Final Fantasy Doesn’t Need A Phoenix Down, ‘Fans’ Do.

Hardcore Gamer: It’s getting tiring to hear so-called avid fans dictate how much life a certain video game franchise has left in it, or determine if it has any at all. Square-Enix is probably getting annoyed about hearing it too, because every time they release a new Final Fantasy installment, thousands of negative and offensive voices are sprawling out on social media and forums, and maybe some individuals within the development team are reluctant to go back to the drawing board and assess issues that will catapult them to make a better game.

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Mr_Pinky1528d ago

" because every time they release a new Final Fantasy installment, thousands of negative and offensive voices are sprawling out on social media and forums, "

Maybe it's because they never listen to us and everything they have produced lately has been terrible compared to past FF games.

What do you want us to do...just shut up and take it while they screw us over and over again. Every time they ignore something from us the list of things to do gets bigger and bigger

Final Fantasy Type-0 Localised
Final Fantasy 7 remake
Final Fantasy 8 remake
Final Fantasy 9 remake
Maybe a sequel to 7/8/9
A release date for FF15
A Dissidia game for the PS4
Stop shoving Lightning down our throats
Parasite Eve III

I could go on

Snookies121528d ago

I don't think the 3rd Birthday sold well enough to warrant them doing a Parasite Eve 3.

Mr_Pinky1528d ago

I don't know whether is sold well or not, all I know is that I wasn't a fan of what they did to Aya during the end.

HarryMasonHerpderp1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Parasite Eve.
Just another franchise ruined by trying to appeal to a "wider audience". No one asked for that kind of game. Parasite Eve was known for Survival horror and RPG elements. Then they wonder why these games don't sell and the franchise gets scrapped. Next up is the Legacy Of Kain series, fans have been asking for a next gen Kain game and instead of giving fans what they want they cancel what looked to be a decent game and release a freakin MMO.

I'll hold my judgement on FF15 but from what I've seen it looks like an action packed Kingdom Hearts game, which is not what I want in my story driven RPG franchise. I like Kingdom Hearts but I don't want the same gameplay in a FF game. Like I said though I'm willing to give Squeenix the benefit of the doubt....again.

Snookies121528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

@ the disagrees - Really? Did it sell well? I'd heard it hadn't. Though I may be mistaken.

I would love to see a true third entry though.

HammadTheBeast1528d ago

I'm more tired of these new "fans" who haven't ever played a good final fantasy game, and think that some nice CG and graphics re what it's all about.

Last few FF games have had terrible stories, uninspired characters, and incredibly bad gameplay - in comparison to old FF games.

SE has been a big letdown.

LordNikon1528d ago

Why do you care about the new fans? Whether they liked it or not, its completely subjective and you should respect their opinions. There's no reason for you to be so insulting to them.

Snookies121528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

@LordNikon - when did I insult new fans....? I was, in no way insulting to new fans. Not sure why you're saying I'm insulting to them... I never said one insulting thing to them. In fact, I encourage them to support Parasite Eve. there is absolutely no reason I'd discourage them from giving support to this series that I love. Please don't assume that I'm bashing a series that I really like.

Bimkoblerutso1528d ago


While I don't disagree with you (the story and characters in XIII and XIII-2...ummm....let's just say "annoyed" me) it's sad to me that veteran fans seem so unwilling to do anything but relive the glory years over and over again, as if they are completely unable to enjoy anything that doesn't tweak their nostalgia switch.

Granted, I thought XIII and XIII-2 were genuinely poor games, but it was a situation in which they failed because they simply got things wrong, not because they didn't make it like the old games.

LordNikon1528d ago


I was talking to HammadTheBeast, not you.

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AntBoogy901528d ago

Get over yourself. Idk why people want all of these remakes, the games were good enough as is. Seriously, you're not getting a remake, and you're DEFINITELY not getting an "HD REMASTER" for those particular games, since it wouldn't be possible. I honestly just think Squenix fans are too demanding, you guys cry too much.

What they've been releasing lately isn't bad to me, and that's a matter of opinion. The fanbase screams, clamors, and shouts when they don't get their way.. because their way isn't realistic. I'm sure Toriyama is sick of Lightning, but i personally don't mind it. I know a few people that started on Final Fantasy 13, loved it, and went back and played the other classics and loved them too. You're not entitled to anything, so just give it a rest already. You can't expect EVERY Final Fantasy released to topple Final Fantasy 7-10.. it's just not realistic to think that way. Just deal with it until the next good one comes along.

porkChop1528d ago

I don't really want any remakes. I just want them to go back to the older style of FF with big overworlds, airships, etc. And I want either proper turn-based combat, or fully real-time. This in-between style combat they've been doing just isn't very good and doesn't work. They need to pick 1 style of combat

So far FF XV seems to be exactly what I want, and the combat looks pretty sweet. If that's really the future of FF then I'm completely fine with it. But it's pretty obvious that the XIII style is not what most FF fans want. The fact that SE made 2 sequels to the FF game that the majority of players didn't like just pissed everyone off.

Mr_Pinky1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Great way to start a comment where you want people to take it seriously

"Get over yourself"


Elda1528d ago

@AB90...great comment...I love the FF franchise & some games were memorable than others but I enjoyed playing them all.My least enjoyable experience imo was FF-XIII-2 but I loved FF-XIII.I agree there is no need for any remakes it would be a waste of time.I wouldn't mind sequels of some of the past games to keep the stories going but I always welcome a new game & FFXV is looking great so far,the great thing about the FF franchise is that the productions always reinvents itself mechanic wise,new gameplay,battle system,story,characters & worlds,the battle system in FFXV is looking fast & furious not the old slow way from the 90's,which is what I liked about XIII.FF is never about being stuck in a rut which is a very good thing.

AntBoogy901527d ago


Agreed. They definitely have to keep it fresh. What was successful a long time ago can't be said today, those are old and long gone mechanics, albeit my favorite and most nostalgic mechanics. But the show must go on!

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titans99991528d ago

True fans should listen to Mr. pinky, he knows what he is talking about. The peron who wrote the article must be retarded as all get out. You can make a true FF game with present sprites, etc. the problem is, Squenix has lost what made them great....true FF uniqueness....meaning they have lost what made them the "it" factor. Here's a tip Squenix, not that it will matter because you will still make crappy FF games.....

1 - make the game nonlinear, you can still do this with a good story, the alternative has been laziness!

2 - have mogs return

3 - return chocobos in a useful manner

4 - give us multi characters to use, not just in battle but around the world, ala FF10

5 - where are all the summons? Nuff said!

6 - create side quests, mini games, and other fun things to do

Lastly, return to your roots.....need I say more? Maybe Mr. pinky and I should make the next FF games ourselves! Since none of the developers seem to understand what a FF game should be!

SnotyTheRocket1527d ago

Play FFXIV. It literally has everything on that list.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1528d ago

I honestly don't know what they could be thinking over at square enix. they make sequels&remakes to almost every other final fantasy game except the 2 most successful in the series(final fantasy VII&final fantasy VIII). the company might be called SQUARE-(1st) ENIX-(2nd), but from what i can tell the majority of the people running square enix are from enix, not squaresoft. before the 2 companies merged it seemed like the majority of the games they made were dragon quest games, and other rpgs that most people never heard of.

Craigatorian1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I just -gets teary eyed-, I just want to see those fantastic Ps1 Final Fantasy games in HD so I can enjoy them again and maybe even spread the greatness with my friends

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox1528d ago

Why should any developer have to listen to someone that has no idea of how to develop games? You ungrateful scum bag. All you who critic everything about anothers work are all scum bags. You have no idea how hard it is to please everyone when making games or movies and the hard work that goes into it.

titans99991527d ago

Because us gamers can poop better than what the developers are making!

Oneirous1528d ago

Don't forget Chrono Trigger 2! (Yeah, I went there.)

CrossingEden1528d ago

Um, maybe if final fantasy wasn't so successful in Japan they wouldn't want a trilogy and wouldn't need 13-3 to only sell 300,000 copies for the 13 subseries to be considered a complete success.
Lightning is the favourite female character in Japan and Europe. That's why they continued with this series
novacrystallis .com/2013/01/japan-ranks-their -favorite-female-characters-fro m-the-final-fantasy-series/
ffdream . com/news-14619.html
That's all. You can complain but still, there's a substantial majority of people happy with these games, so keep whining like a child.

Mr_Pinky1527d ago

whining like a child

Thats rich coming from you...oh by the way Japan only like Lightning now because they force it down peoples necks and because Japan like anything thats "in" at the minute. Once FF15 comes out Stella will be the most favourite female character.

LAWSON721527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

You people need to stop wanting a remake of previous titles when the old ones are perfectly fine and are still enjoyable even for those who did not play it in the 90s. I don't know how people trust square with such a task anyway. It would not be hard to make a new FF with good characters, story, world with towns and minigames, and everything else that belongs in a FF. Oh and I forgot they apparently like to get rid of all these items they need to stop doing that

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wishingW3L1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

and here we have yet another article from an apologist fanboy in denial. -__-

Anthotis1528d ago

I think they are listening to fans, just not the fans outside of Japan.

HarryMasonHerpderp1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Sick of these articles, Final Fantasy sucks now.
Some people like it still and good for them but the quality of the franchise has taken a big hit. The company that created some of the best RPG's of all time are dragging the brand through the dirt and only seem to care about money and nothing else.

HarryMasonHerpderp1528d ago

Hey guys that are disagreeing look no further than
Motomu Toriyama the director of the new final fantasy game. Bigging up how awesome it is to jiggle Lightning's boobs around and get sneaky shots of side boob. That's what Final Fantasy has become now? it's pathetic. These games used to take me away on an epic journey and made me forget bad times I was having in my life. They meant something. Now though we're talking about pervy costumes and boob jiggling.

EdoubleD1528d ago

Motomu Toriyama is the director of a FFXIII sequel.You act like he holds the future to the FF series, really? I hate that game as well, it is clearly not a FF game. But I am looking forward to 15.

Salooh1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

What do you think of FF15 ?. I think it's interesting in every aspect. I always respected the final fantasy games but never like the gameplay so i never played it but 15 is my type of games so it's one of my top if not the first day one list. ^^

Just the trailer makes me feel like i will be a fan of it.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1528d ago

when final fantasy 13 bombs on a epic scale, and it will, i hope this forces yoshinori kitase out of his managerial role, and brings him back as a director&writer for maybe final fantasy XVI. yoshinori kitase is known for directing&writing final fantasy VI, chrono trigger, final fanasty VII, final fantasy VIII,final fantasy X. he pretty much retired from writing and directing after final fantasy x (11yrs ago), and the craziest thing about that is he's not even that old, he's only 46.

WhateverBlah1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

@TheLastVoiceOFsanity Agree with u on that one Kitase haven't direct or write scenario for any game after FFX, & coincidence that the last good FF we get was FFX? this guy direct & write the scenario for FFVII, FFVIII & FFX & after FFX his only role in SE is that of a producer & that's it, this guy must help the situation because things r pitch black atm he must sit in the lead chair once again & direct the next FF also write the scenario because as it seems that's his forte, why they don't use him at SE to revitalize the franchise is beyond me..

HarryMasonHerpderp1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


It's still depressing to hear the developers talking about and clearly getting excited about such lame things in a Final Fantasy game.
I just don't trust Square Enix to make a good Final Fantasy game anymore, I am holding judgement on FF15 though and I hope it's a great game.
I just want the series to get back to where it was.
I want Final Fantasy to get back to being the series that people look up to and square enix/soft raising the bar again.
I'm not just blindly hating on the new games, I am genuinely heart broken to see where the series has gone.

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LAWSON721527d ago

FFXIII is far from the best FF, but it is a quality title.

MaideninBlack1528d ago

Absolutely. The "fans" who continue to buy these games based on name brand alone are the problem.