IGN: We want free Battlefield weapons - EA is listening

When the Multiplayer Beta launched a couple of weeks ago, early adopters of the download were greeted with some daunting news if they went fishing through Bad Company's list of weapons. It appeared as though Electronic Arts -- as they've done in the past with such games as NCAA Football -- would be charging for components of Battlefield: Bad Company that should be free, and would have been last generation. The early peek into the beta showed five weapons that needed to be purchased via Xbox Live Marketplace. The outcry from the public was feverish.

Luckily their shrieks of horror did not fall on deaf ears. No weapons – IGN repeat: NO WEAPONS – will have a price tag attached to them.

IGN sat down for a talk with Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Senior Producer at DICE working on Battlefield: Bad Company, to get the final word on exactly what users will find in both the standard edition for Battlefield: Bad Company as well as the Gold Edition, and how all that works into the wonderful world of microtransactions.

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LSDARBY3899d ago

EA are SCUM, pure scum. Why do people buy there games seriously. They arent even good and they rip you off in rediculous ways. I own 2 EA games Orange Box and Burnout, neither were actualy made by EA. People should boycott EA made games.

t-0_ot-3899d ago

Did you read the article?? They said they weren't charging for anything.
Some EA games are still good. But, the games that are bad are usually the ones that they make every year..

ForTheFallen3899d ago

You've officially made yourself look stupid.

On topic, I am personally amazed that they listened. Maybe, by some small chance, they actually have a soul up their in EA...


Seriously, this is awesome and I'm now going to buy this game. Just because EA did something right...for once.

t-0_ot-3899d ago

Was it DICES decision or EA's decision to make the weapons Free and not for money??? Cause in the interview they are talking to a DiCE employee not an EA employee..?

I Call 9MM3899d ago

Well, at least it won't cost anything to get to these weapons if you don't want to pay for them. Buying the gold edition just gives you the easy way out and gives you them right away. But users of both versions still have to participate in 5 separate EA marketing surveys or what not to get at the other 5 weapons. What a load of hooey. Oh well, free is free, glad the microtransactions are gone. Hopefully, asides from games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, they will be gone for good.

perseus3899d ago

I wasn't going to with the stupid weapons thing, but I will buy it now.