Borderlands 3 probably won't have 16-player co-op, despite Xbox One's power

Hoping for an expanded co-op headcount in your next generation Borderlands? Think twice. Gearbox hasn't formally announced a new Borderlands game for Xbox One, but Ausgamers has managed to winkle a bit of info as to the hypothetical project's online features out of Borderlands 2 creative director Paul Hellquist.

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CaptainPunch1257d ago

I think 6-8 would be great, just wish that each player got their own loot. Sharing loot can get annoying at times.

dirigiblebill1257d ago

I think they could support a big headcount if there was something like in Destiny, where you're matched to players providing it makes sense with what you're doing at the time. Otherwise, I think the "intimacy" problem would apply.

DeadlyFire1257d ago

No fps game has created AI unique or challenging enough for more than 6-8 players.

3-4-51256d ago

I think they need to worry about making this game fresh again with a few new ideas.

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ironfist921257d ago

4 players is fine as it is imo. Otherwise too many people stealing too much loot.

GusHasGas1257d ago

Oh God I loved BL2... So many great memories... I hope BL3 comes soon.

cyborg471257d ago

4 is perfect, 16 players is insanely stupid.

IcicleTrepan1257d ago

Just don't think it would make sense for more than 4, both prior games were designed on this.

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The story is too old to be commented.