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Pachter: Vita is Dead, PS4 Remote Play Won’t Save it

Ever one for stirring the pot, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter loves to make predictions about the future of the games industry. This time, Pachter has shared his thoughts on whether the PS4′s remote play will save the Vita. - PSLS (Michael Pachter, PS Vita, PS4)

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Kamikaze135  +   835d ago | Well said
If Patcher says it's dead, then clearly it's not. He's Mr. Polar Opposite, after all.
Timesplitter14  +   835d ago
honestly if a console doesn't see success within the first 6 months then it probably never will. And if people are sarting to think it'll be "saved" by another console, it just shows that it's already too late. A successful console must become successful by itself, or else it just won't cut it.

So I'm inclined to agree with Patcher on this one. Sony should put Vita behind them and make sure the PS4 gets all the attention it deserves.
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andrewer  +   835d ago
I never thought I'd say that but, yeah, I agree with Pachter.
Kingthrash360  +   835d ago | Well said
so by your logic...the ps3 and 3ds are both failures. ?? both were doing bad the first six. ... uhhh smh
da_2pacalypse  +   835d ago | Well said
Oh? Nintendo DS? Nintendo 3DS? Even PS3 didn't have much success in the first year.
zeal0us  +   835d ago
I don't think Sony should just throw in the towel just yet. They could still issue a price cut and things could turn around for them. Just look at Nintendo and the 3DS. Things turn around for them after the price cut and more games.
Timesplitter14  +   835d ago
It's been out for almost 2 years. C'mon
Apoca1ypse  +   835d ago
Own eighteen games for the vita. still playing blazblue continuum shift extend online with tons of people even before it went on gold I don't know why people think its "dead".
Axe99  +   835d ago
Yes and no - if it's designed in such a way that they can cut costs over time, to get the price into a more amenable bracket for handheld gamers, then it may well get a second wind - there's plenty of gaming systems that haave started slow and picked up speed (see PSP, 3DS, PS3, off the top of my head).
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MaxXAttaxX  +   835d ago
Not sure if this makes sense, but to the people that own a PS Vita, the system is more alive than Wii U.

The hard part is getting people to buy it in the first place. Some people always talk about having a "killer game" and they don't even know what it is or what they want. But once you do buy it, you'll find plenty of reasons to like the system. There are plenty of great games on it. Not just retail, but digital as well, with a wide range of small to big titles.

The only thing I can think of that will help sales, is a price drop and a marketing reboot.
It's a really great system. Technically the best dedicated handheld gaming system there is.
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mcstorm  +   835d ago
The Vita had 2 problems imo. 1st was the price including the memory card as the device needs a memory card it should be one included even if its just a 1 or 2GB in size. But with the price drop of the Hardware this should help with the sales.

The 2nd issue is the games. Sony made a big mistake with the games on the PSV imo. MNR should of had online, LBP was not pushed the way it should of been and it needs to push for both core and none core to be a success and I don't think games like COD will sell the PSV as people want it on the home console.

I don't think the PSV is dead but before the PSV and 3DS came out I said I thought the 3DS would have better sales than the PSV but the PSV could sell more than the PSP and I am now starting to think it will not sell more than the PSP in its life which is not what Sony will of wanted. I do not think it is dead though.
Mounce  +   835d ago
Timesplitter14 - I'd think 3DS disagrees with you.

How long had it been on the market, stagnating, rotting, before Nintendo gashed the price by like 40-50%? Now it's constantly selling fine.

Vita hasn't even gotten an official price cut since launch so it's like....Hold the fuck up and of course, wait for a pricecut and see how consumers react first, some are waiting for a price cut before making the decision.
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Tsar4ever  +   835d ago
Blame it on the era of the smartphone and tablet. These handset are multi purpose, have decent gpu's, internet fuctionality with upto 4g speeds. Its not sony's fault, it's just bad timing. A expensive dedicated gaming hand portable running outdated 3g speeds is no longer even relevant this day and age, not when apple app store and android playstore can more than fill those rolls. I'm not hating, I'm a sony supporter too, I'm just seeing the writing on the wall.
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Dee_91  +   835d ago
Im curious as to what is the amount the vita needs to sale to be successful? Did Sony come out and say the Vita is selling poorly? or is it that people are taking potential profit as actual lost profit?Is it because Jack said they expected it to sale more? Comparison of sales to the 3ds or other hand helds in general?
I have been so confused by this for the longest.The Vita isn't a necessity its an accessory, and its going to sale like one ,its completely dumb to say just because it doesn't sale as much as something else means its a failure.I can understand if the vita was back stocking at retailers and not selling at all.I agree it could most definitely use more support, but to say its dead is a complete over reaction because absolutely nothing supports that claim.
I can say water is juice and write an entire article talking about the results and consequences of water being juice.But if I can't explain why water is Juice, why should anything I say be taken seriously?
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1nsomniac  +   835d ago
@Timesplitter14 "It's been out for almost 2 years. C'mon "

...That's strange because im sure it celebrated its first year anniversary last week. So by that assumption, by the time the PS4 gets released the PS Vita must be what..... 100+ years old???
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nukeitall  +   834d ago
I remember when the PS Vita got a standing ovation due to the price and it's faboulous specifications, and how it was going to destroy the 3DS.

Fast forward, the price is the problem now and it has minimal software.

Does that remind you of the PS4?

Price? check
Lack of games? check
Console focus on hardware? check
user5575708  +   834d ago
im very interested in remote play, however they need to drop the price of the vita and the memory cards.
Snookies12  +   835d ago
Yay. Good news for Vita! I seriously don't understand why it's failing though... It's (in my opinion) the best handheld I've ever owned. Started out with the original grey brick GameBoy, and have bought every Nintendo handheld since up to the 3DS. At least Sony has pledged support for it, even if it doesn't sell well. That makes me happy as a Vita owner. Here's hoping we'll see some localization of the numerous Vita titles they have in Japan. Seriously, they have like twice the games we do anywhere else for the Vita.
zeal0us  +   835d ago
-Lack of Games
-Rise of mobile gaming

These three things is what causing it to fail. Sony need to issue a price cut. Something between $149-$179 price range. Once a decent price cut is issued, hardware sales are likely to pick up. Once that happen more publishers will be willing to make games for it or port games to it.

Sadly the rise of mobile games is one thing it really can't be combated. I doubt Sony and publishers would be willing to drop their games down to the .99-$10 price range. They would suffer tremendous loses if they did.
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Williamson  +   835d ago
Its the best handheld I've ever owned as well, I own about 16 games for it and I'm still missing some great games in my collection. Remote play is a bonus for me and I know I'll be using it a lot.
Otoshigamisama  +   835d ago
I have one and tbh I agree with you its the best handheld ever made and I never left my vita to the dust ever since purchase love it much, btw I have a 3DS also
Mr_Writer85  +   835d ago

Not one retail game is under £10, also the Vita gets 20 games a year as part of Plus insane value even more so if you have a PS3.

People complain more about the memory cards then the price of the console itself.

And the Vita has a large selection of games, and many great games, just because a game doesn't appeal to everyone doesn't make it any less of a good game.
gaelic_laoch  +   835d ago
I hated my PSP, DS, Gamegear,Gameboy,Ipad gaming, Android gaming...... but I honestly love the feel of the Vita as it is really immersive and intuitive! Hotline Miami proves how the Vita can be the true home of Indie Games if they get support from SONY!

The Vita does not have a gimmicky feel to it like I found other handhelds to be. Would be so unfortunate if it fails because people really are missing out on a good gaming experience!

Major downside of course is the Memory Card system that I can and never will defend as it was a bad move by SONY!
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LaChance  +   835d ago
So Wii U is dead but the Vita is alive ? Yeah sure.
andrewer  +   835d ago
You just entered a minefield lol
zeal0us  +   835d ago
Just because the WiiU is selling poorly it doesn't means its dead. It would become dead if Nintendo throws in the towel and say they're ending support for it.
Xsilvermist  +   835d ago
Ium Define dead I mean the first Xbox was dead because Microsoft stop supporting it unlike the vita which alot of support from developers and Sony and the sales going I'm pretty sure remote play will play a factor its the reason I'm buying a vita with the ps4 and don't count out Wii u yet
Knushwood Butt  +   835d ago
Well, it's doing OK in Japan and finding a niche for itself.

Elsewhere, it hasn't had a price cut.

Killzone and Tearaway look great, but the system needs original third party games and even ports of the big titles. No CoD at all this year is bad news for example.
PrimeGrime  +   835d ago | Well said
Seriously people are still asking for more CoD. Jesus christ.
tubers  +   835d ago

Yes, but this time should be handled by Sony's own, more talented team.

CoD still has the brand power compared to any other VITA game barring UC (sales as proof).
Mustang300C2012  +   835d ago

So only 750,000 since launch is doing good numbers?


Yeah okay.
Concertoine  +   835d ago
Gotta love when people cherry pick on vgchartz. Doesnt support argument = vgchartz is unreliable/biased. To support argument= oh yeah? Look at these numbers.
Knushwood Butt  +   834d ago
What's the biggest selling Vita game to date?
AbortMission  +   835d ago
Vita is hardly dead since its weekly sales numbers aren't far from the 3DS's weekly sales numbers in Japan.
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   835d ago
that japan.
bothebo  +   835d ago
How many countries are there in the world? Rethink your statement.
TomShoe  +   835d ago
Clearly, Pachter doesn't know ish.
bothebo  +   835d ago
Really because you didn't use facts to show how he was wrong in one way. Or am I going to have to way your opinion up to a market analyst... wonder who i'll believe more.
WhiskyWhiskers  +   835d ago

Easy read everything in the past that he has always been wrong about.
s8anicslayer  +   835d ago
Oh Mr Patcher please STFU already. I think I speak for most on that BTW.
koolaid251  +   835d ago
The psp was outselling the nex ps vita the vita is dead!!!
NexGen  +   835d ago
People are forgetting that PS plus is about to hit bigtime with the PS4, and I believe many will snap up a price dropped vita to play those many many plus games they now have access to. I know I am.
andibandit  +   835d ago
Im getting a PS4, but no way im skipping 3-4 new nextgen games and spending the money on Vita instead.
Concertoine  +   835d ago
This, right here. People seem to think that the first thing customers will do after paying 400+ dollars on a ps4 is drop another 250 bucks on a vita. Add a game for each and ps plus and your wallet will be pretty damn light. i really dont see the ps4 selling the vita very much unless theres a bundle or a price drop.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   835d ago
The Vita has been doomed from day 1. Kill it with fire and bury it 6 feet under ASAP!
DOMination-  +   835d ago
The only way it'll have a chance of surviving is if they release a new version that has r2, r3, l2 and l3 on it. Remote play will be useless otherwise.
NeutralXP  +   835d ago
It's dead get over it and never has had proper support
Aceman18  +   835d ago
yes Patcher the vita is dead that fact that it only sold a little over 5 million in two years definitely says its dead.

in what world does selling over 5 million units of one product in a little over two years signal that its dead?

what the hell does he want it to do sell 10 units per month?

my Vita never collects dust, and i have more than enough games to play for it.
LoveOfTheGame  +   835d ago
The Sega Dreamcast sold over 10 million units in just over 2 years. Not agreeing with Pachter about it being dead but don't generalize to make your point, it will make you look like a fool.

Dreamcast: 2 yrs, 10 mil units = Dead
Vita: 2 yrs, ~5 mil units = Alive?
Hicken  +   835d ago
It's a little UNDER two years. It launched in December '11 in Japan, February '12 elsewhere. Still four months to go before it's been on the market- period- for 24 months.

As for the Dreamcast, its failure as less a result of its own circumstances, and more a reflection of mismanaging in the entire company.

Edit: @LoveOfTheGame: What you say to Aceman can be turned back upon you, as you're generalizing that the Dreamcast and Sega were in the same situation as the Vita and Sony.
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LoveOfTheGame  +   835d ago
I did not generalize once in my statement.

Aceman clearly stated that selling over 5 million units in, let's say, around two years is dead.

I gave a clear example that refuted that statement. I do, however agree with you that they are two different situations. Sega had financial issues from previous consoles, while Sony also has some financial issues, their real problem is lack of support for the handheld. Don't list the amount of games they have as I know the amount, there aren't any system sellers.
Aceman18  +   835d ago

My bad my first statement was a sarcastic remark for pacther saying its dead outright.
TBONEJF  +   835d ago
man seriously i think PACHTER is the worst analyst ever.
vork77  +   835d ago
have you seem the games they release i have not heard of any good ps vita games that is coming out that is worth buying
StoutBEER  +   835d ago
Oh my god. You all praise him when its Xbox/Microsoft, but when its PS4/Sony hes dead wrong! I didnt believe the majority of n4g users were biased until now. This is the hardest evidence I have ever seen.
Im still getting a PS4 after my Xbox One eventually, but I will not listen to anything you guys say Xbox/ PS4 related ever again. Too much bias.
killcole  +   835d ago
Expecting people to buy an existing console to further their experience on a new one is idiotic imo. I'm sure people will go for it. But instead of breathing life into the Vita, release a budget version as a periphial. Since anybody using a Vita will mainly be using it for Remote Play since there's probably less software on that than the Wii U.
3-4-5  +   835d ago
Yea he's like a weatherman, if he says it's going to rain, it will actually be sunny that day.
dedicatedtogamers  +   835d ago | Well said
"Vita is dead"

I disagree. As long as Sony keeps it on store shelves, it will always have a chance to catch a spark. Not saying it'll fly out the door and beat the 3DS. But I don't think it's dead.

However, I do agree that Remote Play won't do anything significant to help it. For people like me who already own a Vita, it's a fantastic feature. For a handful of PS4 owners, sure, they might bite on a Vita. But for most, no. Remote Play won't do anything.
-Alpha  +   835d ago
Well said. Price is still a huge block for many. Especially with next gen swinging. Hoping for a redesign and price drop at Gamescom.

I am waiting for the day we see Minecraft on VITA. I still think that's the killer app that can fire up sales, more so than any COD title.
iceman06  +   835d ago
I would also say that the PSP was doing poorly before it's price cut as well. Sony saw this and, along with the price cut, they revamped the ad campaign in print and television. I doubt that they will let all of the R&D cash go to waste. So, they will probably do the same after the PS4 rush. Also IF they do a PS4/Vita bundle, that will go a long way to getting developers back on board. Consumers need to feel that there is long term support for the system in order to buy it. Right now, they are very cautious. Whether it is the perception of it the Vita "lacking games", the price of the proprietary memory, or the system itself, Sony needs to provide some confidence on all fronts. This coming from someone that owns and...actually likes the Vita.
knifefight  +   835d ago
Pshaw, Vita means life!
xxPillsxx  +   835d ago
This is just his opinion
One person's opinion wont kill the Vita
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admiralvic  +   835d ago
Well tech Patcher is an analyst, so his opinion should carry more weight than others. However, Patcher has proven countless times that he has no real understanding of this industry and is seen as little more than a joke.

I agree remote play won't save the Vita (I want a Vita to play Vita games and a PS4 to play PS4 games), but the no system has ever started off running. They always have a slump, slow release period and plenty of death articles.
Kingthrash360  +   835d ago
analyst or not.....this is patcher we are talikng about....he watches matlock.
admiralvic  +   835d ago
@ Kingtrash360

I never said we should trust Patcher, just that he is an analyst and by default giving their opinion is their job. If you read past the first sentence I said he has no understanding of the industry and is little more than a joke...

People on this site need to seriously read more than the first sentence / headline and assume they know exactly where everyone is going with everything.
truechainz  +   835d ago
Exactly Vita will be fine and I think PS4 will only help.
MizTv  +   835d ago
He sucks
M-M  +   835d ago
Sadly, this is the only way he can keep his job lol.
MizTv  +   835d ago
It it sad
He is wrong so much
N4realGMRZ  +   835d ago
The Vita is dead guys get over it! people dont even want it from the discount bin......sheesh....move on!
LiinoMajire  +   835d ago
Same way XBO will end up. If by pre-order numbers and Poll(s) logic. :D


You got something against people in caves? That's just ignorant my friend, I enjoy said cave.

Plus, coming from a MS Fanboy- Your opinion is quite meaningless.
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No_Limit  +   835d ago
XBO pre-orders are sold out everywhere and is outpacing the X360. You been living in a cave? LOL

IMO, the Vita is going to die after 2014. Here is a important point people need to understand. Portable gaming is not the same as home console or PC gaming in which you can sit back on your couch and enjoy your game on a 40 inch or bigger TV at a long setting. Portable gaming is a different beast ever since smartphones with cheap gaming started rolling out at the end of 2000s. Not just hardware sales, in which the VIta only sold a little over a million Units from its debut of last March to March of 2013, but software sales, in which Sony depended on to make their money, are just pi$$ed poor to say the least. $30-$40 in today's economy for "on-the-go" gaming don't quite cut it anymore. I don't think a price drop or the remote play with PS4 will save Vita. It might get a few bump in hardware but I just don't see any huge jump in software sold to allow Sony to justify the loss of the system after 2014. Heck, judging from the non-existing support of Vita software from Sony at E3, I think even Sony themselves don't believe in the Vita.

Edit Above:
"Plus, coming from a MS Fanboy- Your opinion is quite meaningless. "

LOL, and coming from a guy that post this on his last post seems very credible, I presumed:
"I don't understand you Hardcore XBOTS, you guys seem more mindless and brain-dead than Sony and Nintendo Fanboys put together."
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LiinoMajire  +   835d ago
@ No_Limit

And your point? You have to see my history just to try and deny the truth? Such a big boy you are. (:

All I ever see you do is Damage Control for Xbox, even without being instigated. If that doesn't say fanboy, i don't know what does. Lol.

Plus, he made a troll comment, I made one back. Problem? (:

Lol at XBOX_NoLimit support group ( Disagrees)
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admiralvic  +   835d ago
@ No_Limit

Your understanding of the industry is poor at best.

"$30-$40 in today's economy for "on-the-go" gaming don't quite cut it anymore."

And yet Nintendo not only does the same thing, but they also get an impressive amount of sales from it. Such as Animal Crossing New Leaf selling over 5 million copies around the world.

The problem with the Vita is simply awareness and all the negative press. No one wants to buy a device when everyone says it either lacks games, a future or support. Would you buy something that is almost universally called a failure? I wouldn't. Not because I care what people think, but because I assume I can get it cheaper down the road (like the NeoGeo X, which literally flopped).
PsychOff  +   835d ago | Well said

"Would you buy something that is almost universally called a failure?"

Actually yes I would. I am a full grown adult who is capable of creating my own perception. I don't need others to tell me how a products situation is.

People claim the iPhone is the best and most powerful phone.. Yet that is far from the truth, if you simply do some research on what you purchase. I don't own a iPhone so why would I start believe what the public has to say now.

According to the public Justin Beiber is almost a god but again there are more stupid people in this world than smart ones. Just think about that for a second and everything starts to make complete sense.
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dredgewalker  +   835d ago
Well said, people who mostly follow popular opinion don't know how to think by themselves. I've never owned an Iphone too and I find it too overpriced for what it offers. I've only owned a Vita for 3 weeks and I can never go out without it. It's an excellent console on it's own and the only thing I can complain about is the price for the memory cards. People who say it doesn't have enough games don't own a Vita or is a very hard to satisfy gamer.
Salooh  +   835d ago
Yes , i'm a hard satisfy gamer.It's not like i have a choice in my taste , i tried the games you people like in vita , i just don't have fun playing them , they feel like a job when i play them XD.

Killzone will be awesome though . Price isn't my problem in the vita because i already bought it , i want serious games and then make a drop price for memory and the system , without games these will be useless for me..
dredgewalker  +   835d ago
I sincerely hope that KZ would satisfy you. It's really hard for a company to please every consumer out there. For me I'm quite happy with the Vita's current hope they'd reduce the memory and future offerings. I only card price, since it's the major gripe of every vita owner out there.
Mr_Writer85  +   835d ago
I've not seen any Vita's in the discount bin.

Infact surely if it was dead this would be the case? Retailers would be cutting their losses and just selling the Vita dirt cheap?

Here in the UK that has already happend to the WiiU as ASDA are no longer stocking the WiiU. I've not heard of this happening anywhere with the Vita either here or abroad.

Unless someone else knows different?
princejb134  +   835d ago
I agree the vita is dead
But with a price cut it should bounce back
I would have bought a vita if it let me play homebrew games like SNES or GBA games
Mr_Writer85  +   835d ago
So you won't unless it gets hacked?

No wonder its struggling with crooks like you around.

Home brew is a cop out basically you want to pirate games.
princejb134  +   834d ago
@mr writer

I want to play snes games and gba games
As of right now the vita library isn't enough for a purchase
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USA007  +   835d ago
If remote play turns out smoothe I will definitely pick up a Vita. And I'm sure many others share my opinion. Remote play can bring some life back into it
dcj0524  +   835d ago
Uh no. My VITA is fully charged. This man clearly doesn't understand the concept of batteries.

On-topic:isn't this the same guy who said the 3DS was dead? lol.
Angeljuice  +   835d ago
3DS, Wii U, Xbox one, PlayStation Vita, all been called "Dead" by Pachter at some point.
1lawrence  +   835d ago
Unless carmack says u mean this is n4g
jaren92  +   835d ago
Vita is a good handheld it just can't sell and idk why it reminds me if the dreamcast..... great system but just couldn't get it done
WhateverBlah  +   835d ago
There is a way for Vita to resurrect from the dead, first PS4+PSV bundle we already read that in some articles not sure how true is it, & ofc some good exclusive games that's the main reason some1 is going to get a Vita in the first place to play a game hes interested in & can't find anywhere else, some games have that power to make u buy a new platform just to play that one single game, can SONY or some third party studio release a game that can do that?
#11 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
admiralvic  +   835d ago
The bundle won't save it, because it doesn't make sense and is too much of a loss for Sony. You might as well claim a $150 dollar price cut can save the Vita, since that will without a doubt get sales, but that would probably be a bigger hit than the Vita not selling.

The Vita has plenty of exclusives and I would say for the amount of "it's death" bitching we see on this site / others, it's incredible this system that people are counting out is still getting a fair number of solid titles. Between Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Daze, Killzone Mercs and all the ports / multiplatform releases (like Dragon's Crown), there is plenty to do on the Vita.

Anyway, you do realize that your two points contradict each other?
WhateverBlah  +   835d ago
Not at all because first bundle = more people will get the handheld so they will buy some games for it eventually if there is anything good to buy at least & ofc the player-base will rise, & that's where the second point coming "exclusives" will give a reason not only to those who will get a Vita from a bundle to spent some money on new games, but it will also make those who interested for portable gaming to get it even w/o a PS4 because they may not have so much free time to play games in a console at home :)
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Mr_Writer85  +   835d ago
And what if noone buys the PS4/Vita bundle?

You assume it will sell more then the cheaper on its own PS4?

They would have to sell more to make it worth doing. But then people will look at both and go cheaper. They'd be lucky if they sold 500 bundles world wide.

However I don't think the Vita is dead. As I said before, if it were retailers would be no longer stocking it and clearing out their current stock at a reduced price. As far as I know that hasn't happend yet.
WhateverBlah  +   835d ago
@Mr_Writer85 r u serious dude? PS4 have 400 PS4+Vita = 500 which of the 2 will u buy? every1 will get the bundle ofc no brain.. what r u talking about there is no chance in hell that this bundle will sell just 500 pieces as u say more than half of those who will get a PS4 will get this bundle to get a Vita with it 100%
Mr_Writer85  +   835d ago

A) There is no confirmed bundle

B) Said non confirmed doesn't have a price.

So until you stop pulling 'bundles' and the prices of made up bundles from your arse you can't ask anyone if they are being 'serious'.

But lets talk. People are stupid, so again there is no guarantee it would sell insane number.
admiralvic  +   835d ago
"every1 will get the bundle ofc no brain"

I'm sorry, but no. If you don't see the value in the extra content, then you aren't going to buy it. Remember, the price tag is STILL a 25% increase from the tier below and you also get taxed that additional amount. Even then, a lot of people would probably buy it thinking "oh I am saving $150 on the Vita and can totally flip it". Due to these people the price will plummet, not to mention people who see a Vita on like Craigslist will be like "Well the Vita is only $100 dollars more if you bought a PS4, so I'll give you $70. $100 with a 32 gb memory card."

There are plenty more holes with your logic, but lets stop it here.
arbitor365  +   835d ago
couldnt he at least wait for its first price drop before declaring it dead?
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   835d ago
he already said only way Vita comes back is price drop and compelling software. Thats exactly what happened to 3DS price drop and, a steady release of great games month after month.
jcnba28  +   835d ago
Vita is dead. Sony needs to pull out of the handheld market asap.
KosmoCrisis  +   835d ago
Pachter thinks his opinions are worth gold, but the value of gold drops daily. Vita can only get better with time and more popular with PS4. It's success falls in the laps of Sony's marketing department to optimize the overstocked potential for sales. I love my Vita and prefer it over my PS3 for some games, not all of course. But if a console equivalent of all my favorites were available on either PS3 or Vita, I'd buy it on Vita immediately, and wait on the PS3 versions. Most of these games in this scenario are free on the other anyhow.

If you don't have a Vita, you don't have a say.

Ironically, if earth (dirt) is the most valuable resource we have, Pachter's opinions are about as valuable as manned trips to Mars.
#13 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TheRealHeisenberg  +   835d ago
A massive price cut will prove him wrong.
LaChance  +   835d ago
I still wouldnt buy it though. I want a steady flow of good games not a price cut.

And when I say a steady flow of good games Im not talking about console ports because I'd prefer playing those console games on my large flat screen tv.
Smoovekid  +   835d ago
Maybe if you'd actually keep up with Vita news you would know that games come out for it.
iMixMasTer872   835d ago | Spam
Funantic1  +   835d ago
Very massive...90% off.
tubers  +   835d ago
Massive is subjective.

They tried it in JPN, and after a few weeks of having no substantial software, it went back to low numbers.

Software stream > price cut

BUT, since the VITA is less likely to get a steady stream of high profile games, a price cut won't be too bad.

A temporary fix nonetheless.
baodeus  +   835d ago

Actually that would prove that Patcher is correct because that is exactly what he suggest to revive the vita :D

Would people pitch out $200 plus just to play the same game they already have on the ps4? for general consumer, I would think not.

Are we really underestimating the mobile phone or devices out there when it comes to game? Those new devices can play high graphic game along with adaptable controller accessory for those that want it. they also come with decent storage space, 4g connection, lots of apps and free games, and can do alot more than just game. Most important thing to remember is that there are billions of them out there. Creating exclusives for vita doesn't seem like a viable option for developers, most likely indie developers, currently when u get higher chances of selling on other devices. Most support will have to come from Sony themselves, but it might not be enough.

price is probably the only logical option to entice consumer into getting one.
Nik_P757  +   835d ago
Pachter's opinion is dead and he can't save it.
SonyNGP  +   835d ago
Considering the flak that it's getting, it's far from dead xD
AutoCad  +   835d ago
vita biggest flop ..thnk god i didnt jump the gun on this.
_LarZen_  +   835d ago
People can hate on Pachter all they want, sale statistics don't lie.

Not even fanboys can argue with statistics.
#17 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
Saddam_hussein  +   835d ago
On n4g, ANYTHING can be argued or ignored lol
dcj0524  +   835d ago
Yeah because 5 million users is HORRIBLE right? It had 5 million for its first year ( feburary 2012-feburary 2013). For context the 360 sold 5 million in its first year and the ps3 3-3.5 million. So far the 360 and ps3 haven't died yet. The psp sold LESS in it's first year and it now had 80 million user. Wasn't the 3DS and PS3 also dead?
#17.2 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
slivery  +   835d ago | Well said
You should really recheck "your" statistics because every one out there says the opposite. A rough start very well can turn around greatly.

3DS and PS3 did horribly. Worse than the Vita is doing now in their first year. So what do your statistics tell you now? Since the 3DS and PS3 are outselling everything in worldwide sales.
ThunderBarracuda  +   835d ago
Don't talk like it's bible,Pachter... People are starting to get tired of your shit.
PositiveEmotions  +   835d ago
I dont think the ps vita will die heck i might get me one too because i think all the ps4 games will also might be on the vita so i can use my vita when i go to mexico.

Mexico its a two hr trip on the plane so i can use the vita to kill time :)
#19 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheFallenAngel  +   835d ago
I'm going to Mexico in november and I plan to use a vita for remote play. Hopefully Sony can implement it when the PS4 launches.
PositiveEmotions  +   835d ago
I think you should go in dec i might go in dec too because ima wait until i get my ps4 than go to mexico and possibly take my ps4 to mexico as well.
mydyingparadiselost  +   835d ago
Pacter: My career is dying and I'm dragging Vita, WiiU down with me
InTheLab  +   835d ago
Love mine but he's right. The thing is a year and a half old and can't break 5m.

No one but Sony is really making games for it and Sony is barely making games for it.

Not only that, it's still missing tons of apps and functionality.

It's not even the lack of games that's killing it, as PS+ will keep you busy. It's the fact that Sony ripped us all off with Memory cards.

$99 for 32gigs of memory?
PrimeGrime  +   835d ago | Well said
Yea and at one time he said the 3DS was dead. I love this site, any other time Patcher is called an idiot. When it is about something everyone hates on for some stupid reason.

Now his opinion is important and he is a tech analyst so it holds weight.. Really?


Not even that he said the PSP would be dead on arrival. This is from 2010.. Then he goes on about how the 3DS has a dim future and then says the PSP2 will be dead on arrival. Yea it may not be selling like hotcakes but it wasn't dead on arrival. Otherwise it wouldn't have 5.5million units sold.

Quite insane anyone believes what this fool says. He is always wrong. Yea the 3DS sure looks dead to me, the PSP was dead also apparently. Now you believe him all the sudden about the Vita also?


He has even said at one point PS3 is more powerful than PC's. I mean come on people, why this guy even has a job as a analyst when he is wrong literally every time is beyond me. I am not going to hire an analyst and a futurist and keep them on the force when every single prediction they make is way wrong.
#22 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
OmegaShen  +   835d ago
I think when we see a Vita with memory build is when we will start seeing it sale well or better then what it is. Because it has good games for it and plus.

Now the 3g models need not be limit to AT&T because some people don't go through them and not to many people try other ways to have model wifi. The thing I like about the Vita is that it is one big screen, I don't care for looking at two screen like 3DS. But it doesn't stop me from owning one or playing it, Its just something that I don't like.
Pancit_Canton  +   835d ago
Sony will prove Pacther wrong once again. He would eat all his words including his own s***, once the PS4 gets release and the rumor of $500 bundle deals. The vita would definitely pick up and GAIKAI will save it from the brink of hades. lol I honestly believed that Sony got something up its sleeves and Major plans for the vita.
#24 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Williamson  +   835d ago
My vita is my favorite device I own, people are missing out.
TrendyGamers  +   835d ago
Knowing his track record, it will be good news for the Vita.
StraightedgeSES  +   835d ago
Vita will be fine Just like Wii U will be fine
#27 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
R3DRAIN89  +   835d ago
Pachter gets paid to say nothing.
josephayal  +   835d ago
My PS-VITA still working
nooneknows  +   835d ago
The only legit way Sony could save it is if Sony makes a PS4/Vita bundle for $500.

Thats it really. I mean who would buy an Xbox One for $500 when you can get a PS4/Vita at the same price?

I love the PSP. Awesome games, JRPGs, and so much stuff.
As much as I love the PSP, sales wise, It got owned by the Nintendo DS.

Sony honestly dropped the ball. They should have realized the opportunity they had when the 3DS was struggling.

The Vita price wasn't its problem before, it was those wretched MEMORY CARDS.

Gosh, Sony really dropped a fantastic chance to dethrone Nintendo off the handheld market, whats worse is that after almost TWO Years STILL NO PRICE DROP!

Gosh, Sony had a good chance to do what they wanted to do. Kill Nintendo.

They were owning, up until the Wii on consoles. Now, looking at it, the PS4 looks like its going to own. If they had the PS4 and Vita owning, it would be a matter of time before Nintendo begins to falter.

Hopefully Sony learns their lesson.
ashahab861   835d ago | Spam
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