Seven things any Deus Ex: Human Revolution sequel must have

OXM UK: "I won't lie; when Deus Ex: The Fall was announced as an iOS only game, I was crushed. I may have overturned a few items on my desk in dismay. Then a few items on Edwin's and Log's desks, which I then quickly tided for fear of a swift reprisal.

However, a Deus Ex: Human Revolution console sequel can't be far off, can it? The Fall got me to thinking what I'd actually want to see in a follow-up, so here are a few potential additions I reckon Eidos Montreal should probably take into consideration."

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Hellsvacancy1533d ago

Hopefully the soundtrack will top Human Revolutions soundtrack, which was FANTASTIC

I love music as much as I do gaming

Pintheshadows1533d ago

Agreed. The soundtrack was an immense achievement. I want more hub enviroments personally and make them even bigger.

GreatGamePlay1533d ago

Help sell more copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: The Fall, to fund the next Deus Ex!

Murad1533d ago

Dude, the soundtrack was what made me feel immersed,as if I was actually part of that world, you know?

Murad1533d ago

I will never buy The Fall. I am utterly disappointed in SE for putting a game of such great caliber on a stupid tablet, not on a useless console, not a shitty PC port, but a on a friggin IPad. It's quite obvious they betrayed their fans for money, and in return, I won't buy the next Deus Ex until it's less than 10 dollars.

WPX1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Which is only topped by the Original Deus Ex OST, IMO. I still hear it these days, and sometimes still play the game to hear the music too. It's that good.

EDIT: an option to add past Deus EX games music as optional BGM for the game isn't a bad idea, BTW.

Murad1533d ago

OMG, I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR POST. The Human Revolution soundtrack was by far a reminder of how good soundtracks from the Super Nintendo and Playstation 1 genre could be, which was amazing.

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Mr_Pinky1533d ago

Less vents which are the stealth route

It felt like most of the stealth options in HR were climbing through vents

zeal0us1533d ago

Kinect features for conversations isn't necessary. While it seems cool but honestly it that will just take more time programming NPCs to understand/respond to certain words. Even if there's some loud noise or kids running through the house it can be problematic.

Reibooi1533d ago

The thing about Kinect for conversations is it should not be used unless you are playing a silent protagonist. I forget if it was Mass Effect 3 I am thinking of please correct me if I am wrong about this. But it was shown how you could speak the thing you wanted Shepard to say. Problem was after you spoke it he would repeat it in a different way(as the game does) and watching that I thought it was take me out of the conversation and kinda kill immersion since you speak it and then character speaks it in a slightly different way.

If you play a silent character it works more because it's more like YOU are the character as you say stuff out loud and it's not repeated back.

SaveFerris1533d ago

What about a next-gen remake of the original Deus Ex? Would anyone else like to see that?

dcj05241533d ago

Yes. But modernized ( only to a certain extent) I think I got to the 3rd level before it just stopped working. Was fun as hell.

_FantasmA_1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

New graphics, advanced AI, maybe some new mods/enhancements in addition to the old ones, new weapons. As long as stuff is added to the game or improved and nothing is taken out. Especially that soundtrack, don't **** with that soundtrack. Don't remix the songs, don't add drugstep, don't. Just don't. Maybe remaster them, but otherwise no Lil Wayne UNATCO remix BS.

zeroskie1533d ago

I would have liked the conversational bosses to be implemented a little better. And the combat bosses too, for that matter.

It was a really fun game overall, but it could have been a bit more fluid too.

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