If I had a Million Dollars: The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition of Saints Row IV

What would you do with a million dollars? Well, Deep Silver wants you to buy this special edition of Saints Row IV...

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GreenRanger1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

A million dollars for a game?! That's insane.

Growing up in a lower class family in 1980s recession-hit Ireland, we used to start bedtime conversations with the words "If I had a million pounds" to help ignore the hunger and pain caused by barely surviving on three meals a week, and having to use coal bags as blankets.

These days money is tossed around like it's nothing.

Different times, I know, but still...

admiralvic1255d ago

It's suppose to be a completely ridiculous edition that no one is really meant to buy. The joke being that it's as over the top / absurd as the game in question, though I doubt they would turn someone down for actually throwing down 1,000,000 for it.

GreenRanger1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Yeah, I know.
It would be an awesome addition to a collectors' collection, though, being one of a kind and all.

admiralvic1255d ago

@ GreenRanger

Not really. Outside of getting the full size dubstep, it's a bunch of things you can buy / arrange if you had the type of money to blow on this CE in the first place.

Grid 2 is the stupidly over the top CE to buy. The items are at least unique to the game in question.

Pintheshadows1254d ago

In fairness the GEID2 CE does come with a BAC Mono which costs £102,000 pounds by itself.

dogsmokespipe1255d ago

Coal bags as blankets, huh? Those sound like hard times. You should write a book, GreenRanger.

dark-hollow1255d ago

It's all about perspective.

If you bought a special edition game for $70, it probably won't burn a hole in your finances. Same with the ultra rich people, one million is pocket change for them.

Pushagree1255d ago

I swear, it's like this game series just wants to be hated. I woudn't pay 10 dollars for this crap, let alone one million. This game is just a constant leech off of GTA and is the perfect epitome of how unoriginal games have become. If Carlos Mencia suddenly morphed into a video game series, this would be it.

KabalsHookblades1255d ago

There's GTA and then there's Saints Row, but it was a clone that became its own thing after Saints Row : The Third and SR4 capitalizes on that popularity

SilentNegotiator1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Yeah, a clone of the GOOD grand thefts (at least 1 and 2 were; the Third wasn't really a GTA clone at all).

SilentNegotiator1255d ago

When I was a little girl in France, we ate snails to survive. Eventually, it just became a staple.

Calm down. It's like how Kickstarter pages often offer a crazy, expensive package for one person. It's not like this edition is made for starving children (just like everything else). It's meant for one very devout (or at least rich) fan to help really push the product/group.

JackStraw1255d ago

calm down. no need to type a whole paragraph.

Heisenburger1255d ago

Cool story bro.

Preach your crap elsewhere.

GreenRanger1254d ago

@ Heisenburger
I wasn't preaching anything to anyone.

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Kevlar0091255d ago

Wonder what the value of it is. I know the space experience is 200k by itself. It's probably mostly just bragging rights (like you need to by this to tell everyone you're super rich)

younglj011255d ago

Personally I would love too be able too visit space at least once.But dont have the money too make my dream come true yet.

Skate-AK1255d ago

It comes with a Lamborghini too. That's another 150-200k.

younglj011255d ago

wow N4G ya'll slipping I saw this article on Yahoo this morning.If I had an extra $1 million dollar to blow I might and I mean might buy this but I'm happy with just $60 dollars atm.

Think about the cost of an GTA V edition at this level.It could auction off for at least $3 million.

Congrats too whomever gets this....

porkChop1255d ago

This is ridiculous. A Toyota Prius? Wtf? In a $1m package you're going to throw in a p.o.s. like that?

And encouraging people to get plastic surgery? That's just fucked up on all levels.

Volition and Deep Silver, you're trying WAY too hard to be over the top. This is just stupid and pathetic all around. If I'm spending $1m I want some real value out of it, I could take those trips to Dubai and Washington myself. Give me something that I actually can't just get myself for a hell of a lot cheaper.

titletownrelo1255d ago

No one is supposed to by it. Its just a PR stunt and a crazy joke meant to represent how over the top their game is, lol

porkChop1255d ago

I seriously hope it's just a PR stunt lol

Brucis1255d ago

Guys, this is just a publicity/joke thing. They obviously don't expect people to pay 1 million dollars for a game edition.

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