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Retrospect: Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3

Well, with the next generation of console gaming approaching, it’s time for a Retrospective. This past generation of video gaming has been quite the roller-coaster, with highs like “The New Xbox Experience”, which added avatars to Xbox LIVE, an updated user-interface, and the ability to install game discs to the hard drive, as well as many lows, such as “The Playstation Network Outage”, when millions of Playstation Network Accounts were stolen in an “External Intrusion”, which led to the shutting down of the network entirely for close to a month. (PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

NatureOfLogic  +   837d ago
Well I haven't missed out much skipping Xbox this gen. I doubt Xbox only owners can say the same. I've never owned an Xbox. There's just nothing so appealing on Xbox 360 to make me go out and buy one.
BadboyCivic  +   837d ago
Only gamers who has both system should comment. Ultimately PS3 was the better system. But your comment is invalid only owning one console.
ZHZ90  +   837d ago
"But your comment is invalid only owning one console. "
Unless if he knows the games on X360 and PS3 so it won't be invalid.
Tony-A  +   837d ago
I loved the 360 controller this generation and I thought it was very well developed for the most part, but when it comes to software, I felt like the PS3 gave me more quality titles to choose from.

I was absolutely sold from the moment I played the first Uncharted and the fact that games only got better and better since then, I would have been totally satisfied sticking with just one console. Had I not spent so much money interacting with all 3, I would do it all over again for this next generation. haha
Gaming101  +   837d ago
I've played all of Xbox exclusives... at a friend's house. I also had time to get through Gears 1 and 2 single player, and GoW 3 multiplayer. I also played some of the Halo games and Forza games, and quite frankly, outside of those 3 titles, there's virtually nothing that screams "console purchase worthy". I didn't see any value in spending $60 to have those screaming, racist 10 year olds yelling in my ear.

Everything about the 360 screamed archaic. It had batteries in the controller making it heavier, no built in wifi, a tiny hard drive, no bluetooth whatsoever, it was just a no-frills console where anything you wanted costs extra or needed an adapter you needed to buy.
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SegaSaturn669  +   837d ago
Incidentally, he's right. He could have played the console without owning it and looked closely at the games secondhand.
badboy776  +   837d ago
True Story

I bought a 360 last year just to play black ops 2 I swear!!!!

And I sold it last week on Craigslist because I never used the thing and all the lies about how the online was way superior. It lagged etc..
thelaughingwiseman  +   837d ago
oh, sorry. I guess I'm not a gamer because I can't afford 2+ consoles. Screw you man. Gamers play, they don't talk on the internet about it. So that puts you down to our level of "non gamers"
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starchild  +   837d ago
I do 90% of my gaming on the PC, but I did buy a PS3 and an Xbox 360 in order to play their exclusives. PS3 has a few more exclusives I like, but there isn't a huge number on either console.

On PS3 I really enjoyed:

Uncharted series (some of my favorite games)
The Last of Us (simply amazing)
God of War 3 & Ascension (great games)
Infamous 1 & 2
Heavy Rain
Killzone 2 & 3 (not my favorites, but decent)

On the 360 I really enjoyed:

Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4

Gears of War series (not as good as Uncharted to me, but still a good time)

Tenchu Z (actually a pretty mediocre game, but I am such a big fan of the Tenchu series that I enjoyed it nonetheless)

Oh and then console-exclusive multiplats like:

Red Dead Redemption

That's about it. Some great games in there, but when I look at it I realize I basically spent several hundred dollars on each console ($400 for XB360, $500 for PS3) just to play a handful of games.

But, hey, what can I say? Gaming is awesome and I will gladly spend the money to cover as many bases as possible.
theWB27  +   837d ago
I owned both systems this whole gen. If you seriously think the 360 offered absolutely nothing this whole gen then it's pretty sad. Yeah, the 360 didn't have as many exclusives, but it's big titles were phenomenal. The controller was great and it was the system to play mulitplats on.

My PS3 didn't get much use beyond it's exclusives and the blu-ray player. That said...it would have been quite a buzzkill to not have played the likes of GOW and the Uncharted series..loved Killzone 2.

For you to honestly say the Xbox offered nothing at all, kind ruins any credibility your un-objective opinion could have otherwise offered.

All three systems offered something this gen.
dedicatedtogamers  +   837d ago
Having owned all three systems at one point, plus both handhelds, plus PC, I would say that the Wii is the one that most people missed out on. So many great gems that totally flew under the radar (because Wii has no hardcore games, amirite guize?)

Other than the usual mentions like No More Heroes and Xenoblade, there was SH: Shattered Memories, Z&W, Dokapon Kingdom, Sin & Punishment 2, Tak.vs.CAPCOM, Klonoa, Fragile Dreams, Boy and his blob, Bit.Trip, plenty of others that I can't think of right now, and of course there were quite a few really good 1st party games from Nintendo.

Well, handhelds didn't get a whole lotta love either (no big surprise there). I see so many people yearn for the "good ol' days of SNES and Genesis and PS1" and yet they make no effort to explore the DS and PSP libraries. There was (and still is going on) a Renaissance of old-school RPGs on the handhelds last gen. Can't believe how many games people missed just because they weren't on the HD Twins or on PC.
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Axe99  +   837d ago
The 360 had some solid games, particularly if you also didn't have a PC to game on, or preferred gaming on console. If you did have a PC, it was still worth playing for the likes of Halo, Gears, Fable 2 and Shadow Complex, and Forza if that's your thing (not mine, I think it's bloody horrendous). In all, my personal fave 360 games were Halo and Gears. If arcade shooters aren't your thing, though, the 360 is pretty missable. If I had to choose between the two in retrospect, there'd be no contest - there were just more games that I personally preferred on the PS3 - but I would have still missed Halo.
JunioRS101  +   837d ago
Xbox consoles have always been geared towards online competitive gaming. Not everyone is into that.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   837d ago
i bought my ps3 with uncharted, played all three of them, then all the god of wars, then last of us and finally ni no kuni, that's all, right now it's packed in my closet and i can say i didn't miss much (never care about kz, infamous or lbp) every multiplat i bought them for xbox 360 and all my online needs were covered by xbox live.

And finally all the marios and zelda for wii, then i sold it.
BillytheBarbarian  +   837d ago
BS man. 360 had killer games that I still can't put down like Gears 3 and XBLA titles.

PS3 had some great ones but MGS4 was the one that mattered the most for me.

It hasn't been this good for gamers since Sega Genesis versus Super Nintendo.
FanboyCrusher  +   837d ago
You didn't even own one? Then why are you talking? You have no opinion here, you haven't even seen both sides. No matter what everything you say is biased.
Discod99  +   837d ago
Its about the games. Thats why most people have both consoles at this point. Do you not like games fanboy?
evilhasitsway  +   837d ago
I had a 360 and ps3 and guess which one I still play ps3 I kept my 360 for about 3 days no joke and the only thing it had to offer was cross game chat but guess what no games to play for 360 I would rather had done what I did which was stick to ps3 It just had more games period.
rainslacker  +   837d ago
It was hard for me early in the 360's life to ignore it because it was getting all the JRPG's(my favorite genre) and the PS3's JRPG lineup was pretty barren.

At the time I thought to myself of my own experience with MS hardware, and realized that they just weren't very good at making hardware. I decided to wait it out. After a while, the PS3 started delivering games(not much still for JRPG's) so I was having enough fun. RROD happened and I was thankful I was a little more prudent in waiting.

Life intervened, I went back to college so game time was limited. By the time I was done with all that, I looked into getting a 360 again, but they were so focused on Kinect with nothing compelling coming out I just said, "whatever".

I'd still like to get one to go back and play some of those interesting looking titles. I have no problem playing older games. But with a new gen upon us, it's not terribly pressing.

As far as PS3, it's been good to me overall. Still have my launch system going strong. About 200 games, and many good memories of those games. I'd say this gen hasn't been as amazing as the last...PS2 rocked it...but I can't really complain about much.
memots  +   837d ago
pc is still better.

On topic ps3 was the better system for as i mostly game on pc , ps3 complemented it perfectly.
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ArthurJKlarke  +   837d ago
PC is a rotting corpse of a platform
starchild  +   837d ago
How so? I own a gaming PC, PS3 and 360 and if I had to choose one it wouldn't even require a second thought, I would choose the PC.

Every multiplat looks and runs like a dream on PC. I honestly would hate it if I was stuck playing all the amazing multiplats this generation on consoles with poor image quality and low stuttery framerates.

Then there are some amazing PC exclusives that I wouldn't want to have missed out on like The Witcher, Total War Shogun 2, Dear Esther, Planetside 2, Amnesia, Stalker, Crysis Warhead and Crysis (let's face it, Crysis came out so much later on consoles and was a piece of crap compared to the PC version, it might as well be an exclusive as far as I'm concerned).

Furthermore, games are cheaper on PC in general and I love having the freedom to be able to use different control methods and mod and tweak my games.
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No_Limit  +   837d ago
I have both systems and I am glad. Great games on both sides and I am glad I am able to play them. My top 5 games on each systems that I currently owns are as follows:

PS4: TLOU, the Uncharted trilogy, Valkyria Chronicles, God of War 3, Demon's Soul

X360: Crackdown, Lost Odyssey, Gears of War Trilogy, Halo Wars, Alan Wake.

That is why I will eventually end up with both the XB1 and PS4 this gen. Too many great games are coming that can only to played on either a XB1 or PS4.
Axe99  +   837d ago
That's the way. I wouldn't recommend getting both next-gen consoles at launch unless someone had more money than they knew what to do with, but rolling with the machine that had the games they wanted to play most, then grabbing the other machine down the track, is the way to go for the cost-conscious multi-console gamer :).
No_Limit  +   837d ago
XB1 this year and PS4 when the next Naughty game is out. Hopefully by end of 2014.
Axe99  +   836d ago
@ No_Limit - depends what you like, I'm a big sucker for Gaijin Entertainment's work, so WAR THUNDER on PS4, as well as Killzone (another of my fave franchises) has me going with the PS4 early. Will be up for the XB1 when they get an interesting exclusive, my bet would be Halo 5, but that teaser by from Black Tusk also looked promising. Note - Forza 5 looks great, but it's not my kind of game. I can appreciate the Forza series does what it tries to do well, but what it does isn't my thing.
xJumpManx  +   837d ago
I own all 3 current gen systems I mainly played on the 360 due to the superior controller and online options. I recently started getting into the PS3 but to me I preferred the 360 exclusives. Sony released a lot of bad exclusives or under whelming IMO. The Wii was a distant third I played Twilight princess and excite truck but nothing else really grabbed my attention.
JunioRS101  +   837d ago
Anybody else notice that Microsoft's Green and Sony's Blue are for their main button used to select things? (Xbox A & PS X)
ArthurJKlarke  +   837d ago
M$' colour is now light blue, has been for a while.

Check Windows 8, Windows Phone, XBO default colour, all light blue.
And Microsoft.com, outlook, azure, surfaces "standard" keyboard, etc.
ArthurJKlarke  +   837d ago
PS3 was much better because it had the bluerays and the Cell powerrr.

Also, 20 min mandatory games installs followed by 2gb of patches were FUN FUN FUN!

Joking aside though,
360>PS3 2006->2009
PS3>360 2010->2014

THe PS3 has aged gracefully, and still has lots to give
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iMixMasTer872   837d ago | Spam
InTheLab  +   837d ago
Mentions PSN hack which lead to 2 weeks offline and a month of no store, but never mentions RROD that has affected almost all pre-slim Xbox 360s. Some of us are still dealing with it and are on our second or third console.

Also failed to mention sales which favor Ps3.

Brought up Halo and Gears, the two best Xbox franchises, and fails to mention Uncharted or TLoU.

Talks about multiplats and never mentions the multiplats that were superior on PS3.

No mention of Blu Ray

No mention of Blue Tooth.

He basically skipped anything that would be detrimental to the X360.

If you're going to present something like this, you have to bring in all of the facts.
Hicken  +   837d ago
But if they brought in all the facts, the 360 couldn't win.

It's the same reason why comparisons between the new consoles see so may things left out: to skew the results in the favor of one system, in particular.
hemmo1986  +   837d ago
I own both and to be honest there's not a huge difference between them.

I use my ps3 a lot more mainly because of its 3d blu-ray and exclusives (the last of us killer app), and the ps3 free online.

360s has a better controller though.

Plus after my first 360 failed I kinda lost my trust with microsoft.

I really enjoyed the 360 for the first 3 years of this gen, but have barely used it for the remainder.
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MizTv  +   837d ago
The d pad sucks so bad
xDHAV0K24x  +   836d ago
That ps3 controller is a joke. How am i supposed to play all those 'great' exclusives with an inferior controller? Also, exclusives dont make up the majority of the gaming market. Why wouldnt I buy multiplats on my 360? Those games looked similar to their blu ray counterparts. Plus i didnt have to install them/wait an eternity for updates.
MizTv  +   836d ago
All I said was the d pad sucks
So chill BOY
thelaughingwiseman  +   837d ago
Multiplats, Indie go to Xbox 360.

Entertainment, Exclusives go to playstation. Those were the things that helped PS2 last generation.

And you got more bang for your buck with the playstation + and no ads
Max-Zorin  +   837d ago
PS3 was great, and the 360 was great. But their fans.......................... ............................... .........................
level 360  +   837d ago
To tell you the truth the *BEST/most memorable gaming experience I had so far was with the PS3.

On my XBox360 only game/s I could remember was the Gears of Wars series.

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