Xbox Live Family Subscriptions Convert to Individual Accounts Aug. 27

Kotaku - In preparation for how Xbox Live will function once Xbox One gets here, Microsoft will convert Gold family subscriptions to individual accounts beginning on Aug. 27. Since everyone in the house will now have to pay for a subscription, Microsoft is adding another three months of Gold to anyone affected.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Microsoft is just to damn greedy! They nickel and dime you for every freaking thing! First AA batteries don't like them just buy our play and charge kit. Now they kill the family share plan. No I'm not trolling I have a Xbox One pre ordered but all this crap they're doing is stupid.

HammadTheBeast1623d ago

Just to clarify, this makes every accounts require a separate gold membership on every account.

On Xbone, they've put in the other plan to allow Gold on one console to suffice for all accounts on that console, however, any accounts not on the console don't have gold.

With family plan, you link up 4 accounts from any console to one price.

whoyouwit041623d ago

Do you people really comprehend what they are doing? what is so stupid about what they are doing?

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Manic20141623d ago

Kinda makes sense because each console now needs one membership.

DarkBlood1623d ago

lol wow i guess they badly needed to do that since they had to reverse its policy so'll they will find some way to compenstate for it

Manic20141623d ago

I think it gives them a lees income as the family plan costs $100 but now you only need one $60 Membership for the console.

DarkBlood1623d ago

interesting very well, makes sense.

No_Limit1623d ago

Duplicate news, already posted 2 days ago.

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