Sony at Gamescom 2013: Wishlist

What does Sony have up its sleeve for Gamescom 2013?

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iamnsuperman1528d ago

I competitively priced "PS4 Remote Play + Bundle" would be a good move. Also a Vita price cut

My main thing I want to see from Sony is games released (not directly at launch) but down the line. I don't care what it is but I am a bit biased towards some new ips

crxss1528d ago

Uncharted 4 Holiday 2014 release

Blackdeath_6631528d ago

i just hope the story doesnt become diluted just for the sake of making a new uncharted thankfully unlike ubisoft i have trust in naughtydog that they won't make it unless they know how to end it.

Tontus1528d ago

Do people really want more Uncharted? I'd be happy if the series was finished and they moved on to something else, or even go back to Jak 4.

The Last of Us proved that Naughty Dog are capable of so much more than they ever achieved with the UC series and it is a lot more popular, Sony really tried to make UC a popular series with their most expensive marketing campaigns and mass bundling the games more than any exclusive series on the PS360 yet TLoU is still more popular.

crxss1528d ago

@Tontus the last of us more popular than uncharted? That's just silly. Sale numbers would disagree with you. Making a jak game would be fine with a separate company with nd supervising but that game just would not sell as well as tlou2 or u4. Wouldn't mind seeing a new ip as well but I love the uncharted universe and characters and 3 kinda disappointed me so a 4th is nice. Plus uncharted's mp imo is the best mp nd has put out to date. Tlou's is fun as well but lacks depth. Anyways u4 is happening regardless so deal with it :)

user74029311528d ago

terminator game with frostbite engine, a scale of planetside 2, graphics like the last of us, soundtrack like deus ex human revolution, intensity like manhunt, stealth like metal gear and developed by naughty dog.

slimeybrainboy1528d ago

100% That franchise would be awesome to have back in true AAA HD Next Gen Move compatible glory. Loved those games, but i'm not sure anyone outside of the UK cared?

RytGear1528d ago

Be a real shame to waste that on a terminator game..

SillyYou1528d ago

Just because you are a terminator fan that doesnt mean a game of it would be good. lol.

Deadpoolio1528d ago

Intensity like manhunt LMAO....That game was terrible and absolutely NOTHING about it was intense either one

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porkChop1528d ago

I want some Vita games. Please. They neglected the Vita at E3 2 years in a row. Last year all they announced were 2 AAA games, this year all they announced were 4 indie games.

They said E3 wasn't the time for Vita. Then they said Gamescom would be great for Vita. Now they're saying Gamescom is completely focused on PS4.

Support your system if you want it to be successful. We know there are great games coming for the system, so just take 10 or 15 minutes to announce a bunch of them and show a couple off. If you want people to buy a Vita along with their PS4 then you need to give them a reason to.

And seriously, cut the price like you did in Japan. You're just being stubborn at this point. Cut the price to $199 the same day that Killzone Mercenary releases. Just watch the sales soar.

savaroth1528d ago

Same here. I'd be content if they just make some more localisations of JP games. ( legend of heroes series , etc ). Even just English subs would be fine with me.

porkChop1528d ago

I would be perfectly fine with just english subtitles and menu, UI, etc. English voice over would be nice, but at the same time the english voice overs are usually pretty poorly done.

crxss1528d ago

Handhelds will always take a backseat to consoles for Sony. Nintendo on the other hand...

GamerGuy1531528d ago

Announce new exclusives, bundle it with the PS4 for $500, show off remote play, drop the price to $200 and hey, if they could do a bundle with Killzone Mercenaries for $200 that would be very enticing.

Shuyin1528d ago

Yes!!!...oh wait..

Crytek owns the IP and gives 0 fuck at this moment. They rather pump out Crysis after Crysis which sell bad.

JunioRS1011528d ago

Hmm. This list is pretty reasonable. I think we'll see at least one thing on the list.

I feel like they're going to show us something that we completely aren't expecting at the moment, like an unannounced, unteased new IP.

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