Will people see a PS4/ PS Vita combination as too expensive?

The current rumor floating around the internet is that there is a new Playstation bundle coming. This bundle will combine the new Playstation 4 with the Playstation Vita at a price of $500. For people that want/need both, this would be an instant kill two birds with one stone scenario. However, as good as that scenario is, there is one ever constant hinderance that people like to bring up, price.

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LOGICWINS1682d ago

Of course there will. Those people don't understand what value is.

Canary1682d ago

Well, the thing is... would they be wrong to think that?

If Sony decides to market the Vita as a PS4 peripheral rather than an independent gaming platform, they'd be right to think of it as too expensive IMHO. The Vita needs to be able to stand on its own--to form its own, individual identity--to anchor the Vita to the PS4 would be a mistake.

As for why it would be a mistake... well, I'm too tired to get into details, but essentially Sony seems to want the Vita to be usable in a similar manner to the WiiU gamepad... and just look at how many (foolish) gamers persist in advocating a future iteration of the WiiU sans the gamepad. It's not really a functionality many gamers see the appeal of (especially without experiencing it firsthand).


And, personally, too, I think it's a bad idea. I already own a Vita, so I don't need any incentive/deal to buy one. What I do need is software, and I don't see bundling the Vita with a PS4 encouraging further software development or international localization efforts.

LOGICWINS1682d ago

The software is there...and more will come. Gamescom and TGS will undoubtedly give us a multitude of Vita titles.

At $100, anyone getting a PS4 thats even remotely curious about Vita will spring for the bundle. More people will have a Vita, the install base will grow, and publishers will start becoming interested in it.

rainslacker1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

It'd be no more expensive than the Xbox One at $500. If people don't understand what they're getting for an extra $100 in that bundle as opposed to the Xbox One, then it's likely they don't care either way.

So to speak of value.

Xbox One. You get the system. You can argue you get Kinect, but Kinect is a controller for the system. So in this regard it's part of the system and not really an added bonus.

Not trying to start a fan boy thing here, just stating this for simplicity in the comparison...not dissing the Kinect or what kind of effect it will have on the desirability for the console...and it's a shame I have to qualify that so this thread doesn't devolve.

PS4+Vita Bundle for $500. You get the system along with another handheld system you can take anywhere to keep playing your console no matter where you are(assuming a Wi-Fi connection is available). In addition you can play Vita specific titles(even if you don't know if there are any you want), or give it to your kid or friend or whatever.

Consumers aren't always idiots. PS4+Vita bundle is a perceivable value over the other no matter what, even if you don't know what the Vita is. The dumbest of consumers can equate 2 systems > One. The only thing that might happen among these types of consumers is that they may equate it to the Wii U gamepad...but again, that would mean they likely don't know enough to care either way. They're more likely to buy based on brand loyalty or a system having a particular game they really want.

Otherwise, this bundle is highly unlikely at this price. This discussion would be more interesting if the bundle was $550-600 vs. $500 for X1.

Mr-Dude1682d ago

If those people excist then those people should take a bat and hit themself against the head for being stupid...

kornbeaner1682d ago

Let's see, PS4 + Vita for $500 or a Xbox one for $500. 1 box would contain two systems while the other would contain just 1. How would people see this as too expensive?

Mookie1682d ago

If they can get that $500 price it's a wrap on the Xbox one.

Belking1682d ago

Nah, no one is gonna but that combo because of Vita.

rainslacker1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I'd probably get it at that price...and I already own a Vita. That price is a steal.

Bowzabub1682d ago

Ignorance IS one of mankind's many fallacies unfortunately.

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