Monster Hunter Portable 2G breaks more records in Japan

It's weird how a game can be massively successful somewhere in the world, yet the same game is met with apathetic shrugs elsewhere. The Monster Hunter series isn't particularly Japanese per se but there's just something about it that appeals to the Eastern mentality - and it's gone beyond mere 'hit' status and onto 'genuine national obsession', if the latest sales figures are anything to go by.

The game that last week single-handedly ensured that PSP ruled the hardware roost has now shifted a quite staggering 1.5 million units in a little over a week on sale in Japan, according to Gamasutra. Bearing in mind that the previous title shifted as many in the whole of 2007 and was the second biggest-seller of the year behind Wii Sports, and you've got some idea of just how big this is.

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White-Sharingan3848d ago

I still cant believe how well this sold, even selling better than brawl (in japan)

Oh well, im glad PSP is being recognized as a clear contender in the handheld market, although it wont beat Nintendo it surely is the only handheld that has survived against Nintendo and sold this number of units.

If only sony would of been smart and gave a little of $$ to Capcom to keep MH on PS3, I wonder how Nintendo fans will react to MH on wii when its released........hmmm

aaaaaaaaannyyyways, Congrats Sony + Capcom

JoelR3848d ago

It is better then brawl so why the surprise?

Sony again does not pay for games - so why does everyone always suggest that Sony pay to make sure a game is on their platform. They lose some this way but on the whole they are much better for it.

mistertwoturbo3848d ago

Sony doesn't pay for exclusives. Well they really need to, to get back in 1st place. Imagine if GTAIV was still a PS3 exclusive, there would be zero talks of "console war" against the 360. And it looks to be the same for the Wii vs PS3. If they would have just paid for Monster Hunter to stay on PS3, it would go toe to toe with the Wii in japan judging by these sales figures.

sonyfanonly3848d ago

yes and why is capcom so stupid the sales numbers on the ps3 will be bigger than that but they are so stupid and greedy

kingOVsticks3848d ago

but I still don't know whats the big hoopla about monster hunter i can't play online with anybody in the world(atleast I don't think i can) and no one I know plays the game. It also seems like a lot of grinding which isn't bad when it has a point.