RaceRoom Driving Controller released - the real racing controller

VVV: After releasing several GameSeats and racing stands in the past, RaceRoom have unleashed the latest in their line-up of racing peripherals: the RaceRoom Driving Controller.

Designed primarily for R3E and compatible for PS3 and PC, the RaceRoom Driving Controller is a uniquely-designed PS3-esque gamepad with amputated analogue sticks replaced with a mini steering wheel that apparently offers more precision than a conventional controller for playing racing games. All the buttons can be programmed to support all game features, and the controller also has vibration force feedback."

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3-4-51744d ago

I was just thinking the other day somebody should do this and here it is. Looks good.

IcicleTrepan1744d ago

it's interesting. Wish they could have made it as an add-on to existing controllers somehow.

memots1744d ago

I hopes its coming North america side at some point.

porkChop1744d ago

It doesn't even have triggers... who the hell thought that was a good idea on a controller meant for racing? Without triggers your car will constantly accelerate, there's no way to regulate speed or braking.

Retroman1744d ago

and U dont see R1 L1 buttons??? for breaking??

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