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Kamiya originally wanted realistic graphics for Okami, was a simulation game at one point

Nintendo's new Wonderful 101 Iwata Asks talk is filled with juicy tidbits about director Hideki Kamiya's past and the projects he worked on. Okami was among the games discussed, and Kamiya was more than willing to share a number of interesting details. (Hideki Kamiya, okami, Okami HD, PS3, Wii)

GreatGamePlay  +   407d ago
Hideki Kamiya wants to get Real!
jc48573  +   407d ago
I actually like this kind of interviews that Iwata does because they usually end up having a long conversation.
j-blaze  +   407d ago
the final product tuned out beautifully, the "only" thing i didn't like was the human characters design
-Gespenst-  +   407d ago
It speaks to his good judgment that he chose not to.
Mr-SellJack  +   407d ago
Wow that's major news for me!
Wonderful 101 and Pikimin 3 are pretty tempting games to buy a Wii U
jeremyj2913  +   407d ago
Those 2 and Bayonetta 2 are the reasons I'm glad my roommate bought a Wii U.
RememberThe357  +   407d ago
This has been known. You can unlock the realistic version of Amaterasu, and theres a video of him talking about the art style change. Old news for sure.
mydyingparadiselost  +   407d ago
This needs a true console sequel so bad and the WiiU could make it so fantastic. When the gamepad was first shown off Okami was the first thing that came to mind for a game that could really show off the potential of the system and the uses of touch screen. This is not a series that deserves to be left behind for top 10 forgotten franchises articles in the future.

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