Nintendo’s Strife

Punching Beta: Why are the Japanese giants in hot water?

It’s no secret that Nintendo has seen a massive loss in the past few months since the introduction of their Wii U console. But fortunately, Nintendo has been saved by the sales of their handheld and software sales, albeit just barely saved. So why is the Wii U failing to sell? Are customers looking at Nintendo in the wrong light?

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PopRocks3591774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I would argue that people are just still largely unaware or uninterested (though mostly the former). It's a neat console. I just thought Nintendo rather piss-poorly managed to promote the damn thing when it came out almost a year ago. Launch sales weren't even all that terrible. It sold nearly three million units in two months. Then the sales plateaued and went kaput because Nintendo failed to keep momentum.

Beyond that there have been few large scale software releases until right up to now and the best third party support it's been seeing is from indie developers since the big name devs feel it necessary to release gimped ports at full price.

So if you want an answer for "Why?" just ask your average joe, would you buy a Wii U? They will probably give you one of two reasons.

1. What's a Wii U?

2. Does it have the games I want to play?

LOL_WUT1774d ago

It's actually because consumers aren't interested ;) there's just not enough GOOD games for them to choose from and the price point isn't helping either. Maybe, some of the games releasing in 2014 will convince some gamers but until then Nintendo only has a price cut to fall back on. ;)

3-4-51774d ago

Not sure what people don't understand:

* Nintendo didn't have enough employees to make games.

* 3DS launched and not enough games, so they moved their Wii U dev's to the 3DS to get some games made.

* They've now taken those same people and moved them back to Wii U games, as well as other's who stayed and were always making Wii U games.

* This is why there is a lack of games for the Wii U, and there was for the 3DS.

* When Nintendo needed 500 people, they only had 300.

* They've announced they have started hiring new people and so this shouldn't be a problem in the future.

There are 15 good games releasing on the Wii U from now until Summer 2014.

PopRocks3591774d ago

You forgot to add that a lot of people don't understand that LOL_WUT is a troll and should probably be bubbled down. He says purposefully inflammatory and illogical things to get a rise out of people. :p

meganick1774d ago

I think you're right that many people are still unaware of the Wii U. I've spoken to many casual gamers who own and love the Wii, and when I mention the Wii U, they just stare at me blankly and ask, "what's that?" That's not good, and it's Nintendo's fault for not marketing the Wii U properly. They should do a marketing blitz campaign this holiday to raise awareness of the Wii U and let people know it's not a Wii peripheral. Gamers are of course aware of this, but not many casual gamers.

StinKyNuGz1774d ago

3ds is a beast tho ...!!

Dan_scruggs1774d ago

Considering the the 3DS is the biggest selling piece of gamin hardware on the market right now. Topped with more recent news the Pokemon X and Y sold out preorders sold out in Japan in 9 hours. That will more than make up for the slow sales of the Wii U. In the mean time it is true that Nintendo wont have the astronomical profits of the the Wii era Nintendo is a long long way away from being bankrupt. To prove this to ignorant people they ever released an extremely in depth loot at their sales data. You can find that article on Destructoid. According to Nintendo they have 6 billion dollars in back up cash for hard times. So when they post a 30 million dollar quarterly loss and people scream doom and gloom. All the people that know what they are talking about can sit back and laugh. Nintendo is going to be around for a long long time.

solidworm1774d ago

Nintendo got lucky with the Wii by attracting non gamers. The same non gamers who played it for a month and then put it away to gather dust. The same non gamers who have now gone back to whatever they were doing before the Wii came out never to return. Lightening doesnt strike twice and so now they are competing yet again on the same field as SONY and MS and we all know how thats gonna go.

PSNintyGamer1774d ago

You can tell the future? Please do tell

Theyellowflash301773d ago

And just like Ms. Cleo could tell the future....he's wrong.

RicardJulianti1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Thing is, if the non-gamers have completely left Nintendo, then they have completely left MS and Sony as well.

154 million "core" gamers didn't buy the two consoles. Loads of them bought a PS3 for the blu-ray player, which isn't made better by the PS4 and 4K is too cost prohibitive at the moment. A lot of other people bought the 360 when Netflix was offered, and then there was Kinect, and of course the multiple consoles bought due to the RROD.

The real thing that is going to matter, is how many of those non-gamers were converted into gamers, by any of the three. If they look for a gaming experience like they had with their previous system on a smartphone or what have won't be the same and they will be tempted to make the jump. Not everyone is gone for good, to suggest so is silly.

No one has any clue as to how things will happen. It's all just posturing at this point, showing off because there's nothing but hype-trains to ride.

jcnba281774d ago

Sony just got lucky with the ps3 by adding in a bluray player.

solidworm1774d ago

no SONY got lucky by being one of the developers of the technology. Most of the western world owns or wants a blu ray player, cant say that for the now defunct Wii. There in lies the lesson.

meganick1774d ago

I think it was forward-thinking for Sony to add blu-ray to the PS3. Of course that move benefited the format greatly and helped defeat HD DVD, but Sony knew it would, so I don't think any luck was involved.

meganick1774d ago

I would argue against you that casual gamers did not use their Wii's for a short time and then leave it alone to gather dust. They were just content with only owning a small handful of games/software that they played/used consistently.

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GenericNameHere1774d ago

Well, when you do the biggest 180 of all time (bigger than Xbone's), you're surely going to get confused people. NES-GameCube were all hardcore consoles, awesome. Wii was marketed as a family and fitness gaming machine. Nintendo, out of all the stupid things they could have done, they went with the most idiotic, and reverted back to the hardcore. Like I've been saving forever, Nintendo should have made another console like the Wii for about another generation or two. Exactly like the Wii, but now with HD Mario on the side!

That, or should have priced the Wii U at $200, $250 the most.

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