Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD New Screenshots and Audio Episode

Squire Enix:

There’s a whole bunch of great new Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster content to share with you today, and no time to waste! First off, we’ve got lots of stunning new screenshots from various iconic environments in the game.

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squad1683d ago

Can't wait for this released. Looks like it's coming out good!

Mr_InterNational1683d ago

Well what do you know, I'm seeing trophies/achievements in some of those pictures lol

GeckoPutt1683d ago

Trophies, absolutely, but I can guarantee you that there are and will not be any 'Achievements' popping up anywhere near this game. :P

kalkano1683d ago

Is there a way to turn off trophy notifications? Maybe at the system level, instead of the game level? I really don't care about them. And, the notifications are more of a nuisance, than anything else...

rainslacker1683d ago

Under system/notifications I believe, or somewhere in the system tab of the XMB. You can opt out of those pop ups. I believe it also turns off friend sign on/off's as well as message received notifications. Unless they've changed it since I last looked at it.

user55757081683d ago

wow check out the audio clip its the first time they actually say tidus's name ever

friedricr1683d ago

12 years... and this entire time ...... i thought it was pronouced TIDE-US.......... ..ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

kalkano1683d ago

I feel like I've heard it before...Maybe in Kingdom Hearts, or Dissidia?

user55757081682d ago

it was in kingdom hearts for sure but never in ffx or x-2