New Vita Games Will Be Announced At Gamescom

"Gamescom kicks off next week, with Sony’s conference taking place at 6pm UK time next Tuesday. While TheSixthAxis previously uncovered that it would be focused on the PS4, it seems as though that Sony’s handheld companion will get a bit of love too."

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MastaMold1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

No surprise there also PS Vita hardware and memory cards price drops maybe.

dedicatedtogamers1623d ago

Price drop is pretty necessary at this point if Sony wants the system to thrive. Funny thing is that it has games, it has a lot of good ones, and the few people who own a Vita (me being one of them) buy a lot of games. I think the average is 10 games per Vita owner or something like that.

Minato-Namikaze1623d ago

I want a memory card price drop and larger memory cards, 64GB and 128GB should do. I have like 10 games sitting on my ps3 i cant play cause i dont have memory card space.

gamer78041623d ago

i'd have to disagree unfortunately, I own a vita and have hardly any games, uncharted, hot shots golf and dragons crown. Granted those 3 are really good games, I wish there were more.

ZodTheRipper1623d ago

Then you look at the wrong places. I highly recommend checking out

- Wipeout 2048
- Persona 4 Golden
- Valkyria Chronicles 2
- Gravity Rush
- Super Stardust Delta
- Hotline Miami
- Soul Sacrifice
- Muramasa Rebirth

In no particular order. In my opinion, Uncharted doesn't really fit on Vita despite being a good game.

KrisButtar1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

As a fellow Vita owner, I myself have turned friends away from the purchase of a Vita because the lack of good games. There is not a title announced that I am even slightly interested in ATM. I'm also well below the average games per Vita. My PSP gets more screen time than my Vita. The price is fine. I slapped down the full price when the game released that I wanted and my friends would do the same but there is just no games they want. They should release some games that more would be interested in.

Edit: Also some titles I was interested in were released only on PSN and I don't do digital

dredgewalker1623d ago

Get PSN plus, it pays by itself by giving you free games every month. That's one of the reason I'm complaining about the price of memory cards! If Sony releases a 64gb and drops the price of memory cards I'm very sure that a lot of people will buy more vita's.

Paul_Murphy1623d ago


Saying you don't do digital then lamenting the lack of games is a contradiction. The Vita is a predominantly digital system and that won't change anytime soon, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

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ZodTheRipper1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

^The Vita price is okay imo (200€ in Europe + 10 games + 8GB memory card) but the prices for the memory cards are a joke. I'm also hoping for a cheap PS4/Vita bundle, this would sell a lot of Vitas and give developers more reason to support the console. But in the end, it's all about the games and I'm looking forward to seeing new Vita&PS4 announcements.

gaelic_laoch1623d ago

I picked that deal up and have also been hoarding Vita Games the last few months on PS Plus, so I have about 20 plus games to keep me busy!

Still those memory card prices are eye watering and there are no excuses for SONY not to ease up on them at least!

3-4-51623d ago

good news.

If Vita just keeps getting RPG's it will actually have a selling point to certain fans.

It could be THE FPS handheld as that will never happen with the 3DS because of one analog, so there is a corner of the market open to Sony just waiting to be taken.

Vita will be fine though, look at the PSP's first year.

Wasn't great, wasn't terrible, but eventually PSP got a ton of good games.

Blastoise1623d ago

Looking forward to it. Hope we see some cool new IP's

SirBradders1623d ago

Please be pso2 or type 0 or some really unexpected games.

radecGaming1623d ago

i really want a bioshock :(

RedSoakedSponge1623d ago

id rather have a version of GTAV :P

AnotherProGamer1623d ago

I really want a Crash Bandicoot :(

Williamson1623d ago

Gamescom should be great for ps4 & vita.

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