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40 New Screenshots and Bonus Map of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Released

Square Enix just released 40 new lovely screenshots of the upcoming Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster. (Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster: Collector’s Edition, PS Vita, PS3)

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XiaoSet  +   789d ago
The map looks the same as in the original FFX. If you just click the "Map" item in your inventory, it displays the same thing.
GreatGamePlay  +   789d ago
Release the Game Already!
AsimLeonheart  +   789d ago
I agree wholeheartedly. This wait is agonizing!
dasbeer88  +   789d ago
Or maybe Square is delaying X/X-2 HD because they want to package a demo of FFXV with it?
theshonen8899  +   789d ago
I'm not a huge fan of FFX but I am buying this specifically because I want FFXII HD.
chikane  +   789d ago

so Enix is gonna release a ps4 demo for the ps3 ?? how is that gonna work ?
GreenRanger  +   789d ago | Funny
If they show any more screenshots, I'll be able to make an animated GIF out of them and watch the entire game.

Release the game, ffs!
GeckoPutt  +   789d ago
Hahahahahahahaha! This is one of the best comments I've ever read on N4G. You deserve all of my likes.
NarooN  +   789d ago
Friggin' awesome comment, LOL.
Umbasa  +   789d ago
Enough with the screen shots square and just give us a release date!
Abriael  +   789d ago
hey, these are 1080p at least :D
minimur12  +   789d ago
or a gameplay video :)
Merrill  +   789d ago
I wonder if they will release this on the PS4 store?
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GeckoPutt  +   789d ago
Well this game is just beautiful... Now let me play it for Fenrir's sake!!!
dzak  +   789d ago
*SPOILER* - if you havent played by now

Its been so long since i played i might have forgotten, but was there a situation when we had to use Yuna alone in the desert? couple of the screenshots showed Yuna summoning Ifrit in what i presume the desert near 'home'. i wonder if they added a small section where Yuna wonders around the desert and then gets kidnapped by the albheds?
NarooN  +   789d ago
I recall a section where you play as Yuna for a bit, but I don't remember it being in the desert. I might be wrong... Last time I played it was last summer with my cousin.
dzak  +   789d ago
Yea, we get to play solo Yuna in Via Purifico (bevelle). I thought that was the only time as well. It will be cool if they have added more content in the game. last i played was when my ps2 still worked (3-4) years ago lol, so i have more chance to be wrong, hahahaha
GeckoPutt  +   789d ago
As someone has commented before me, there is a part where you play as Yuna by herself, and that is in the Via Purifico in Bevelle. However, you are able to return to Bikanel Desert once you obtain access to the airship, so this could very much just be a return to the island, it doesn't seem like she has to be alone in this screenshot. :)
dzak  +   789d ago
ah yea i see....
paul-p1988  +   789d ago
Wasn't the part where you played as Yuna in a cave, about halfway through the game? I remember that part too.

I just want them to bring the game out now, i need another JRPG for my Vita!!!
Mr-SellJack  +   789d ago
Now that is real HD!but still nothing beats Okami HD and Ico/SOTC. HD
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Craigatorian  +   789d ago
Bet its gonna be in 720p
tubers  +   789d ago
Seems it's 720p in battle.. it's not as sharp as the other screens.
DarkBlood  +   789d ago
Don't some of you guys know that this is coming out in october?
GeckoPutt  +   789d ago
I really don't understand people like you -_-... There is NO CONFIRMED RELEASE DATE WHATSOEVER! The only piece of information we have in regards to release is 2013. That is all.

If you are able to supply me with proof that October is the release date, I will eat my chocobo.
KeganG  +   789d ago
I know what site that you saw it was going to be released on October 17-18th, but I doubt it's true.
DarkBlood  +   789d ago
well it seems more reasonable then november in fact ff13-3 was suppose to come out in november but got push back to feburary

i mean why release a ff game one month after the other right?
GeckoPutt  +   789d ago
I would drag my balls through 1 million miles of Cactuar needles across the Bikanel Desert, with a Sand Worm's fart as my only air supply, whilst being pecked at constantly by Xus and Simurghs just to get my hands on this game for 10 seconds...

They need to release this now.
Skate-AK  +   789d ago
For your sake I hope they do.
tommygunzII  +   789d ago
Awesome. Hopefully we will see a HD remake of FFXII in the near future.
tubers  +   789d ago
I'll wait for the PSV comparison.
Dagobert  +   789d ago
I still want an actual complete remake of Final Fantasy X with high poly models. I'm getting this no matter what but having a full remake of it would have been so much better. Hell Square Enix would have made a lot of money off of it too.
magus  +   789d ago
dang if yuna was a real person god help me.
SirBradders  +   789d ago
KeganG  +   788d ago
I don't like being sentimental, but this is my all time favorite game and when I first read online that this was coming to PS3 (as I was hopelessly checking to see if they would ever come out with a Final Fantasy X-3) I don't think I've ever felt more happy in my life. I don't like dissing on Final Fantasy X-2, but compared to X...X-2 was a total let down. They had the right idea but they only spent a year making it and I think that's why it went the way it did. It was a fun game, but what sucks is if I didn't have Internet I would've never known about the perfect ending. When I beat X-2 the first time I was so depressed by the bullshit ending, and it took me 4 times after cheating to get the perfect ending. So now that I have a chance to replay both of these games (including X being my favorite game of all time) it really gives me a semi.

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