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Pach-Attack- If Xbox One Fails

GT:Michael Pachter determines how much Microsoft could be damaged if their next-gen console doesn't pay off. (Culture, Xbox One)

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GribbleGrunger  +   566d ago
Listening to the Vita section, I have to ask whether he actually follows gaming news. He's totally wrong on a couple of things.
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GribbleGrunger  +   566d ago
LOL. So many people disagree. Clearly you didn't listen to what he said or you don't know much about the Vita/PS4 combo.

'There's not that many games you are going to be able to play remotely on your Vita'

Every PS4 game can be played remotely on the Vita

'... And using it as a controller ...'

It was never intended to be used as a controller and Sony have said as much. Who the hell would buy a Vita as a controller even if it could be used that way?

See folks, and here you were thinking I'd taken issue with him saying the Vita is dead. I'm not you.
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TheHybrid  +   566d ago
You are correct sir. Sony came right out and said that EVERY PS4 game can be played on Vita so unless Patcher has a good reason to believe Sony is lying, it looks you are correct and Patcher missed that piece of news.
iamnsuperman  +   566d ago
I did notice the "not every game can be used in remote play" bit. I just ignored it as Sony has said differently. It seems he is getting confused about the differences between the remote play with the PS3 and PS4. He did make a valid point the Vita needs to drop in price. Lets look at it. Handheld consoles clearly do not sell any more at the old price points. They need to be cheaper now
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GribbleGrunger  +   566d ago
A price drop would definitely help. I agree.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   565d ago
He said their aren't many PS3 (not Ps4 games) that have the remote play feature.
kenmid  +   565d ago
he was clearly talking about the PS3 when said not many games can be play remotely
GribbleGrunger  +   565d ago
The question he was answering: 'Do you think that PS4 remote play will help sell more Vitas.'

And you guys think he's talking about the PS3? It was a slip of the tongue. There tends to be a connection between a question and an answer.
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BattleAxe  +   565d ago
If Killzone Mercenaries doesn't push a serious amount of Vita units, then yes, PS Vita will be pretty well dead. On the other hand, the PSP is still doing quite well for its age, and I'm sure the profit margin on the PSP is quite high by this point in time.
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kenmid  +   565d ago

the question was ask about the ps4, but when pach when into details he was talking the ps3.
JunioRS101  +   565d ago
Yeah, every game is playable via Remote Play, as that's one of the specifications to even make a game for PS4.
ginsunuva  +   565d ago
Not EVERY game.
Move and PSEye games can't
LemonSlice  +   566d ago
I guess he's not the only one according to all the disagrees you get
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Mike134nl  +   566d ago
I do see your point, to be fair he is talking about remote play on the ps3 not sure why.

I do see psp selling more due to the ps4 remote play feature, though not that much more. I just agree with that it is a great device which at least for me and I expect others just is not worth buying at the current price level.
GribbleGrunger  +   566d ago
I think that was just a slip of the tongue to be honest. Where did you get the idea you could remote play on the PSP?
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fermcr  +   566d ago
Yep, i agree with what Michael Pachter said about the Vita. Vita sales are quite bad and i don't think PS4/Vita remote play will improve those sales. I don't think the remote play is a selling point. Vita needs the software that appeals to the masses, like the 3DS.

As for the Xbox One. I find very unlikely it will fail. It won't sell as much as the PS4 (according to preorders), but no where near a failure... unless Microsoft has another debacle like the RROD and has to spend another billion $$ to fix it.
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GribbleGrunger  +   566d ago
Yes, but the reason he says it won't have much impact is because 'not many titles will support remote play'. That's what he's basing his assumption on. It's completely wrong. The compatibility is hardware based, not software based. All devs have to do is offer an alternative controller scheme (which is mandatory for ALL PS4 games)

Bringing the idea up of using the Vita as a controller as a motive, and then suggesting it's unlikely because people can buy other controllers, is just barking mad thinking. No one EVER suggested that being able to use the Vita as a PS4 controller would help sell Vitas. I have no idea where he pulled that nonsense from.
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indysurfn  +   565d ago
@Fermcr You said the vita needs software that appeals to the masses. By your other comment about PS4 sales I think the Vita will have software that appeals to the masses! All the software from the PS4 will be available for FREE on the PS Vita. That is a HUGH selling point for me. One problem with hand helds is you don't know if your good console games will be on it in a decent time. They will be on Vita on day ONE!
FamilyGuy  +   565d ago
Pacher doesn't know what remote play is, period.
RicardJulianti  +   565d ago
Pachter is wrong far too often to be considered a legit analyst. It's quite ridiculous really.

He has even admitted to basically throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks. Just make a prediction for anything and everything.
That-Guy  +   565d ago
Sometimes I think Pachter wants this negativity for the hits.
frostyhat123  +   566d ago
It would definitely hurt them, but MS has a lot to fall back on were they could eventually shrug it off.
miyamoto  +   566d ago
M$ can absorb billions of $$$ as if it is nothing. They recently lost $900 M on Windows RT OS and billions on Bing and still not fazed.
CraigandDayDay  +   566d ago
If you don't think Microsoft at the very least CRINGES at losing a billion dollars, you are sadly mistaken. lol No company on Earth just shrugs that off. A billion dollars?! lol That's a lot of money for ANY company.
Pixel_Enemy  +   565d ago
Microsoft has been failing at more than it has been successful lately. Xbox is the only division where it has been successful and that is pretty much in the US alone.
Mike134nl  +   566d ago
Microsoft will be fairly successfully not sure by how much. I don´t believe they will fail. Unless Microft somehow manages to device a marketing-plan to attract the mass consumer market, which just seems unlikely at the current price.
My guess at the moment is that the competition between the ps4 and xb1 will play out the same way as the ps2 vs the n64 in numbers/success not talking about games or ip´s.
Benchm4rk  +   565d ago
Except the PS2 didn't compete with the N64 the PS1 did. The PS2 competed against Nintendo GameCube and Original Xbox
Mike134nl  +   565d ago
true my mistake ps1 vs the n64, bubbel for being helpful.
iceman06  +   565d ago
True, MS do have somewhat "infinite" pockets. But, at what point do the shareholders start to grumble about losing that money? They weren't too happy that MS decided to get into gaming. They weren't too happy when they had to part with the RROD money. Right now, many of them and some of the top brass, really want MS to be out of the console business and just sell services. MS can afford to fail, which they probably won't. But, it wouldn't be in their best interests and wouldn't bode well for a future in the console business.
Steak_Monster  +   564d ago

$1 Billion profit in a *single quarter* does not equate to 'failing at more than it's successful'

The other aspects of their business, especially the corporate retail are incredibly successful.

They're far from being in any kind of trouble.

And not to make this MS vs Playstation, but Sony have been making a loss the last 6 years, even there total profit figure last year of $435 million (there first profit posting in 5 years) was down to them selling over $1 Billion worth of assets - just another cleverly disguised loss to keep the shareholders happy.

This has got nothing to do with the quality of the consoles, so lets not get into that.
Belking  +   566d ago
Pach says vita is dead. He may be right about that one.
shivvy24  +   565d ago
the vita games ive been interested this year is tearaway and killzone (just 2)
Manic2014  +   566d ago
The next gen consoles will have a long cycle but for MS They need to gain momentum using exclusives and full support for the 360 plus price cuts. Thats how the PS3 survived and done excellent. In the end for the average consumer the price and the game choices will make a big matter for choices.
Manic2014  +   566d ago
Vita is not dead but they need more game support by Sony.
Belking  +   565d ago
Nope. Sony can save the vita on it's own. They need more third party.
porkChop  +   565d ago
Most Vita games are already 3rd party. Sony is hardly supporting their own system.
Manic2014  +   565d ago
Nope Sony Needs o support the system with first party titles, hence thats why the 3DS is destroying the vita, Believe me i have had the vita since launch and whenever i want to get a new game there is no first party title from sony.
Urzusix  +   566d ago
As people move away from desktop and laptop to mobile devices and tablets Microsoft is being left behind over taken by Google and apple in terms of OS systems, Windows 8 and the surface was an attempt to regain that position but it failed.So the might not care about losing money on the Xbox one at first but long term there position is slipping
TheFallenAngel  +   565d ago
I thought Gran Turismo 5 sold more than any other halo ever made? Didn't Uncharted sold about as much as Gears? The Last of Us sold really well. Sony brings more than just 2 or 3 franchises. As for Nintendo they really make good Mario games so they hold a especial place where I cant criticize much.
Blackdeath_663  +   565d ago
gran turismo sold almost 10mill per game and the franchise as a whole has sold nearly 67mill copies. the super mario series as a whole has sold almost 262mill keeping in mind though that nintendo has been around a lot longer than its competitors and some of the mario games were included with the console. the person who said that playstation doesn't have any great or recognisable ip's i think is very mistaken.

note:those numbers i gave i got by simply using google and are in no way accurate but regardless i don't imagine they are too far off
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Benchm4rk  +   565d ago
The only Halo that GT5 didnt outsell was Halo 3. The best selling Gears game was Gears 2 with 6.63 million outsold the best selling Uncharted game which was Uncharted 2 with 6.22 million sales. All figures were very close though. A lot of people forget (myself included) just how popular GT games are. I didn't realize GT 5 sold over 10 million copies. I knew it sold well but not that well. GT 3 is the best selling GT game and it has sold more globally than any Halo game.
gamertk421  +   565d ago
Perhaps, but there is a new Halo every 2/3 years, but a new GT every 5/6 years.
jaymart2k  +   565d ago
Remember Pachter has said Wii U is dead , Vita is dead , 3DS is dead.

The last one is funny cause it's been the top selling gaming platform.
YNWA96  +   565d ago
Maybe not the 3DXL :)
thetruthx1  +   565d ago
Microsoft is worth more than triple of Sony they will be fine. Sony on the other hand needs the Ps4 to be successful. It's a good thing they're off to a good start because they can't take too many more hits financially.

Both companies will be fine but the big MS is still in a better situation than Sony and Nintendo
FanboyCrusher  +   565d ago
More than triple would be accurate but the triple is still low to compare the two, it's far more than triple.
RicardJulianti  +   565d ago
Only when you look at the companies as a whole. Put MS's gaming division up against Nintendo and you've got yourself a different picture considering they lost ~$4 billion on the 360 alone. Really the Xbox brand has never been profitable.

Microsoft can definitely funnel money from other divisions, but if they don't turn things around they could end up dropping it. Nintendo can sustain itself for 30-40 years with losses exactly like they took this year...every year. They aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Sony really does need the PS4 to be successful. Well, really they need the attach rate of PS+ and digital sales to be high more than systems selling. They are losing on production with exchange rates, and they will be selling at a loss. If they sold a bunch of consoles with only 1 game sale and no PS+....it would be a problem. Purely hypothetical situation that is completely unrealistic, but yeah.

Sorry about the rant, haha.
oscarcat59  +   565d ago
I do not see either console not doing well. I can predict anything but it means nothing unless it happens. This guy just guesses to get hits and public interest. In other words he is just full of bs.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   565d ago
Its like he said Price cut+compelling software will sell Vita. Thats exactly what happened to 3DS. And I pretty much agree with him on remote play PS4 is not Vita's savior.

Other than that this holiday season ima choose between a Vita or wiiU. Leaning toward wiiU cause of bayonetta 2 and X. Ill be getting a PS4 in April.

Also lol at the ending.
ghostrider32  +   565d ago
If the Xbox One fail, N4G will be happier than Dracula volunteering at a blood bank. After all, everyone wants things to be one sided.
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SpideySpeakz  +   565d ago
If the Xboner fail, the gaming industry wins.
MS has been holding the gaming industry hostage for a very long time. Time to put the final nail in the coffin... FOREVER!
Benchm4rk  +   565d ago
I'm sorry but I can't see why anyone would want them to fail. Competition is good for the industry and its the reason why we see the advancements and innovations from each manufacturer. For each of the negatives that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have there are equally or more positives to be had from each platform. Nintendo gave us analogs sticks, rumble paks and although they weren't the first motion gaming. Microsoft gave us in built hard drives and they didnt do it first but they set the standard for online gaming to consoles. Sony usually gives us tech. DVD and Blu Ray drives as standard. Do you really think that if it were not for Microsoft entering the industry that Sony would of made the advancements in the past 2 generations that they did. Maybe they wouldn't have included a Blu ray drive on the PS3. Maybe we wouldn't of seen an online community or heavy investment from Sony in developing online gaming. In the end competition is what drives the industry forward. Its the reason why ps4 has 8GB of GDDR 5 ram.
jaren92  +   565d ago
As Long as there is a thing called Xbox live the Xbox will never fail
SonyAddict  +   565d ago
10$ for a controller?
What is this guy smoking?.
YodaCracker  +   565d ago
I love Pachter's air of superiority. I always get a kick out of watching this guy talk. He's so full of himself.

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