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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is a console role-playing game developed by Game Arts and Japan Art Media as a remake of Lunar: The Silver Star. Initially released on the Sega Saturn in 1996, the game has gone through several variations, beginning with enhanced video support in conjunction with the Saturn's MPEG graphics add-on in 1997, and later being ported to Sony's PlayStation in 1998.

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3-4-51745d ago

Definitely buying this game on PSN eventually for my PSP. Looks really good.

Hicken1745d ago

Strictly speaking, the PSP version is Silver Star Harmony, which is actually a little better than Silver Star Complete.

That's my objective opinion, however my nostalgia still makes me prefer SSC. Even now, there's just something about that game. Easily in my top ten JRPGs.

Crazy Larry1745d ago

Harmony was better than Complete, but I still prefer the original Sega CD "Silver Star." Fantastic series (if you can call 2 games a series) I would love a Lunar 3.

Tetsujin1745d ago

I remember the Sega CD version; and played the updated version on PlayStation. Lunar was one of those RPG series that has potential for future releases, however with Working Designs now defunct hopefully someone else picks it up and continue with it.

r211745d ago

My god, this was an extremely great JRPG. Loved every bit of it.

belac091745d ago

the psp version is awesome!!!

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