Killzone Mercenary could re-spark the life of the PS Vita

With Killzone Mercenary destined to be PS Vitas first major FPS title, could it be a sign of good things to come for the PS Vita in the future?

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GribbleGrunger1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

In Japan, the Vita is actually doing 'OK' (that's about the best I can say at the moment. The average has gone up in recent months), but I highly doubt that KZM will impact that market. Where it might have an impact is in Europe -- in America, not so much because of MS brand loyalty. We'll see but I'm certain is WILL make a difference in the long run when coupled with Tearaway.

LOGICWINS1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I'm not sure Tearaway will have that broad appeal that will make a significant difference. It may be a great game, but so is LBP..and all of its sequels have sold worse than their predecessors.

AC Liberation, an entry in a well established franchise hasn't even broken 800,000 units WORLDWIDE...yet via some black voodoo magic, Tearaway (a niche new IP) will move Vitas like Big Macs? I don't buy it.

I remember a year ago people saying that COD was going to perform Jesus-like miracles and sell Vita to the mainstream. And of course, I got disagrees for telling people otherwise.

Same s%#t, different day.

IF there is a bundle with a Vita, Mercenary, and an 8GB memory card for $249, then it will most certainly move more than a few units in Europe/America given how enamored gamers have become with the FPS genre.

GribbleGrunger1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I'm not one of those people who think the Vita will suddenly skyrocket in sales. I think the combination of the two will raise the average sales though. Not by much (alone) granted, but it could help any momentum from other titles. One title can NEVER save a system. It's usually as a result of sustained support (assuming a price drop is out of the question). I don't personally agree that the Vita needs saving anyway to be honest.

LOGICWINS1531d ago

Totally agree. The Vita is selling the way its SUPPOSED to be selling considering that its $249, memory card prices are inflated, and the fact that many gamers would rather put that $249 towards a next-gen console.

For some crazy reason, Sony expected Vita to be the next great thing since Mexican food as soon as it launched.

BattleAxe1531d ago

Sony needs to throw some serious marketing behind Killzone Mercenary in North America, otherwise it won't do very well. Seeing as how Killzone is Sony's flagship shooter franchise, there's no reason why they can't put some marketing money behind this game.

LOGICWINS1531d ago

^^I'm sure they'll market the hell out of it seeing as how Sony has been advertising that Greatness Awaits commercial like mad. Come September we'll see a HUGE advertising push for the PS4/PS3, and the Vita.

mcstorm1531d ago

I have said for a long time that Sony need to re think what they are doing if they want the psv sales to improve. Kz looks amazing on the psv but it will not help the sales of the system that much.

IM not saying Sony need to copy Nintendo but they need to look at what ips sell well on the 3ds and why if they want to become the main force in the handheld world.

I love the console but the games for me have let it down. From early to now.

I do think psv sales will pickup but I don't ever see them getting near the 3ds numbers and I don't see it getting near the psp numbers too.

I maybe wrong but at the moment I don't see any games for the psv that will give it a big boot in sales like Nintendo did with the 3ds and with big name games like pokemon coming soon to the 3ds people will again over look the psv.

sherimae24131531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

700k plus AC liberation sales is not that bad considering the Vita 5m plus user base isnt it, logic-san? ^_^

but everything else you have said, i agree ^_^

at mcstorm:

the vita doesnt need to outsell the 3ds to become a success
all it needs is to be continually be supported by devs and publishers in the long run, specially by sony

and please, sony doesnt need to copy what nintendo ips or make rip off games like pokemon and fire emblem,
sony just needs to put some of its first party games like infamous, gow, gt , etc on vita and im sure it will start to get better from there ^_^

Ju1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

The only thing which can sell Vita in large numbers is if Sony can get the price down below $199 (incl. a 32GB flash drive). This will be very tough, though. At the price where it is, it sells OK.

And more full featured console experiences, please (with maybe short "level" game play times on the go). But I want the full experience. Glad KZ will give us this. And, AC is actually a great game. Why other games didn't sell so great is a) install base and b) because the Vita always gets the watered down version. That's a mistake.

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ABizzel11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@Gribble & Logic

I agree with both of you. Gribble is right in saying that the Vita isn't going to bounce to number 1 simply because of Killzone. It's going to see a sale boost, but the handheld needs more than 1 AAA game to have a continuous sales spike. And as much as I'm looking forward to Tearaway simply for more Media Molecule, it's not going to do it either.

I will say that there's a good chance that a Vita price cut down to $199 will be coming with all the recent ads and sites dropping the price that low (Target, Amazon, Best Buy & Wal-Mart matching). So that price along with Killzone will give the system a much needed spike and show there is demand for the handheld.

However, the Vita's biggest problem are the price of the memory cards and the lack of consistent AAA & diverse games. Vita games launch whenever, and Sony needs to get a line-up for all of 2014. Every month there needs to be at least 2 Vita coming to the system 1 A - AAA, and 1 unique exclusive Vita title (they need to slow the PS3 exclusive down to 2 - 3 per year and focus on PS4 and Vita).

If they can have a detailed and consistent line-up of games like GTA, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Dragon Warrior Monsters, Monster Hunter, Gran Turismo, inFamous (Cole's last adventure), Ratchet, Jak, Slay, and focus on creating 1st party Vita exclusives games (like Nintendo does with their handhelds), keep the $199 price, and cut the memory card prices 40% - 50% (and make a 64Gb and 128GB) then the Vita will be just fine.

The problem is getting 3rd party developers to make games for it. Sony has to do better.

I hate to say this, because if you start then devs. are going to want it to continue, but this might be one of those times were you need to pull out the checkbook. M$ spent $1 billion on 15 first party exclusives for the XB1, so maybe Sony needs to pull out $100 million and get 10 - 20 big exclusives out for the Vita ($5 million - $10 million per developer since Vita development cost is significantly less).

Basically all they need is 1 amazing year of games, a $199 price, and reasonable memory cards.

dcj05241531d ago

Honestly the VITA doesn't need monster hunter but I agree. April:Soul Sacrifice May: Nothing of significance June:Marusama Rebirth and motor sport gp 2013, July:Nothing of significance August:Dragon's Crown September:Killzone:MercanaryOc tober:Tearaway November:Nothing December:Nothing January:Nothing Feburary:Freedom Wars March: Localized GOD EATER 2 (hopefully) its all right. But big gaps. Nothing after spring 2014. We still have gamescon and Tokyo Game Show so I expect much more.

sherimae24131531d ago


you listed only the games that have relese date right?

but isnt toukiden, atelier meruru, ys and and blackgate and also ffx/x-2 hd will be out this year

and im sure tearaway is moved by november and blackgate had a november release i think, lets hope the 2 ff is at december

bothebo1530d ago

Well Japan has had a price drop.... America and Europe have not..... not much more to this

KabalsHookblades1530d ago

I cant stand MS as an American, but back on topic. Most Americans are gonna want more FPS on the vita to actually get one and this may work

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PSNintyGamer1531d ago

I don't expect a Game like Killzone to re-spark life. The Vita needs more games that appeal to a broad audience. The current library is not very appealing to most people.

Lawking1001531d ago

Killzone is a massive ip, why wouldn't it bring attention?

Cam9771531d ago

What he's trying to say is that this game won't "re-spark" the Vita in general, it may "re-spark" the Vita for the FPS fans, but in general, to be wholly "re-sparked" the Vita will need more variety.

That's all, and I agree with him. One genre can't make a console successful, there needs to be variety so multiple people are appealed to the device.

admiralvic1531d ago

@ Cam977

What genre isn't represented? Seriously, which one?

There are like 10 sports games.
3+ puzzle games.
5+ fighters.
3+ racers.
2+ light novels.
5+ monster hunter games.
5+ JRPGs.
2+ stealth.
1+ side scroller beat em up.
3+ hack and slash.
5+ platformers.
2+ dynasty warriors games.
1 Katamari.
2+ FPS (weakest genre).
1+ open world.
2+ TPS.

Most of these genres have their heavy hitters and there are more than enough unique titles to satisfy people looking for a unique experience. Sure every genre could have more games, but from a system a little over a year old it's doing well (I would say extremely well considering all the complaints about sales) genre wise.

ritsuka6661531d ago

Killzone is a massive ip'

Really? I'm not actually sure about this...for some reason Killzone never reaches that level of success of games like Halo or Batlefield.

GribbleGrunger1531d ago

It tends to get more appealing after people research the games library and don't just read hit seeking headlines.

bjmartynhak1531d ago

As I always say here on N4g, there are more games that I can currently play =)

admiralvic1531d ago

Most games won't appeal to most people and even then, how many titles do you think it takes to finally have the "appeal". There is already Assassins Creed, a poor attempt at CoD, Resistance (again, poor), Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, PlayStation Plus and countless niche / semipopular games.

So seriously. How much is enough? There is a certain point where you need to accept that Sony is trying things and it isn't working. They just need to lower memory card prices and actually put out more commercials that highlight the SYSTEM not the cross play aspects.

Fergusonxplainsall1531d ago

Those are main retail games but you know you can play PS1 classics, minis and PS mobile games on Vita too.

Also I expect them to really show off the Vita's remote play and announce the inevitable..
..Vita to be able to play PS2 classics.

Memory cards should go down half price, so people can download more.

Salooh1531d ago

It is a big game even if you don't like it , but i agree with the point where it need famous games with real good development..

Kingthrash3601531d ago

psninty.....then please tell me what game will.....THIS game will be the BEST handheld fps EVER. yeah fps are not big in japan but usa/eu its a killer app and will sale vitas....if pikman can boost the wiiu sales then kz will propel the vita....not catapult but propel.if they price drop it at gamescom before kz hits( in month btw XD ) it will be catapulted in us/eu.

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NukaCola1531d ago

I can't wait for this game. It looks incredible. I have a beta code from PS Home during E3 and it should activate next week! Super excited!

dedicatedtogamers1531d ago

All it takes is a spark. Neither GTA nor GTA2 were popular or well known games, and then Rockstar completely scrapped the formula, went 3D, and BOOM GTA3. Call of Duty has been around since 2003 but it wasn't until 3 games and 5 years later when it really became a huge hit (CoD4:MW). There are some games that start off small and then later become a huge hit. Maybe that'll be Killzone.

Perhaps there's a market out there for people who want a AAA fps on-the-go. I mean, no one anticipated Nintendogs or Brain Age to take off, yet here we are...

Lawking1001531d ago

Exactly. Couldn't of said it better.

Salooh1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Nope , All killzone games are great . why is that ?. Because they are serious when they make a game not like Declassified and resistance. So the vita need good developers with popular games. Otherwise it will stay like this. It's as simple as that..

But i know what you mean , Uncharted 1 was a new ip and not a lot knew about it but it was amazing in it's time and after that it got more popular. Whereas , declassified/resistance were well known franchises but were crap games. That's the difference. People were excited about the vita when they announced these two games but when they saw the failure they put the thought that vita will release games with that level. The perfect vita game that apply your point is gravity rush not these two games..

MGRogue20171531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I believe that there was a rumor about there being another Call of Duty title in the works for the PS Vita.. so let's hope that one is more impressive than what was shown with Black Ops Declassified.

Don't get me wrong, BO: Declassified is a great game, I love pulling out my Vita while on my lunch-breaks at work & playing 'Hostiles' mode & seeing how long I can survive for, would be nice to have more maps though.. but the Vita can clearly do better than this.. & Killzone: Mercenary shows us that with those gorgeous visuals & running on the PS3's Killzone 3 engine.

Can't wait to grab my copy of Killzone: Mercenary in September.. got it pre-ordered, in fact :)

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