GTA V: New details and tips revealed by Brazilian Magazine

PlayStation Revista Oficial “Brazilian Magazine” has revealed some new interesting details on GTA V

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FlameHawk1534d ago

Not going to watch a hour long analysis of GTA V when I am already going to buy it, the gameplay trailer did it for me, so many things to do.

Starbucks_Fan1534d ago

This ought to be considered spam.

360ICE1534d ago

It's related to the topic, so not really.

SchwoererBear1534d ago

I'm really excited to see how the game introduces the characters and how far in we have to get to play as them. Little more than a month until game time!

gedapeleda1534d ago

I just wonder how the perk best pilot or driver work against the main physics.

SchwoererBear1533d ago

I'm assuming that the higher the skill level, the better control you have. I think it will be possible to fly with Michael and Franklin fine, but it will be easier with Trevor. I just hope that the skill levels don't keep you from doing things effectively

alejandroelputo1534d ago

The gameplay trailer alone makes a must-but-day-one-purchase for any gamer in the world. No need for more details or analysis.

claud31534d ago

It is the perfect end to a generation

itspeaks1534d ago

Rockstar tip 3* Want to escape from the suburbs? Go with Michael, he is the best at riding bikes.


ArthurJKlarke1534d ago

What's the joke?
I dunt get it

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