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The Last of Us Review | Wade's Thoughts

The Last of Us is a groundbreaking, incredible and wildly ambitious game that rivals some of the greatest of all time. (PS3, The Last Of Us) 10/10

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Wni0  +   534d ago
Is it really that hard to just come out and say its the best game ever made? I mean what is the competition? Ocarina of time, Planescape Torment, Starcraft, Half-Life, Mario 64, Diablo 2, Bioshock? There isnt anything sorry. Videogames are not like films where you have to wait a while to judge.
SillyYou  +   534d ago
Who says that they are not? YOU? Videogames are here to give us a gaming experience, every game its own way. No matter how. There are games with almost no gameplay. Are they bad then? No. You can't compare any of this games you mentioned. Every game is its own #1 in its kind of game. And TLOU as a emotional and story driven game is in its #1. Games like Walking Dead, Journey, Heavy Rain, Shadow of the collosus are this kind of game. And as every genre, its not something for everyone. I dont like some games you mentioned, are they bad then? No. Not everyone likes every genre.
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Wni0  +   534d ago
Yes, you have to take those things into account. But TLoU is just on another playing field. I could spend hours pointing out the dozens of nuances and details in each section of a level. Lets just look at the third person perspective the game has. What Naughty Dog does with the camera while in game is so subtle, but so effective. The camera will pan out, ease in depending on what god damn hallway you are going through, or it will slightly zoom out and sets up an opening shot for a new area. In their respective genres games like Mass Effect, Gears, they just dont do that.

Ellie will wipe her nose in the cold, The two talk to eachother while interacting with the environment. And there are a hundred other things that I could list without even going into the core gameplay elements or how amazing the story and voice acting is.

You can subjectively not like the game which is fine don't get me wrong, maybe its too dark or you want an open world experience, but honestly just put zelda on one Tv and TLoU on another and compare the two level by level. No?
And of course you can compare different genres, take the movie Some like it hot or Airplane, both are great comedy movies, but are you really going to say I cant tell that 8 1/2 or Citizen Kane or Stalker are better films?
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goldwyncq  +   534d ago
There's no such thing. Opinions aren't facts. What one considers as the best game ever may not be the same for another.
Gamefan12  +   534d ago
I don't think I can ever say a game is the BEST EVER MADE. Different games, different styles, different opinions. Though one can say it is "one of the" best made. It deserves to be listed in the top games
Majin-vegeta  +   534d ago
SO YEWLES how many perfect scores is that now??
yewles1  +   534d ago
243... just amazing.

Now compare that to Uncharted 2's 158 and Uncharted 3's 179...
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DirtyPimp  +   534d ago
damn, that's a lot of 10's.
iliimaster  +   534d ago
one of the best games ive ever played for sure idk about the best because i have some crazy memories with so many video games but its up there for sure but for me hands down final fantasy 7 was it for me, i spent hours and hours and days and weeks just leveling up and having fun the whole way i think i put easily over 100 hours in that game and i gotta say its my favorite of all time
stefan771  +   533d ago
I need this game
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MadMax  +   533d ago
Almost 70% through and have to say im kinda bored with it. I dont think i can bring myself to complete it even. Yea, the story and acting are good, but other than that theres nothing new here. Graphics in quite alot of parts arent even very good! Walk up to a tree and you will see what i mean.

The gameplay seems all too predictable also. Like ive already played this type of game before, one too many times. I think the game is very overrated and was overly hyped! Im not understanding all the perfect scores, because it is FAR from being a perfect game.
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DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   532d ago
Been taking my time with it,soaking in every pixel.Just made it to the university with elle on horseback,and I still can't believe the things I've done to survive or the things I've witnessed. I really want to say this is the greatest game ever made but that probably wouldn't be a fair or logical statement.I will say this...it's definitely the greatest game in this genre.

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