SWTOR: Facebook Connect is Now Live

BioWare have now added a Facbook connect service, that make it possible to spam your friends with all your awesome in-game accomplishments. If you don’t want to keep your mmo life and real life as separate as possible that is.

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ramtah1289d ago

who cares this gaem should die ..

Software_Lover1289d ago

I liked it........... for a little while.

ramtah1289d ago

well i played it for over one year they keep trowing the same shitt no new wz map for 1 year thats just sad..

cesuf1289d ago


If you played in for over a year, Id say it must be a pretty good game. All these AAA games a lot of peeps beat them in a week and never play it again.

Plus swtor is free to play now.

DeadlyFire1288d ago

I love Star Wars, but TOR isn't fun. Its okay for a week at a time maybe. Then its boredom. Its only plus is its story is well designed, but other than that its a very small world with enemies just standing there to be attacked. Not very engaging or fun if you ask me. I found Galaxies and about every other Star Wars title I visited in my lifetime more interesting.

pompombrum1289d ago

Does anyone actually even use services like this? It's bad enough having friends update their status with useless garbage nobody cares about but this is a whole new level of annoyance.

Skate-AK1289d ago

I know I don't. My Facebook friends don't need to know how many gold trophies I get.