Four Questionable Moments in Heavy Rain (Warning: Spoilers)

Quantic Dream’s 2010 interactive drama is a harrowing tale centered around a father who has to make difficult choices in an attempt to save his son, but it isn’t without a few silly moments that have left players scratching their heads. Here is a list of a few questionable moments in Heavy Rain.

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mcroddi1771d ago

I did love that game tho!

bohangirl841771d ago

Agreed! The game is amazing.

Someguyisawesome1771d ago

One thing that I thought was curious was the fact that Norman was actually a field agent. Is it typical for FBI profilers to carry a gun and investigate in the field? I actually thought a job like that would be more at an officem but that is probably my naive understanding of the FBI. He certainly would get beat up less =P.

Shoul1769d ago

Was an excellent game - though, I do agree with all of your points.