Killzone: Shadow Fall Preview | XPStar

The sixth iteration of the Killzone series is another game contesting to be among PlayStation 4‘s day one ‘killer apps.’

sandman224990d ago

Day one buy for me. I can only imagine how great the multiplayer will be

monkey nuts990d ago

Does anyone know when this game is going gold? If I get a ps4 at launch I'll be getting this and drive club.

MizTv990d ago

I have high hopes for this game
Kz2 is my all time fav fps
But kz3 not so much

mayberry990d ago

Although they had differences, Killzone 2/3 are both awesome games, imho. Killzone 2 is a gaming classic... no doubt!

MizTv990d ago

i look at it like this
if i never played kz2 i would of loved kz3

hazelamy990d ago

am i the only one who thinks that logo looks a little like a cat?


mayberry990d ago

That was pointed out to a GG development who said it wasn't intentional.