers in the trunk of his cutlass saying "yeah", "what" and dropping teh N bomb every other sentence. God that takes talent! Copying a simple formula created by others years ago is hard work after all. It is so hard to make rap that every inner city kid under the age of 18 has a goofy name and crappy mix tape. Most rap fans don’t even know what a stereo image is or tonal balance (I doubt the original mix had a rattling license plate in it either) so quality music isn’t something most rap fans have ever properly experienced. Go sit down and listen to a pair of revel solons being driven by some h33 mono blocks an a No. 16 and then try to go and listen to rap. Music is supposed to be an art form based on creativity, originality and intelligence, not an infomercial about the newest clothes and gold teefff son. Rap is the v6 mustang of music. Sure its mustang but only the people who haven’t driven the v8 will want anything to do with the v6.

Official General going by your avatar you obviously have weak taste in life choices. You're some guys biatch and you conform to a "gang" and its ideals. You are a sheep in the purest form in both musical taste and life choices. You don't listen to or do what you want you let tv and others make your choices for you. I bet you are a sony fanboy onto of it all. Most rap kids are sony fans after all. Its not that we dont get rap its just that you cant see past it.

Marceles3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Rap music isn't garbage at each its own. No one even understands the thought process of a rap song since it has just as many moods as any other music.

A 4 bar loop of sampled garbage? Hip Hop samples come from everyone...Just Blaze sampled Breathe from Supertramp, an amazing rock group, and only the biggest fans of that group would even be able to tell that was from the group. There's some very talented hip hop producers who also pay these groups for sample use with their permission. There's some people also who don't chop up hip-hop samples at all like Puffy and just use the most mainstream song, pay the artist a HUGE amount of royalties to sample and still make a hit just by remixing it. There's also non-samplers like the Neptunes that make quality, fun, and different music. Most artists don't make their own music, sampled or played and also have songwriters to write songs for them while they sit in the studio and wait to sing out someone else's thoughts. The songwriter can even get a Grammy and the singer can end up not getting one. Rap is very creative, some singers sing about the same crap, some rappers rap about the same crap, there's 2 sides of the fence...being a music hater is no different than hating on a gaming system. Alot of people hate country, that doesn't mean it's just plain bad music. And who knows when Prodigy and THE Prodigy got their names..and Wikipedia might not even know the story, maybe one got their names once they were signed to a contract while another went by that name before they signed, who knows...good for Prodigy though. Maybe the Prodigy can find their music on a soundtrack or a game that fits to the mood of their music as well.

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Ri0tSquad3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

GTA needs music like this. Rockstar can't just give GTA a heavy metal soundtrack, they need to have more then one music genre in the game so that anyone who listens to radio can pick this up and listen to what they would like to listen to (rock rap metal etc).

Besides that, a lot of rap songs do relate to shooting, killing, negative and positive. It just makes sense they would add this.

MorganX3903d ago

Interesting. I don't know either one and am not a big GTA guy. I think GTA and Saints Row are a little thuggish for my tastes... but given the reaction, I wonder if the music could hurt the game...

Atomic3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Voodoo people and Poison would make perfect tunes for GTA4

BachelorBrit3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

No-one is forcing you guys to listen to his music. Of course it makes sense to add Prodigy to the soundtrack he is from Queensbridge, Brooklyn, New York. If any of you guys know anything about Hip-Hop music Prodigy is one half of the duo with Havoc called (Mobb Deep) who have been around for many years. Prodigy's style is gritty It should fit perfectly with Grand Theft Auto IV's dark tone.

I like The Prodigy as well though I mean the group from Essex, England which is what most of you guys assumed "Prodigy" was. You could say I am a fan of both the group named Prodigy and the rapper.

Official General3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Yeah totally agree with you and I've said a similar thing to what you have said in in my reply post above to that know-nothing Rick guy. I can see you are a guy who clearly understands this sh*t and me and you know what I'm on about.

EDIT: @ name, kingboy, Cherchez La Ghost - I totally agree with you guys too, well said!

Frances-the-Mute3903d ago

hope they add custom

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