Toy Story Play Set announced for Disney Infinity, new characters, Toy Box version of Disneyland

Disney Infinity will receive a Play Set based on the Toy Story franchise, it has been confirmed.

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Fireseed1747d ago

Ok call it what you will, but I'm actually getting super excited for this!

3-4-51747d ago

Toy Story for Sega Genesis was a legit good game.

If I was like 8-10 years old again, this game would be the coolest thing ever.

GentlemenRUs1747d ago

You can't even tell how old the graphics are! That's the beauty of that game :D

Graphics which never aged and look like the games of today!

GentlemenRUs1747d ago

No wonder! It was made with the Traveller's Tales software engine!

This and Puggsy!