GTA IV: How MTV Multiplayer Confirmed That The Controls Are - Finally - Good

It's known around the Internet that MTV Multiplayer have played a few hours of Grand Theft Auto IV. Around this Internet people ask them questions about the game.

Common inquiries involve:

1) the size of the city - no, it doesn't feel bigger than San Andreas, but it feels more dense

2) the game's new animation technology - yes, it looks good

The most common question is: Are the controls any better this time?

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CALIFA_KING_8053903d ago

this game is gunna be tha shiz nizzle

criticalzero3903d ago

That article was soooo lame.....It's like they had nothing better to write!!!!.....I know this game is gonna be great but come on!!!! Just for the sake of writing something about it, these fuked up sites ass articles.....Next time write something juicy or quit the fuk up!!!

Omegasyde3903d ago

Sites hits = higher price they will charge to advertizers.

advertizement revenue = Lifeblood.

Don't be surprised if you see other stupid stores before and after.

Mystery_Person3903d ago

That article was boring. How about telling us if the getaway van was usefull or not? Did they loose any guys during the mission? Can you respawn?

jkhan3903d ago

Well you haven't seen the gamepro article and you have redefine the word lamest. I mean come on look at the tile: "The 25 Biggest surprises in MGS4" and look what they have written

C_SoL3903d ago

disc size of the DVD. If this was a PS3 exclusive the game would have been bigger.

Omegasyde3903d ago

True but if wasn't on the xbox, rockstar would of only sold half as much.

chaosatom3333903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

they must have had lots of content left over. They could have easily fitted all the extra stuff in blue-ray disc.

@above yeah, but why not put more stuff in the blue-ray disc. AND just don't tell microsoft.

Rocko3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

A smaller city with much more to do is better than miles of useless wilderness that we got in San Andreas.

George Washington3903d ago

dumb ass ps3 fanboys. so far theres only been 2 360 games that use more than one dvd. so stfu with the bs of dvd is too small. gta4 fit perfectly onto dvd disk and its huge. so you guys just got owned.

Silellak3903d ago


Nah, I'm just kidding. I know you don't have one.

Varsarus3903d ago

They did complain about it last year though, still, not saying anything bad about it, might be a reason why Rockstar could go ps3 exclusive after GTA IV


Official General3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

" but why not put more stuff in the blue-ray disc. AND just don't tell microsoft"

HA HA HA HA HA! Thats funny! LOL

@ George Washington - I dont care what you say man, having to put ANY game on more than one disc is NOT a good look for a current-gen console. I know it's another game but just look at Lost Odessey - 4 damn discs! Whats that about?

I just hope that the PS3 does'nt follow that bullsh*t the 360 does with all that game on multiple discs nonesense and I'd be very suprised if it did. I dont believe it should anyway as thats whole reason why Blu-Ray technology was developed for PS3 games, so that PS3 games have more than enough memory and space to fit all the game's data and content on to one disc.

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PSh1t33903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Too bad for you PS3 slaves. The IGN guys just said on a podcast that the PS3rd version controls like sh1t, not just because it's using the DualSuck3, but because you can't press those sh1tt "triggers" in half way or all the way like a real trigger like the 360 can to aim or lock on aim like GTA4 REQUIRES, LMAO.


Hydrollex3903d ago

the OWNAGE is the PS3 version is better

- Less jaggies
- Split Screen
- Warmer colors
- Realastic Colors
- Free online
- Almost NO Frame Drops compared to Xbox 360
- More Autos and Peds in the city ( CELL )

go cry,

I have a dualshock 3 and I cofirm that SixAXIS sucks and buy a Dualshock 3 if you wanna enjoy gaming.

The Triggers are just awesome !! and feels better than 360s triggers but before DS3 I liked 360s controller.

PSh1t33903d ago

you're drooling again.

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