Why The Wii U Will Not Fail

Gaming Union: "It's no wonder critics and fans alike have doubted the Wii U. Poor console sales, recycled IPs, and a lack of 3rd party participation would make anyone feel discouraged. Heck, even Asda, one of the major UK supermarkets has stopped selling the console. Yet as I look at the PS4 and Xbox One, see the attitudes of Nintendo's headship, and go down memory lane of another "doomed" console, I feel strongly that Nintendo and the Wii U are going to come out of this generation with it being deemed a success."

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Selyah1441d ago

The only thing really wrong about the Wii-U is the marketing approach, thoroughly enjoyed Pikmin 3 recently and although I make a habit of owning each console. I still believe that the Wii-U can take a share of the market from the other two despite its hardware capabilities, through just thoroughly good game design.

Hitman07691441d ago

Agreed. Gameplay > ALL. I'm sick of hearing "but .... the story~~~~", I'm not a book reader who cares. Give me gameplay design!!!! Indie takeover in 5....4.........3......

_QQ_1441d ago

i would think someone who reads alot and watches movies alot would care less as they can just watch a good movie or read a book with a way better story, story games are nice but gameplay>all.

Cam9771441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

You act as if Nintendo are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in gameplay when really they leach off platformers with similar gameplay.

They're all similar in some way or another, you can argue that they're better in gameplay but really they aren't because alot of their are the same (casual games). The truth is that MS & Sony are better at gameplay as they offer more variety in that aspect.

That's my $1.25

wishingW3L1441d ago

they are different mediums. Movies are limited to 3 hours at most. Books require you to use your imagination. With games is like one epic journey that it is as long as the developers want it to be, they create situations that make the gameplay itself be more exciting and stuff.

You Nintendo fanboys are as closed minded as Nintendo itself and that's why they are in the position they are now. They just got lucky with the Wii and that's how it is, give me disagrees and cry me a river but that will not change anything.

PopRocks3591441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


I feel sorry for you and the ten plus others who agreed with a comment that stated that Mario (a platformer), Zelda (an action/adventure game) and Pikmin (a real time strategy game) were all similar.


Oh please. You're the close-minded one. You're so sensitive to anyone who likes anything Nintendo related you throw a hissy-fit and start insulting people. For goodness' sake, you called me a Nintendo fanboy for stating I thought the Metal Gear game on the Gamecube was underrated in my own blog. Despite my stating my favorite was MGS4 on the PS3.

Next time you want to make stupid generalizations, don't.

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meganick1441d ago

I'm thoroughly enjoying Pikmin 3 as well. It's very fun and well designed. However, I do miss the weird noises and singing the Pikmin did in parts 1 and 2. That's weirdly missing in part 3. I thought it was funny and charming so I'm sad to see they axed it. Maybe too many people found it annoying or something.

-Superman-1441d ago

Wii U failed for many reasons.

1) The Wii alienated the hardcore audience and the casual gaming audience turned out to just be a fad

2) The Wii ending 2 years early, and having weak releases 2 years before that did not encourage people to buy a Wii U.

3) The name, and packaging suggests that it's an upgrade rather than a console itself.

4) No games (casual or hardcore) at launch

5) No games (casual or hardcore) 9 months in

6) Practically no online library.

7) Hardware compared to PS4 is weaker than Wii compared to PS3.

8) Developers don't like it.

9) Far too expensive for what it is.

10) The controller is a nice add-on, but even moreso than the Wiimote, it's unnecessary.

BosSSyndrome1441d ago

1) They weren't a fad. They just don't play consoles anymore.
2) Skyward Sword? OP Rainfall?
3) Agreed.
4) Hyperbole, but they could've done better.
5) Disagreed.
6) Straight up wrong. eShop titles are MANY.
7) SUPER Wrong.
8) Many developers DO like it. EA doesn't.
9) Opinion.
10) Opinion. I find the gamepad to be very convenient, unique, and bring new potential and ideas such as in ZombiU and W101.

tehpees31441d ago

"Wii U failed for many reasons."

I'm not even going to look past that sentence. It hasn't failed until the fat lady sings.

360ICE1441d ago

Most of what he said was opinions.

seraphym881441d ago

1) Caual audience went to mobile gaming, to call casual anything a fad is down-right dumb.
2) wii ended a year LATE.....the very last year of wii sucked, not last 2. Project rainfall > most of the hd twins library that year.
3) i agree
4)i agree
5)i agree
6) the indie game selection on wii u is small, but nice, with several exclusive. many more to come shortly.
7)dude, laughable.. wii u, spec wise, is far more comparable to ps4 than wii was to ps3. before main specs, just look at everything else. now, both are hd, both native 1080, both use high capacity blue-ray hdd dvds, to be honest, just that ALONE makes the gap much smaller.
8) this has NEVER mattered with nintendo, furthermore can be remedied with more nintendo games, to up install base, to bring 3rd parties to wii u. also, bayonetta 2, w101, mh3g, shin megami X fire emblem, X, and many other exclusives say 'hi'.
9) too expensive, yes. far? idk. i would like a price cut to 250.
10) we will have to find out what devs can do with it, DS didnt sell until Nintendo released nintendogs and showed everyone how to use touch screen gaming. nintendo also showed ppl 3d gaming with mario 64/zelda oot, motion gaming with wii sports, so on and so forth up to mario land 3d with 3ds. Its a proven formula.

AJBACK2FRAG1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Here's why Nintendo will win the eigth generation of video games.
1. Nintendo develops the best software in the World. Nobody comes close.
2. Nintendo builds hardware that is nigh invulnerable.
3. Miiverse.
4. Reggie.
5. Their customer service is number one in any industry.
6. Shigeru Miyamoto. Super genius.
7. Lateral thinking with withered technology.
8. Familys trust Nintendo to provide all it's members with fun interesting gameplay.
9. Satoru Iwata. Great guy. Worked on Baloon Fight, Kirby and a little cult classic called in America, Earthbound while at Hal.
10. Mario Kart ∞.
Hopefully we'll be looking at the end of Microsoft in the home video game console business but as P.T. Barnum said,"There's a sucker born every minute." Once they're gone Sony fans and Nintendo fans can get back to the business of hating each other.

Shnazzyone1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Your bubble score seems directly related to how much people should take you and your opinions seriously. There is fair debate on literally every single one of your points. I mean, "no games (casual or hardcore) 9 months in" is the pretty mu8ch dumbest statement i've ever heard about the system. Earthbound was just rereleased after about 20 years. That's fucking hardcore. It's had COD black ops 2 since day 1 and it's community is still active. MONSTER HUNTER 3 IS NOT HARDCORE YOU SAY? the people dumping 500+ hours in say otherwise.

You are a sad person and I feel bad for you and all that you are. You have successfully demonstrated a total sphere of ignorance in a way I think I've only witnessed in terrible blog articles written by 14 year olds.

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BOWZER351441d ago

The Wii U won't fail because they have an ass load of good games coming.

unknownbystander1441d ago

Guys you should read this. I don't know if you'll believe it, but it gives a lot of information about the game industry, The 3 next-gen consoles, and a very interesting conspiracy theory about Nintendo!


WiiUsauce1440d ago

there are a crapload of amazing exclusives coming out for the console with more to be announced next year.

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NYC_Gamer1441d ago

Wii U will have its own level of success just like the other two next gen consoles about to hit the market

meganick1441d ago

You're right. The big three will continue to co-exist for a while, and the Wii U will do healthy business for Nintendo, especially from first-party software. The Wii U not only will not fail, but I think it has the potential to even win this next gen in terms of sales. It's unlikely, but I believe possible when more compelling games are released for Wii U.

PSNintyGamer1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

I don't feel that Nintendo needs to aim for first place this gen. They have the 3ds to fall back on. They just need to sell consoles and make a profit. I can't imagine Hand-held Gaming without them.

BOWZER351441d ago

Ya they should aim for last place.

user74029311441d ago

make a exclusive resident evil title like the gamecube had. resident evil 0, remake ect) bring some metroid, starfox and zelda and your on the right track.

fattyuk1441d ago

I think capcom have enough on there on plate when it comes to the resident evil series,

let alone making a wii u exclusive resident evil!

Sounds like financial suicide.

user74029311441d ago

then 3ds is there only hope.

meganick1441d ago

I'm surprised you don't have any agrees. That would be awesome to have a real RE game along with Metroid, Starfox and Zelda (which we know is coming with WW and the new one). I'm a huge Metroid fan, so it would be great to get a new Prime game or something like it.

user74029311441d ago

i dont know why either, i know it will help them. and metroid prime rocks to this day still.

meganick1441d ago


Yes, Metroid Prime does rock. I was stunned at how good it was when I first played it on the Cube, and it's still great. I have the Prime Trilogy on Wii, and I'm never letting that go.

Galacticos1441d ago

because it already failed?

Hitman07691441d ago

nice default but this is a game site not a weirdo meeting ground soz xD

Imalwaysright1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Failed? Nintendo has yet to release their big guns.

LOL_WUT1441d ago

Which won't be till around 2014 so his comment still stands ;)

Imalwaysright1441d ago

So? Nintendo's 1st party is by far the strongest of all the 3 companies involved in console gaming and it won't matter when Nintendo will release their big guns. What it will matter is that their big guns will move a lot of hardware.

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