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Review: 'Dragon’s Crown' game a rough diamond - Fox News

The best type of video games are those that ease you in gently, disguised as a casual experience that you sit down to play for twenty minutes. Suddenly, it’s five hours later and you need another Red Bull, but only after you complete just one more quest. (Dragon's Crown, PS Vita, PS3) 8/10

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ZodTheRipper  +   749d ago
Am I the only one surprised that Fox News publishes so good video game reviews? Especially about such a niche title.
dedicatedtogamers  +   749d ago
It isn't unusual. Forbes also does some top-notch gaming articles.
E2S  +   749d ago
Forbes is a money-centered publication though. I'ts understandable they would cover a money-maker like video games.

Fox news is... well, Fox news. Just the name alone conjures up ridicule.
cleft5  +   749d ago
It's actually funny in a way, because Fox news just game a more level headed, non-biased review than Polygon did. I am glad to see this game getting such good reviews by people that focus more on the game than the false controversy.
Remy_S  +   748d ago
I could wipe my ass with Polygon's poor excuse of a review.
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